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Open Thread || October 8, 2014

I’m sorry everyone, but I have a personal matter I have to attend to, so White House Dossier will not publish today. That means you guys are in charge. Everything is alright, and I will be back tomorrow.

Please as usual try to keep the place tidy. Half price on items in the minibar, but don’t overdo it.


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  1. Knowing this a pretty informed group: any thoughts on Panetta? Why he’s trashing BHO now? I know he’s got a book but he seems to be throwing down rather blatantly. What’s your take?
    (inside baseball: cartoonists and columnists prowl the comments for ideas as much as the story itself. It’s called plagiarism ; > )

      • x2 But I did hear/see that CNN covered some of the Fox O’Reilly-Panetta interview. And some are of the opinion that Panetta is truly concerned for the direction of the country.

        I do suspect for as bad as we think things are with the boy king, things might possibly be even worse.

      • Agree. He’s one her closest allies and wants to create a chasm between her and Obama’s policies. He will do anything to get her nominated and red-carpeted into the White House. Then, there’ll be another swell job waiting for him there. Remember when they both went to Australia, post Benghazi, for a wine tasting festival? That was more than weird. I wouldn’t trust Panetta to walk my dog around the block.

      • If he’s pimping for her, why does he harp on Benghazi? She was the chief declaimer that it was about the video. Is he hoping we’ll ignore that and focus on all the other awfulness that is FCMABBHO?

        • Who knows? I didn’t watch the interview so maybe someone can tell me if O’Reilly brought up the fact that Panetta, post Benghazi, never stop rationalizing that there was no hope of getting help to the ambassador and the others or saving them.

          • Julie, I didn’t take notes. O’Reilly did bring up that time issue. O’Reilly asked Panetta, Did you tell o this was a terroriest attack? Panetta said YES. If everyone recalls, o told O’Reilly no in an earlier interview.

        • The Clintons always play the long game. Attach the Obama name to Benghazi, then slowly build the case that he shut her down when she wanted to do the “right” thing. Or – bring up Benghazi as much as possible now so the voters think it’s “old news”.

          • I think it’s a matter of record, and I hope the special committee will bring it out, that Hillary Clinton or one of her drones in the State Department came up with the video story. But I also think you are correct, and this is was she will try to do.

          • what what? I just pointing to the irony of a man who received the Nobel Peace Prize being so unwilling to to move effectively against a terrorist threat that will result in slaughter and massacre in the ME.

          • Just so. Panetta and Hillary have to row as fast as they can away from Benghazi, and one way to do that is to make Obama totally and solely responsible for US response that event–particularly with the Gowdy hearing. “We told him it was a terrorist attack” etc. Yet, as Sec State and Sec Def, they were up to their eyebrows in the response to Benghazi.They had to be. Odd that Panetta’s name hasn’t been yet tied to Benghazi as much as Obama and Hillary. Wonder what that’s all about.

          • Old news? Panetta, Obama and Hillary Clinton are all guilty of trying to cover up Benghazi and the murder of our Ambassador. They are all trying to trick us into thinking there was no way to save the Ambassador and that includes Panetta as well, book or no book. They are all guilty of the murders of those men. And she wants to be President after that? No shame, no empathy, cold-hearted and constantly lying and she still wants to be president even though she denied help to the Ambassador and the other men after they begged and begged and begged for help, she said No along with Obama and Panetta. Hillary for President, I pray not.

        • Mandy –Set up for sequel or Book 2 — Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama — The Real Story of Benghazi. Hopefully a better, catchier title.

    • He’s a Hillary-ite. Trying to make her look good to the LIVs.
      He is a snake in the grass.
      What I often wonder….Often Wonder…How much longer are we going to out up with all this nonsense?
      I read a comment today that asked (not an exact quote) what those of us who are responsible for letting this administration be elected/appointed are going to do to rectify our (collective) mistake for our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren?

      • I am concerned that we will simply be tsunamied with illegals and politicians who pander to them. The revolution from within will fundamentally change this country. There are no leaders now and the next generation is woefully ill prepared and unwilling to continue with the United States of America as it was founded.

        • And all the kids are getting brainwashed into being democrats, not letting them have a mind of their own, training them to be socialists/communists. They are told to hate America. People better rise up, its like Hitler all over again. Terrorists, communists, Ebola, its a nightmare now.

      • Aileen, I mentioned yesteday, that everyone that has turned a blind eye to him, should be keeping a sealed journal for their kids, and grandkids. They all will be asking WHY?

    • Before I saw that interview last night. I was wondering why he kept is mouth shut untill the book came out. He seemed to be very concerned!! I only hope he doesn’t end up apologizing for his comments, as Hill. did. He may have bit tongue at the time, hoping that the o crew would come around. I do plan to watch it again, and take notes, as I usually do.

    • Hag and the First Man wannabee. Payback for whatever hell Obama put him through. And a true concern for the country and a desire for us to know the truth about Dear Leader.

    • This may get me in trouble with a few hear………..I actually believe Panetta is a Patriot. He did a great job for Clinton as COS. He stopped the college frat party atmosphere and ran the WH correctly. He did a great job at both CIA and DOD. If he was younger, he would be a fantastic choice for the DEM’s to run in 2016.

      He did not want to throw the President under the bus with O’Reilly. However, he was not willing to lie for him. On Drudge, it was reported he was called small, petty, disloyal and sad by friends of the Administration. I am surprised Eric Holder hasn’t called him a racist.

      But, the main reason I liked Panetta…..

  2. Yuk, reading ‘common calorie’ on NRO. In reference to her food nazi-ism, Moo said, don’t be mad that there are changes, figure out how to make it work for you.
    I wouldn’t want anyone’s mom talking to my kids like that without my permission.

    • Thanks AFVet. I heard the Congressman and Greta’s video this morning. I had mentioned on a different Thread:
      Where are the 10 at? Are they being held under some Patriot Act Law? Does anyone recall what we do with a terrorist if caught? Also if this is the case that they down right caught terrorist walking over our border, Why hasn’t o come out stating we will put extra guard on it, etc.?
      Are they being held without bail? I had mentioned that London told everyone about the terrorist they caught.

  3. One survivor of Ebola, Dr. Brantly, has donated plasma to Ashoka Mupko in the hopes that anti-bodies will help the NBC’ cameraman’s immune system. This is at least the second case in which a survivor donated plasma to an Ebola patient. That patient survived.

  4. So what about the death of Thomas Duncan? The Ebola patient in Texas?
    We’ve got the CDC and anyone else who is put in front of a camera telling us that the disease is not transmittable except by bodily fluids. And yet, the people he came into casual contact with are being sought and when found being carefully observed/quarantined.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t believe we are being told the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say.

  5. General: If Ebola reaches Central America, ‘There will be mass migration into the U.S.
    Those looking for good news on the fight against Ebola will not find much encouragement from Marine Corps. Gen F. Kelly, the commander of the U.S. Southern Command.
    Kelly told an audience at Natl. Defense Univ. that if the disease reaches Central America, it’s literally, ‘Katie bar the door’, and there will be mass migration into the U.S.
    By the end of the year, there’s suppose to be 1.4 million people infected with Ebola and 62% of them dying, according to the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)…
    Scroll down far right column.
    Now after reading this along with several other news updates, I truely feel anyone in the job of P. should have postponed “raising money” & should be sitting behind his desk and figuring out how to keep this Country safe..