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Psaki: Let’s See, I’ve Got Those ISIS Successes Somewhere . . .

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki will have to get back to you on the successes of the anti-ISIS coalition war campaign so far.

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  1. Just heard someone on FOX say that we are only doing five strikes each night when we should be bombing the heck out of them night and day.
    Any word on just what these targets are? Inquiring minds would like to know.

    1. Once they mix themselves in with the innocent civilians, there will be even fewer strikes. They missed a big chance the other day when ISIS was at the gates of Kobani but not within them.

      1. ‘They’ also missed a chance to wipe half of them out when the convoy was on the dusty old desert road traveling from Syria to Iraq.

    2. Wed AM on MoJoe (all the mean comments on this yesterday made me want to cite it more) they said two trucks, some anti-aicraft gun or emplacement and empty buildings. Lisa Myers reporting–a good reporter by the way, a la the discussion we had some days ago.

        1. Sometimes I have to turn her off because of her attitude problem. However she remained quiet calm and pleasant, as she was hunting for any intelligent information.
          She must have picked up her list of things she needed to buy this week.

  2. This video could be considered funny, if they were discussing how many bridges have been fixed though out the U.S.
    As always that crew does not understand that the well informed citizens of the U.S. listen to what they say, as well, the whole world can watch this. Our enemy the maniacs are also listening to that.
    As they are hiding in someone’s living room in tonight, they can watch her & also find out how concerned o is at his fundraiser.

    1. Not just sad, deadly sad. The WH hasn’t even assigned a name to the weak effort.

      Operation Slip-Shod
      Operation Incompetence
      Operation Mid-term Elections

  3. By the way one of the reporters should have asked her, How is o’s fundraising doing today?
    Than the next reporter should have asked, Why is he fundraising today, when there is so… many things that need to be resolved, reviewed, etc.?
    Than the next reporter, by that time would need to question, Young lady, please do not cop an attitude with me.

  4. OT — But with the same level of competence.

    Because we lack a national/federal/any strategy for assessing and dealing with Ebola ..A passenger arriving at Chicago’s OHare airport was vomiting on board. The Fire Chief assessed her as not symptomatic for Ebola (I think the assessment “test” involves a thermometer) but “put of an abundance of caution” she was transported (unclear with what if any precautions) to a local hospital for further assessment.

    I assume Fire Chiefs, Police Officers, EMT will head our Ebola Threat Assessment Teams across the country.

    I sure wish I sold thermometers and I am darned glad I am not a flight attendant or an on the ground unprotected unqualified Ebola tester.

    1. Well! As long as we’re on OTs, you sometimes find the news you’re expecting in unexpected places. I was wondering the other day after the Ferguson protesters interrupted the St. Louis Symphony if they would try something at Busch Stadium for the baseball playoffs. There it was on Huffington Post and nowhere else that a sort of showdown did occur between Ferguson protesters and the baseball fans. I’m not into sports that much, but it’s reason to make me hope that St. Louis goes to the World Series. If the stars are aligned right, maybe the grand jury will also exonerate Officer Lewis at the same time.

  5. can someone give me a synopsis of what she said? I don’t like listening to her, altho’ I don’t mute the TV like I do when Obama is on.

    just out of curiosity, I looked her up on wikipedia. do you know she has NO work experience outside of partisan politics? (she started her career working for homespun lib Tom Harkin and it went downhill from there.)

    Jen went to William & Mary (which is–let’s put this nicely–a very cute little school, but hardly Yale) where she was on the swimming team.

    put that together with her marriage to a Dem central committee operative and you now know everything you need to know about Hashtag Psaki.

    O’Reilly was right: she has no gravitas. which makes her a perfect spokeschick for the Kerry State Department.

  6. The headline on Drudge is that the FBI is asking all Americans to help identify the man doing the ISIS beheadings. They’ve determined he has a North American accent. Do you realize all the tip-toeing around which will happen if he turns out to be a black from the US? Someone on the left will accuse the accusers of racism for one thing and then double down with an apology to all peace-loving Muslims.

    1. I honestly don’t understand why it matters who is doing the beheading. To ask people for “help” identifying him makes it seems like we’re searching for a criminal, and not a war enemy.

