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Michelle Barnstorming the Nation

First Lady Michelle Obama is set to barnstorm the country on behalf of Democratic candidates. Her unpopular husband? Not so much.

Mrs. Obama today will be in Madison, Wisconsin speaking on behalf of gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. She’ll also be in Chicago today for Gov. Pat Quinn.

Friday she heads to Lansing, Michigan to campaign for Senate candidate Gary Peters and Mark Schauer, the Dems’ candidate for governor. The same day she will be in Des Moines, Iowa at a rally for senate candidate Bruck Braley.

Where is the love?

With only four weeks left in the campaign, President Obama does not have a single solitary campaign event lined up for this week. Instead, he’ll be opening the wallets of wealthy contributors in New York and California.

The president has three fundraisers today today, two for the DNC in New York City and one for Senate Democrats in the New York suburb of Greenwich, Connecticut.

On Thursday he begins what will be at least three days in California drilling for cash, including a DNC event in Los Angeles Thursday and two more in San Francisco Friday and Saturday. Other events may yet be added.

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  1. Hmm. I wonder how popular Michelle 0 is. John Fund has an excellent article on NRO about her school lunch fiats. The House has already taken steps to curb them. Not the Senate yet, but if the Republicans win in November, 0 may be faced with a bill which he will either have to veto or face his wife on.

    • Good point.
      He is becoming toxic to the democrats that want to win re-election.
      I remember his attitude after the 2010 mid-term election.
      This one could be even more devastating to his ego.

  2. Who’s minding the teenage girls now – the Secret Service? We haven’t seen First Granny for a while and wonder where she is.

    MrsObama will be ‘preaching to the choir’ at all of these scheduled events, so her attendance or support won’t make any positive difference in the outcome of these elections.
    It’s hard not to notice that neither of the Os is heading South to campaign or to scoop up some cash.
    The South, and Southwest must be settled into the Repub camp and neither one thinks their time would be of value there.
    The states they are visiting are usually solid Dem territory, meaning that the candidates are in trouble there and need help.
    Prior to the Obama administration, a northern state Dem could count on a slam-dunk in the general election, but my, how things have changed.

    • Repeated emails from the Democratic Party and Alison Grimes (plus her husband, granny, and I-Phone) keep bragging about how the south is about to be turned blue. Then again, Nancy Pelosi kept begging and pleading for money — and then bragged to the press about how her team shamelessly outraised the GOP. Somebody doesn’t have their stories straight.

    • Oh–and Joe, ever the fashionista, pitched a fit because he and Mika were both wearing black–he walked off the set to change. Mika just could not let it go–frowny, frowny–can’t believe he did that…on and on. I didn’t see the issue–half the time he wears jammies. I am tellin ya–you guys are missing out.

      • The few times I checked in they made my teeth hurt. Pompous, judgemental, sneering, and sloppy boot-licking, and that’s on a good day.
        No thanks.

        • You used to watch, SrDem…They have smart people on rather often–like David Ignatius, Harold Ford, even that Ratner guy (who has facts but is sort of lefty for a business man). And bootlicking is at a minimum and is Mika’s dept. in fact, I am amazed that anything on MSNBC can be critical of Obama and they often are.

          • Yes, I did watch now and then.
            I have tuned into the Rev (of no church) Sharpton’s show, too, a few times.
            Jake Tapper on CNN sometimes, and watch as he struggles with the lefty message he doesn’t like.
            Avoid “The Five” now, don’t watch “The View” at all.
            I think I’m getting burned out.

          • I hate the View, I watch the Food Channel if I’m home in the morning. I can’t watch Sharpton, I tried but couldn’t, it hurts to watch him. MSNBC, almost never and only for a few minutes, they are so racist. CNN is pretty terrible, boring and some of the women are again boring. I like Fox News and O’Reilly, he’s great most of the time. Greta is great too. They’re all good on Fox. But with the Ebola coming up all the time, it scares me so much that I can’t watch Fox too much now either.

  3. MO’s ‘No Fat Kid Left Behind’ has been getting more bad press lately.
    School districts are giving up the food is embarrassing and looks life relief efforts in a third world country. Saw an article yesterday with pictures of our poor Les Miserables and the fine dining from Sidwell
    Friends where the Princess Obama dine daily. Hypocrisy thy name is
    Michelle Obama. Today Sasha and Melia can chose the following.
    Snack: Edamame & Pita Chips

    Local Butternut Squash and Celeriac Soup
    Farmer’s Salad
    Feed The Difference
    Sliced Rosemary Chicken
    Farmer’s Market Quinoa
    Local Sautéed Greens
    Basmati w/ Garden Fresh Herbs
    Sustainable Harvest Meal
    Local Apple Crisp

    • Makes one wonder if MrsO thinks all schools are serving similar menus to the schoolchildren.
      Can she really be that clueless of how skimpy, tasteless, and dull the local school cafeteria offerings are to our children?

      • Google her lets Move Lunch meals and look at images of what the kids are tweeting pics v sad. No $500 tasting menu for them. I
        have fond memories of school lunches a larger tray and every spot filled including at that time whole milk and desert.:-) yum:-)

        • Mmmm whole milk.
          We never had a cafeteria, we all brought something good from home & bought a little carton of whole milk for 5 cents. Wednesday was hot dog day in grade school, a hot dog & bag of chips.

