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White House Forced to Reassure on Biden

Well this was kind of refreshing.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today quite properly took quite seriously questions from ABC’s Jonathan Karl about Vice President Biden’s performance over the past couple of weeks.

Rather than shooting the messenger, which is normal White House protocol, Earnest tacitly acknowledged that Biden’s incessant gaffing of late was cause enough for alarm to issue a statement reassuring that Biden remains a key player on President Obama’s team.

Earnest thankfully avoided the usual “Joe’s a colorful guy” defense.

KARL: The vice president has apologized to the Emirates, he has apologized to the Turks, he may or may not apologize next to the Saudis. A few weeks ago he apologized to the ADL for using the term ‘shylock.’ He took heat for using the term ‘Orient’ to describe Asia. He praised Bob Packwood before a women’s group.

This is all in the past few weeks. What is the president’s response to his vice president going out and continually needing to apologize for things he’s said?

EARNEST: Well, I’ll say a couple things about that. The first is, I think the vice president is somebody who has enough character to admit when he’s made a mistake . . .

KARL: That’s a lot of mistakes in a short period of time –

EARNEST:  He did that both publicly when his office generated readouts of these calls, but he also he did it privately when he picked up the telephone to clarify and apologize for his comments over the weekend.

The fact of the matter is the vice president is somebody who continues to be a core member of the president’s national security team. He is somebody who has decades of experience in dealing with leaders around the globe, and the president is pleased to be able to rely on his advice as we confront the variety of challenges that are so critical to American national security.

Earnest wouldn’t say whether or not Biden had apologized to Obama.

33 thoughts on “White House Forced to Reassure on Biden”

  1. Just a thought. Myself and others have suggested that a lot of things are going on all at once, making it hard to keep track of things needed to be done. So… someone told Biden to make more stupid comments than usual………………..
    If anyone cares to pull up
    There are several pictures. One is an ugly black flag of ISIS sitting on a hill near the border.
    One is a truck of children young woman and a couple of elderly people fleeing, and approaching the Turkish border.
    Another are 5 Kurkish men who appeal to the Turkish military to help evacuate people from a village near Kobane
    FURTHER DOWN: There is an article that uses the word Jihadist.
    Question: I have noticed that word used several times on BBC articles.
    Why is it that o doesn’t use that word, and a great deal of the MSM don’t as well?

    1. You’re not alone Lee ! I’m overwhelmed too, and yes, I blame Obama ;) I’ve loved playing politics since my high school years in the 60’s. Nothing has been as bad as the years since 2008. It’s just creeping me out, Obama, the Media? I’m vexed.

  2. Poor Josh. Once again (as in, always) he tries to defend the indefensible. Can’t be done, Josh. Get out while you can. Get an honest job. Have some respect for yourself.

  3. OT The Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage
    High court refuses to rule–and gives tacit victory–on same sex marriage.
    I heard on Fox. Not printed on site.
    I typed in Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage.

  4. I read his response 3 times, trying to figure out if there was any actual, you know, answer to the question. I don’t think there was. they’re “pleased” that Biden “continues” to give Obama advice? ok. now, what about Joe being a random moron?

    and yes: just imagine if it had been a Republican. remember the howls of derisive laughter at Romney’s “binders of women”?

  5. Just Joe being Joe. How this incompetent moron ever got elected to begin with for anything is amazing. As for being a core member of the national security team, that just shows how amateurish this admin really is. Can anyone honestly say they listen to this idiot? You would think decades of experience would say just keep your mouth shut. Guess I’m the dumb one.

  6. For all the lies and harm he causes here to his own people, he was right on the mark about the Arab nations making things worse in the fight against Isis/il whatevers.
    As they stay silent against the brutality, arm those with suspicious motives, they’re not helping, but hindering and they know it.
    It’s past time we quit kowtowing to these regimes that promote and endorse violence in the name of their religion – which is either big oil or Islam – or both.

      1. I agree with you Mandy — most everybody is mum on Qatar.

        And quite frankly I am not all that sure that Biden should have apologized.

        1. And compared to the racist crap that comes from Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton this seems quite small. At least he was calling out foreign governments and not American citizens. (this time)

        2. Not too long ago, an elected official’s appearance at a private gathering would not have attracted this much attention–if any at all–from the press.

          Biden would’ve said this, and probably many more things that would’ve pissed off a lot of folks.

          I’m all for the new openness. He’s a heart-beat away from the Oval Office. What he says is news.

          1. Biden is the dipshit who locked a reporter in a closet during a private fundraiser.

            I’m wondering if he’s not a lightning rod for this administration right now.

          2. Webster’s Unashamed Dictionary

            Dipshit: (Dip-shit) From the Modern American “Dipshit. A person characterized by foolish to idiotic behavior. The sort of person who would never be put in charge of anything. Usage: Joe Biden is a dipshit!

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