As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, October 9, 2014

11:40 am ET || Departs White House
2:00 pm PT || Arrives Los Angeles
2:45 pm PT || Tours the startups area at Cross Campus; Santa Monica, California
3:05 pm PT || Participates in a town hall with members of the Cross Campus community
5:55 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a DNC fundraiser; Private Residence, Los Angeles

86 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, October 9, 2014

    • His decision making capabilities are limited as he has no experience at anything.
      Instead, he delegates the responsibility to his underlings.
      Then, if a mistake is made, he can always blame them.
      People have complained that he tends to dither when confronted with important decisions.
      It isn’t dithering, it is hesitance due to ignorance and the fact that he has surrounded himself with people that have never held a job in the private sector and they are not sure what to do in a crisis situation.

      He is not up to this job, so he plays golf and fund raises while America dissolves before our very eyes.

      He is desperate to raise money for the democratic party because if he loses the senate, and Harry Reid, he is toast for the next two years, and he knows it.

      • Yes but He’s not desperate to raise money
        Instead, he loves loves loves it. Everything he says to the donors is met with applause and joy. At these fundraisers he’s a bigger star than the biggest celebrity. And it gives him the chance to be as hypocritcal and sanctimonious as wants. If he could do it everyday. He would.

        • I agree Oklahoma lady.
          The fundamental transformation of America is underway and is proceeding on schedule.
          It however is frustrating to many of us that he is getting away with it.
          The gutless wonders in congress are to blame IMO.

  1. This is very, very strange! No road closures have been announced yet. Everyone on the Westside is furious. The SS always discloses Obama’s schedule and road closures one day before his arrival. So far, nothing. The local news outlets are going crazy! We know he’s spending the night, but no one has any idea where. Nothing about his schedule tomorrow. This is unprecedented.

    Just checked the online Hollywood Reporter to see if they had any info on road closures. Nada, zilch. But the comments are scathing. Looks like even Hollywood is fed up with Obama, lol.


  2. How bizarre an arrangement is this — the Dems are willing to take all (ok all minus the Obama cut) they get from him fundraising and he agrees to stay away from their campaigns.

  3. In the words of Captain Obvious: ” He is going to CA to fund raise as the Ebola threat looms larger, the ISIS threat is not lessened, our borders are still open, the IRS, Benghazi, etc., etc., etc., issues remain unresolved… ” What is wrong with us? Good grief – this has gone beyond ridiculous and absurd – we are in Crazyville now. I honestly never, ever believed this would happen in our beloved country. Perhaps that is the problem – none of us believed it would happen. Well, it has – and we better figure out a way to rectify this quickly.

      • And where is Congress? Honestly, the ONLY thing that matters to every single person in our federal government is reelection. Lord have mercy on us and our lazy, ignorant selves.

      • There are a lot of people who have excepted what has been happen, don’t know what happen, have excused what has happend, don’t care what happent, etc. Aileen said we are in crazyville now, close to it. However when it comes to life or death, I cannot understand why people are not coming out of the wood work concerned how this Ebola is being handled, and the maniacs as well. In other words parents think always of the safety of the children. So I don’t care if he is promising everyone a free ride to the moon, your children and grandchildren’s future comes first.

        • I heard a survey bit on the radio the other day. The question was “who is Joe Biden?”. I know they don’t play the correct answers, but lots of the general public just don’t know what is going on if it doesn’t concern celebrities of some sort.

          • I discuss the current events with my family. Everyone has their own fill sometimes, because they pay attention on their own. Even in my younger years of fun, I new what the current events were. I only hope they run across a great deal more people who know the correct answers.

    • Worse yet, the Founding Fathers never thought that anyone like Obama could ever be elected president.

      Therefore, no safeguards were built into the Constitution to protect us from his abuses.

      And we are all suffering every day.

      • Wrong Michael.
        The safeguards are there, they are being disregarded.
        The Constitution was designed to prevent someone like Obama to take control of this Country.
        It is the congress that has allowed him to get this far.
        They are the ones that are remiss in their duties.

      • Airline cabin cleaners strike over Ebola exposure fears. Nearly 200 airline cabin cleaners have walked off job, striking over health and safety issues. This is at the LaGuardia Airport.
        I heard this on Fox. I pulled it up on:

      • Barry’s sons and Friends of Holder.

        This is bad — no matter how you feel about police — if this man was fired upon and returned fire, it needs to be treated fairly and not turned over to Holder’s social justice and mob rule. It’s concerning — then it becomes open season on cops and in fact anyone who is aggrieved.

  4. W00t! Some Laguardia workers with the 32BJSEIU are on strike because they’re scared of getting Ebola. They’ve not been trained, and they’re mad.

    Guess what, dipshits? He doesn’t care about you. He’s just been using you to transform this nation.

      • This could very well bite FCMABBHO and the Democrats on their butts in November. Realizing that he and his party don’t care about them as people won’t drive them into the arms of the GOP, but it might convince them to stay home.

  5. I am finding it really odd that Obama hasn’t played golf lately. I think he’s been told that he’s near his 200th round and that event will trip the blogosphere lights fantastic, potentially taking away from the people he’s raising money for? Or is that thinking way over his pay grade?

    • Most likely he is, just not publicly. Is there a course at Camp David? He can’t let a trip to CA happen without a sleepover and golf. Where are all the greenies protesting on lush, overly watered golf courses?

  6. By the way: He is leaving at 11:40! Someone, Please explain to me, Why he is not getting a briefing.
    The other day while he was $raising, I tried to pull up the schedule of other leaders, to see if they were reviewing major current issues, like a war, ebola, etc. and was unable to.

    • Sad but true——the Sgt. is just the wrong color in Obambi’s world. Jesse Jackson and Al NotSharp would have been sent down to Mexico demanding his release, threatening riots and more if he had only been a black man. Has Obambi ever once mentioned Sgt. Tamooressi’s situation? crickets, crickets, crickets———

  7. Maybe he’ll attach his invisible cape to his empty suit and drive the limo Sgt. Tahmooressi for us.

    Searching for a little hope today.. one day at a time.

  8. From HHS: “We had one case (Ebola) and I think there may be other cases, and I think we have to recognize that as a nation,” Burwell said at a media breakfast hosted by the journal Health Affairs and held at the Washington, D.C. offices of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

    Maybe Obama should stop fundraising and playing golf and begin addressing the dangers of the open border and incoming flights from Liberia and recognize that Ebola is a threat and will strain our healthcare system (this happening at the time when our health insurance policies will be cancelled and we will be forced to buy new policies at a much higher monthly premium rate).

    Effective Jan 2015, many healthcare policies will be deemed “bogus” according to Obama as many will not cover the “Essential Benefits” required by Obamacare (you know, those government forced essential benefits like maternity care, birth control, pediatric care….none of which are needed by single males, women over the child bearing age, women who have had a hysterectomy or those people without children 18 or younger).

    Obamacare is priced according to your family income….a socialist income redistribution plan forced on the American people by the democrats.

  9. I can’t believe he’s coming here AGAIN! I wish Los Angeleans could vote on whether we want him to come here. I don’t think Obama should be allowed to leave DC for the duration of his presidency. I really think he didn’t realize that he got an actual job when he won the election – he thought he got a part in a big movie which is why he always wants to hang out with the Hollywood crowd. Isn’t it a crime to impersonate president? This guy is unreal!

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