          • We had the best lunch ladies we knew their names. One had a recipe for Spaghetti Red and we had monthly diners
            parents teacher students and we also sold ticket all for that
            delish Red delight with home made bread and butter:-) I can after 50 plus years still taste it wonderful.

        • Please tell me specifically where, in the Constitution, the First Lady of the United States is given executive power to dictate what children are fed at school.

          And please tell me when we became so impotent as subjects of an elected monarchy that we would think it normal to allow this to happen.

    • Don’tcha think the descriptions of that are basically marketing, tho? Salad, chicken, Sustainable Harvest Meal…what’s that? Aren’t all plants sustainable–you can plant more? See–it’s words, not schmancy food. Even Quinoa is not exotic anymore–mush.

    • That’s the lower school menu. The 0 daughters are in the Middle and Upper School, where the menu is slightly different:

      October 7, 2014

      Local Butternut Squash and Celeriac Soup
      Farmer’s Salad
      Sustainable Harvest Meal
      Local Collard w/ Grapes
      Tomatoes & Bacon Salad
      Sliced All-natural Rosemary Chicken
      Farmer’s Market Quinoa
      Feed The Difference
      Roasted Local Market Vegetables
      Basmati Rice with Garden Fresh Herbs
      Toigo Apple Crisp

      Tomorrow’s menu:

      October 8, 2014

      Roasted Corn Chowder
      Cobb Salad
      Tuna Pasta Salad
      Grab & Go Sandwich Bar
      All Natural Burgers
      Housemade Veggie Burgers
      Steamed Fresh Broccoli
      Baked Organic French Fries

      Meanwhile, I’ve read that under the new school lunch rules the sandwiches are pathetic. Tiny round whole wheat rolls, and barely any meat or cheese. And burgers? Oh, the horror!

        • This made me think of a scene I experienced. When my kid was 4, we looked for private schools in DC. (We had money then, Clinton yrs.) At Beauvoir, we were being shown around and came into the vaulted dining room. It was not lunch time and only one person was there–an older black gentleman in a white serving jacket, going around the tables with a basket of rolls and placing one at each plate for these little kids. I remember thinking…this is not us. She got wait-listed but no way… We moved to Reston, VA–and guess what–they did not have kindergarten so we paid for another yr of day care anyhow!

  4. In an attempt to win hearts and minds over to the Democrat Party, Michelle is taking her show into the hostile confines of… Madison, WI?

    Really? Why not Waukesha County? Why not Chippewa Falls?

    She’s campaigning for a person with no political record, who bragged about working “hundreds of hours” on a jobs plan that was proven largely plagiarized from other gubernatorial campaigns. Mary Burke is one of the one-percenters her husband is always demonizing. She earned her money the old fashioned way, she (and her siblings) were given shares of Trek stock as a gift from her parents, who founded the company. Her single greatest qualification as a candidate is that she’s not Scott Walker.

    • Haven’t watched The View in years. Accidentally flipped onto it the other day and thought Halloween had arrived early! Good grief – Rosie and Whoopie are frightening. And what possessed ABC to hire that boring RINO from the Bush administration?
      Obama fits right in with that motley crew!

        • Star, I watched MoJoe for years up until a few months ago when Scarborough went off the rails. He is such a phony – even moreso lately. He is so enamoured of Mika’s father, it’s embarrassing. Check out an interview he did with Charlie Rose a couple of years ago.
          As for Nicole, I found her to be dullsville and not too bright on MoJoe. Thank heaven for the mute button. And, no, I have never watched The View. Is she still on MoJoe?

          • No–she’s went to The View. Oh, well, I guess I am a plebe–I like MoJoe–sure, he’s a dopey jock and a phony and Mika is a slobbering pro-Obama frownyface…so what. They are entertaining and get people with diff pts of view on–unlike other parts of MSNBC or even Fox. They like papers–they spend time going over what’s in the news. If you have never watched for a week or month, don’t tell me what it’s about…

  5. The popularity of the First Entitlement Queen and Professional Moocher is another propaganda media myth relentlessly blared forth over the airwaves by a disgustingly dishonest and corrupt mainstream media.

    Truth be known this First Entitlement Queen of dubious gender is universally loathed by a majority of Americans so I say by all means trot her out to face the masses she secretly and not so secretly detests. She will prove to be a millstone around the democrat communist party candidates.

  6. I just read a Newsmax article yesterday about Moochelle’s midterm campaigning:

    She’s not campaigning nearly as much as she did in the 2010 midterms. Also, I remember that in 2010 (and 2012) she went to a lot of college campuses, but I don’t see her doing that this time. Usually, they like to register the low info kids and take then to go vote early. Moochelle vigorously pushed early voting to the college kids the last two election cycles, but I don’t see that this time.

  7. Look at his profile! He is morphing into a real evil-looking piece of work. Must be the pressure of the job. I still say he should have that ever growing mole checked out. Meanwhile, back in New York today (where I work)……he is holding up traffic and travel so that the white liberal elite can alleviate some more of their guilt by opening up their fat wallets and thanking him for gracing them with his presence. God, what a country.

  8. The nerve of him. Raking in whatever he can get, the hukster. Who would give him any money right now with Ebola here and terrorists beheading Americans? So many problems and he’s not working. (as usual).