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Obama Morning News || October 6, 2014

WH on Ebola: We got this . . . Free Beacon
Officials maintained Sunday that while there may be additional cases, there will not be an outbreak in the U.S., and they are confident they can handle the situation.

Todd: Seven reasons administration untrusted . . . Newsmax
“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd said the Obama administration has a “trust deficit” with the American people that is making it hard to convince the public not to worry about an Ebola outbreak on U.S. soil.

One in five speak foreign language at home . . . Breitbart
An all-time high of nearly 62 million U.S. residents – or about one in five people – now speak a language other than English while at home, a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies found.

Dems losing voter ID law . . . Fund and Spakovsky
With few exceptions, liberal pressure groups have lost lawsuits in state after state, with courts tossing out their faux claims that ID laws are discriminatory, unconstitutional or suppress minority voting.

Cummings: Blacks fear Secret Service racist . . . Politico
Rep. Elijah Cummings said on Sunday that “85 percent” of the African-Americans who have talked to him about the Secret Service have raised the idea that President Obama is not being protected as well as previous presidents because of his race. 

One family’s Obamacare nightmare . . . Washington Times
“During the past month, some of our sons’ most important medications have been discontinued from coverage altogether . . .  “

Biden apologies to UAE prince . . . Associated Press
It was the second time in two days that Vice President Biden had to call a key partner in Obama’s coalition to walk back comments he made on Thursday.

Axelrod: Obama comment a mistake . . . Daily Caller
David Axelrod admitted Sunday that it was a blunder by his former boss to say he may not be “on the ballot this fall, but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot.”

Some donors not ready for Hillary . . . Politico
Hillary Clinton is facing the beginnings of a backlash from rich liberals unhappy with her positions on litmus test issues and her team’s efforts to lock up the Democratic presidential nomination before the contest start. 

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  1. OT: While I was getting ready to pull up the news clips here for the day, I was listening to Fox stating that Face The Nation left out statement made by Netanyahu. They said it could be found on line, I did not see it on the Face the Nation clip. I was able to find it online at…/face-nation-leaves-out-netanyahus-criticism-obama
    “Well first of all, I had a very good meeting with the president and I was BAFFLED by this statement because it doesn’t really reflect AMERICAN VALUES.

  2. Pfeiffer did just saying that the WH is taking proactive steps to combat the disease both in U.S. & in Africa.
    “The only way to deal with this is to stop it at it’s source, which is why we’re deploying up to, around 3,000 troops there… No one is better at commanding control and logistics tjhan the U.S. military.
    That is from the article: We got this
    I just listened to Dr. Frieded again on Fox. He stated we are looking at possiblities. WILL LOOK AT WHAT MIGHT WORK…
    If I may note: Our troops work wonders what ever they are assigned to do. However I think they should be covered in Hazmat suits and yelling (far away, maybe on a hill) with a microphone to people who live there, telling them how to handle this regarding people, facilities, and supplies.

        1. So terrible. Obama sends our troops there so that some of them can come back with Ebola and give it to their family, friends and anyone in contact with them? I mean, where does this Hitler have the right? Why do the troops continue to take his crap? They should go right to the White House and throw this dangerous “president”? out.

  3. Despite the clearly communicated consequences, we were informed that the insurance company could not file an appeal on our behalf until our plan changes (again). SNIP

    My husband has a good job, but it doesn’t pay nearly enough to cover all of the increased expenses. Yet he earns too much for us to qualify for relief programs from pharmaceutical companies because government regulations dictate who the private companies are allowed to help. SNIP

    There are your death panels.

  4. “Eighty-five percent of all the African-Americans that come to me mention what you just said, and I don’t agree with it,” he said. “Let me tell you why. We have information that this goes all the way back to the Bush administration — a lot of the problems that we’re talking about now. It’s just that they’re coming to light.” SNIP

    Ah, yes. Another way to blame Bush.

    1. Actually, it is in the Constitution that marriage laws are a right of the states. State legislatures, not state judiciary, to set the laws.

        1. My point is that the Supreme Court should have decided this. If the state judiciaries themselves want the issue to go the the SCOTUS, the Supremes should tell them, it’s an issue up to your legislature.

    1. Grace, the only way to deal with these ultra liberal Hollywood types is at the box office. But the public must have its entertainment and will never as a whole boycott them. We go to the Met Opera Live in HD series every year at our local movie theater. This year the Met had scheduled a controversial opera called The Death of Klinghoffer which many thought anti-semitic and pro-Palestinian. The protest was so powerful that the Met was forced to substitute Rossini’s Barber of Seville for it. That sort of action should be happening in the movies and on TV.

      1. Good news — I did not know the Death of Klinghoffer was substituted. That is so vile I just took it off my thinking radar. I old enough to remember the actual event and how repulsed and shocked I was at the brutality.

        I wrote a little play by play on the Good Wife last night. I am almost totally out of “entertainment”.

        WWII — many entertainers joined up and were supportive of the effort to defeat the Nazis. Today — Hollywood enshrines them. But the libs never turn down the mega bucks they get for “playing soldier” on screen.

      2. Following is a sarcastic letter to the New York Metropolitan Opera regarding the anti-Semitic production of “The Death of Klinghoffer,” which humanizes terrorists and justifies the murder of an innocent disabled man. The letter appeared on the website

        Dear Met Opera Donors and Administration:

        Salaam Aleikum!!! We watched your brilliant opera, Death of Klinghoffer, with appreciation and glee. This is truly a historic masterpiece.

        We have a proposal which we believe you will find of great interest.

        We would like to commission another opera at the Met to be named The Death of James Foley. In this work, your sensitive composer and lyricist, John Adams and Alice Goodman, will portray the terrible anguish of ISIS members, which lead them to acts of global desperation. These talented artists will show how decadent Western culture, symbolized by James Foley and his ilk, have caused unbearable anguish and threaten indigenous ISIS culture, forcing them to cry out on video for understanding.

        We would like to propose the novel idea of giving audiences the opportunity to witness a genuine beheading on stage of a different decadent Western journalist for each performance. This is sure to draw crowds and make this a genuinely more true to life and original form of art.

        We will of course fully fund this production. No cost is too great, so you will no longer have to rely on any donations from twisted and perverted Jewish donors in the future.


        Mohammed (with a jolly British accent) from ISIS, Damascus Branch

        1. Thank you for posting that. I loved the letter. Glad they had to substitute! Freaking distortion of the murderous facts.

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