As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – October 6, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

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    • …thankfully this Obama “WH press corps” is nothing but a bunch of biased sycophants.
      So these so called ‘reporters’ dont care about ‘freedom of the press’ because they all get to keep their elite jobs as long as they go along with the Obama regime talking points that Propaganda Sec. Josh “not so” Earnest spews everyday…

  1. LOGISTICS: The detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many PEOPLE, FACILITIES, or SUPPLIES.
    Is anyone going to ask if our MILITARY PERSONAL are going to wear HAZMAT SUITS?
    If they are going anywhere near people or places that those people touched, spit, threw up, etc. They need to be protected.

    • Obama is causing so much horror. He doesn’t care about the troops, he doesn’t care about the country, the American people. He is truly evil. He is a power-mad sick moron. Sending our troops, they should boycott this Africa sick trip. All the troops should refuse to go there to Obama’s ancestors. He should go himself, the coward, he never would. Obama doesn’t know his ass about anything, just gives orders. I hope he gets it.

  2. Is anyone going to ask him if someone is rushing that vacinne to be produced? There was a practice vacinne that has been used. (Excuse the word practice.)
    Guideline would be rushing the vacinne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Experimental vaccine.
      Tom Borelli was on Fox a moment ago. Drug is currently in development. PIPELINE IS SLOW. To slow for a widespread outbreak.
      It was just announced again on Fox a moment ago. O will not stop flights!
      Someone please explain to me if O has the legal right to override the Surgeon General. The Surgeon General by LAW has the right to ban flights. Yes I asked this question yesterday.

  3. We don’t know yet, if there will be screening at our Airport?
    Why didn’t the reporter again said why waste our time and money screening? We have a law to stop flights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I need to stop watching. I do not feel any better, and feeling worse after each word he rambles.

    • I feel the same way. I can’t watch anymore. Its our worst nightmare having this know-nothing “president” give orders to send 4,000 troops to Ebola land? No one stops him? He’s crazy, hasn’t enough people been beheaded and murdered on his watch? The troops aren’t refusing to go to Africa? How can they listen to Obama? Is this the death panels he invented with his other commies in government? Isn’t this grounds for impeachment yet?

  4. OT slightly Ebola — EV68 – illegal entry.

    Here is a good thorough article using Atkisson as a jump off and relocation statistics with an interactive map to explore the EV68 virus connection to relocation of recent illegals. It is also pretty useful if you would like to know where many of these people were relocated and who is receiving contract monies to enforce and support. Nice consolidation of data and good links.

  5. There was an explosion at an Iranian nuclear plant thought to be working on bomb material. It shattered windows 12 miles away, yet as of now, I haven’t seen an reports in the MSM, only on Drudge and a few right outlets. Is anyone asking Gosh Earnest about it?

  6. And further on Ebola. Possible case of Ebola in India.

    And as one commenter elsewhere considered why this might be important

    One of the most mobile countries as far as overseas workers is India. There are reports that there are up to 45,000 Indian workers in western Africa.

    If you’ve ever been to India you will know what a nightmare it would be if ebola or Marburg or any hemorrhagic virus got brought back to India. Sanitary conditions are non-existent in much of the country and there are slums that are teeming with millions of people. Even with our current level of clusterfuckery we are light years ahead of countries like India and if an outbreak starts there well then what do we do about all the people who come here from India?

    Oh and the first suspected case of ebola in India was reported today. A Japanese tourist has been isolated in a hospital in Manipur, accept the hospital doesn’t really have isolation wards.

      • A Spanish nurse is believed to be the first person to contract Ebola outside of the African region. She treated a Spanish priest who had returned from the area. So, it’s in Spain now.

        • I just read that on Drudge.
          Possible case in India as Gracepmc mentioned.
          Now: We have a problem. This has turned up different Countries. I was upset that they were not going to shut flights down from W. Africa.
          Does anyone think that the real reason why they have not shut down flights from W. Africa, is because they had already known that this had trickled into different Countries?
          in other words they wouldn’t want to keep adding more Countries on the list of no fly zone.
          I have an idea. Let’s have a: Everyone go golfing day!
          Not sure if that would be listed as sarc. are smart *^* comment.

    • India would be a wild fire of outrageous proportions.
      Never been there but I’ve seen their living (&driving) situations! Very close, dirty quarters.

      • Lots of close quarters, slums and odd customs.

        Moreover, we have a large Indian population — think how that would affect them with families still in India, them in America. Nightmare.

  7. OT: The key Syria-Turkey border town of Kobane might fall to ISIS fighters soon, an official there has told BBC.
    A flag of ISIS has been seen flying over a building on the eastern edge of Kobane. The official Idriss Nassan, confirmed ISIS was now in control of Mistenur, the strategic hill above the town.
    Kobane has seen intense fighting over the past 3 days as Syrian Kurs try to defend the town.
    Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg vowed to protect Turkey, a member state, saying: “Turkey should know that Nato will be there if there is a any spillover, any attacks on Turkey as a consequence of the violence we see in Syria”.