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White House Dossier Will Not Publish Today

Updated 10:37 am ET

White House Dossier will not publish today. We’ll be back tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.


46 thoughts on “White House Dossier Will Not Publish Today”

  1. Looking forward to you getting back……..

    I am glad I stayed up to watch the Panetta-OReilly interview last night. Wow, I expected honest answers from Panetta not brutally honest ones! Panetta did not stab Obama in the back it was a heart shot from the front.

    To me, this was a Senators’ Barry Goldwater and Hugh Johnson along with Congressman John Jacob Rhodes visiting Nixon type moment to tell him his Nixon his Presidency was over. In this case, Panetta did it in public.

    1. I was planning on watcing a re-run comedy, and not any more news for the day. I clicked it just to hear the beginning of O’Reilly’s show. He went straight to the interview with Panetta.
      It was very up front and revealing. It seemed he did his best to be truthful, but not be disrespectful at the same time.
      Keith hope all is well. I look forward to your thoughts on the Panetta interview with O’Reilly.

      1. She didn’t ask if they were charged, and still being held. If so,
        why has this not been announced?
        Police are continuing to question 4 men arrested in London on Tuesday on suspicion of T-related offensed.

        1. Doesn’t the government now have a longer time to hold a suspect before charging him with a crime, thanks to the Patriot Act? Does that act also allow secret court proceedings in national security cases?

          1. Thanks Mandy. That is why I asked. I am trying to remember the laws regarding a T arrest issue. Maybe they are not blasting that information on the news, so they can continue their full investigation. If that were the case, I would feel rest assured, however at the same time………

  2. I don’t know FCMABBHO’s entire schedule, but he’s taking a break from raising money today in order to attend a meeting at the Pentagon for the second time in his presidency.

    1. On Fox Admiral John Kirby was told that Turks are watching behind chicken wire.
      The Admiral said: We are talking to the Turkey. We have tried to resupply Kurds, but that has been in Iraq. As far as Syria, it has been about helping Kurds substain themself.
      Now does anyone have any knowledge of former war of the past, being fought with this tactic: “OPERATION SUBSTAIN YOURSELF”?
      This is just a thought: Maybe just maybe they are planning a big plan in this war/no war, right before the upcoming election. The plan would be very successuful, than they can appear to be as heros and hope for votes in their favor.
      Yes that is just a thought. If that would be the plan, they can ramble their way out of “why they took so long”, still hoping to appear they had completed a wonderful task.

      1. Did you see the look on Kirby’s face at the end when Doocy noted that this would be the second time FCMABBHO has attended a briefing at the Pentagon? He slowly blinked and gave a lop-sided, tight-lipped and wry smile.

        1. :) I did miss it, I was typing, writing notes at the same time I was listening.
          That would be a fantastic costume: Tight-lipped mask, with the wry smile.
          Another good costume would be a Sheep.

          1. Being a US Navy Vet I am insulted that Kirby is an “Admiral” (but he is dope-useless spokesman at the Pentagon; thats a Washington DC ‘political’ job)

            Yet every officer above the rank of “Captain” in today’s US Navy is just a politcal hack…

        2. I’d like to have a beer or two with Kirby, promise him immunity, and get him to describe what’s really going on between Obama and the Pentagon folks. I bet he’s got a story or two to tell.

          1. I know this is beneath the disdain of many here, but no MoJoe they had a great exposition of how bad and ineffectrual the campaign was and all but said in as many words, that this was deliberate.

          2. Are you addressing me, Lee? Deliberate bec Obama does not want to be too mean to Muslims, I guess. It was even suggested Sun on MTP that he would drop the whole bombing deal after the elections. That it is all for show, as they said on MoJoe.

          3. …sorry Star.
            I watch “Imus in the Morning” (FBN) -or- “Mike & Mike” (ESPN) every weekday morning.

            -I have NO respect for MSNBC and the propaganda & ignorance they spew.

        1. There are two men who wrote a song. The song is about ISIS and our Country coming together. I placed the website address, if anyone cares to listen to it. It brought tears to my eyes. I apologize for the Batman comment.
          Right after the song Adam West came on Fox. Why did that make me so happy. It was nice to see a face from a happier time as a child.

  3. Sadie, if you haven’t seen it, you might want to take a look at today’s Photoshop of the Day on NRO. It’s called Enterovirus and has 0 pointing and saying, “Oh, look, an Ebola squirrel.”

        1. I hope this one doctor at the urgent care clinic is more aware of it than she was a few weeks ago. I’d heard about it on either Fox or NPR early one morning.

          This was a week after my son called me from school feeling sick. I took his temperature when I got to school and it was at 101 F, so off to the clinic we went.

          By the time he got into triage, it was 103 and they immediately got him into a room. The big fear was mononucleosis. I kept track of his temperature over the next few days and he seemed fine.

          A week later, he had a fever of 100 F, and we went back to the clinic just in case it was mononucleosis and to get the test done. I mentioned the new strain of Enterovirus to the doctor (not the same one from the week before), but she pooh-poohed me.

          I was tempted to rip her a new one, but I restrained myself and hoped she would hear about D68 soon.

          1. PS If I were you, I would have asked for him to be tested–are there cases in your state? I was told there are no confirmed cases in AZ–but samples from here are at the CDC, I read. Did he have an upper resp involvement or even paralysis…? They are big on the pooh-poohing.

      1. Well, I take that back a little. Any report I’ve seen claims that it has always been here but manifested itself in a miniscule number of cases until now. It’s why cases have suddenly exploded that no one will address.

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