    2. IMO the FBI is as politicized as the IRS. They apparently know or are tracking or are aware of ISIS sympathizers in the US — people can come and go between this country and their ISIS in country training, and now they are asking for people’s “help” in identifying this ISIS Beheader in chief.

      The IRS is about as effective in tracking ISIS in the US as the Pentagon under direct orders from Obama is “degrading” them on the battlefield.

      There is no agency or institution in the Obama Administration that is committed to protecting the American people against the terrorist threat of ISIS. I did hear that 5 ISIS terrorists seeking entrance to the US across the open Southern border were identified and detained– but don’t know whether there has been a catch and release into the US or if they were released outside the border or if they are currently in detention.

  7. WOW what an PR failure. This definitely ensures psaki’s as piss-poor performance rating. I have never been more embarrassed. Thomas Jefferson would be shocked to see the clown show that headlines our current state department.

    1. I thought it was very good. O’Reilly asked direct questions, Leon couched many/most of the answers in diplomatese-speak. The Dems should be cringing because by simple deduction Panetta made it clear Obama was ‘stuck on stupid’ (my words not his).

        1. I agree Julie. If Gates, Hillary, and Panetta were so sure he was wrong, they should have had the moral fiber to say something then. And they need to quit apologizing to Obama if they are speaking from conviction.

        2. I’m with you Julie. I saw the end of it — meh — Panetta telling the world what a weak leader Obama is after having “served” him until he moved onto writing a book and supporting Hillary.

          Like I said before — grifter.

  8. This administration is so dishonest and horrifying.. and I live in the U.S. Imagine those folks running for their lives that have trusted us seeing this on the internet.
    Then.. imagine your enemy seeing seeing this.
    I miss Mitt!

  9. Looks like Obama isn’t going to do much for the Kurds.

    And screw the Turks — NATO member — I heard an interview that said the tanks were pointing away from Kobane — backs to the battlefield.

    If ISIS gets Kobane people will die and how you cannot put that on Obama and OUR Pentagon is beyond me.

  10. Let me guess.
    She never found the Iraqi success information?

    This is par for the tiddly-wink course. But that game is probably before her time.
    However, I’ll bet she can bounce a quarter into a shot glass three out of five times and name the nearest mosque.

    Inept as a word is not sufficient enough to describe the failures that plague this administration. I’m leaning toward intentional foul or treason….

  11. Another embarrassing performance by State Dept. spokesperson Jen Psaki.

    I’m thinking that she and Valley Girl Marie Harf would make a terrific one-two punch as representatives of their high school Student Congress. But the State Department of the United States? Don’t think so.

    They are so typical of Obama’s Amateur Hour administration.

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  13. Completely unrelated, but with the Nationals having choked their way out of the playoffs, that leaves the Giants, Cardinals, Orioles, and Royals as the only four teams left.

    The politics of all four potential World Series matchups favor the GOP, PARTICULARLY if the Ferguson malcontents overplay their hand (and since they were last seen disrupting a symphony performance, that seems highly likely.)

    Giants-Royals: Ferguson malcontents commute to KC; San Francisco, home of Nancy Pelosi and Barry Bonds, reminds Middle America how much they hate Left Coast limousine liberals. Advantage, GOP.

    Giants-Orioles: As above re the Giants, but now add in the disaster zone that the Democrats have made of Baltimore in particular, and Maryland in general. Left Coast limo libs, East Coast ivory tower snobs…Middle America will hate them both, just as it’s about time to head for the polls. All that orange on the diamond then ends up resulting in a lot of red on the map of the incoming Congress.

    Cardinals-Royals: Oh, man. Imagine the original I-70 series, only this time served up with a side of overplayed Marxist histrionics. “Why can’t baseball just be baseball?” wonders Main Street. Democrats get smoked at ballot box.

    Cardinals-Orioles: This would be a match made in GOP get-out-the-vote heaven. Ferguson malcontents in St. Louis, White Girl Bleed a Lot in Baltimore. Is this what you want for America?, asks the GOP. Hell, no, say the voters. Harry Reid then decides, contra his professed faith, that a bit of liquid consolation, just this once, won’t kill him.

    Game on!

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