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ISIS Fails to Play by Obama’s Rules!

They tricked us.

Those crafty ISIS characters. They didn’t just stand around and wait for us to drop bombs on their heads! This is not playing fair. WHAT’S OBAMA GONNA DO NOW??

According to the Wall Street Journal, our war on ISIS isn’t going exactly according to plan. The Islamists basically hold the same territory they held before.

From the piece:

Since strikes began in Syria, the militants are using cellphones and radios far less, and have been trying to communicate in ways fighters hope will be less easily intercepted, a U.S. official said.

U.S. officials said the group is also trying to keep their Humvees and tanks out of the coalition’s sights. The militants are now covering vehicles with netting, positioning them under bridges and moving their convoys and other vehicle operations to nighttime.

Christopher Harmer, a defense analyst at the Institute for the Study of War in Washington, said the U.S. is having a hard time getting actionable intelligence. As a result, he estimated only about 10% of the sorties being flown by the U.S. and its partners have dropped bombs.

“ISIS is not really structured in such a way as to be vulnerable to airstrikes,” he said. “They don’t have a lot of static targets. We can bomb a building here, a building there, a tank here, a truck there. But ISIS fighters are very good at intermingling with the civilian population.”

Now who would have guessed they’d start using netting? I mean, you can forgive the president for missing that one.

And who would have thought they’d start hiding among civilians? Islamists have never done that before . . .

Can anybody explain to me why we are waging war with both hands tied behind our back? Are we going to insult them to death?

This is not like any war we’ve ever fought. Why is Obama fighting a war like this? Does he cut his steak with a spoon?

The White House says this limited war could go on for an indeterminate amount of time. It’s an unlimited limited war.

The problem here is, time is not on our side. These people want to attack us. We don’t have years to upgrade the Iraqi army from a high school marching band into a deadly fighting force.

Besides, we already tried that. These guys fleeing at the sound popping air bubble wrap were trained by the United States.

Looks like the latest White House tactic is to minimize the threat, which officials have previously characterized as virulent. Vice President Biden was in typically brilliant form last Thursday at Harvard:

You are twice as likely to be struck by lightning as you are to be affected by a terrorist event in the United States.

What does that even mean? How does he know the likelihood of a terrorist attack? The White House has to be figuring since there hasn’t been a major attack recently, there won’t be one.

What I’d really like to see is a more expansive characterization from the vice president depicting the relative danger of lightening strikes, shark attacks, blue moons, and terrorist events. Then we’d really be down to some serious analysis.

Biden added:

The United States today faces threats that require attention. But we face no existential threat to our way of life or our security. Let me say it again: We face no existential threat — none — to our way of life or our ultimate security.

Well, if another 3,000 Americans are killed in a major terrorist attack, then it’s certainly an existential issue for them.

Either these guys are worth fighting, or they’re not. If they are, let’s fight them.

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  1. Joe is a complete idiot. The Islamists have ALREADY forced huge changes in our once free and open lifestyle. The impositions put upon us by the Patriot Act and by the TSA have greatly reduced our quality of life, and it’s getting progressively worse.

    What a tool Joe is!

    • In addition, there’s the slower but more insidious way that “moderate” Muslims and their government allies are bending our culture toward Islamic demands.

      Anyone who’s been paying attention to Europe lately knows that “terrorism” is not the only problem. There’s also the gradual prohibition of whatever Muslims find “offensive”; the criminalizing of honest talk about Islam; the increasingly routine acts of violence by Muslims against on-Muslims; the abuse and exploitation of non-Muslim women by Muslim men; etc.

      We’re behind Europe on that path, but going the same direction.

      • Well, F….. them and all their demands. Kick ’em all out, who the hell are they to tell us what to do. We were here first, now let them go back where they came from. We must not be intimidated by a bunch of murdering animals, even the moderate ones. They are still in the stone age and its 2014 folks. Are we going to go backwards with them? Politically correctness hasn’t worked and will never work with these mongrels.

        • The constant pandering to muslims by every nation is a complete mystery to me. Can it really be motivated solely by political correctness? It seems there must be darker and more sinister motives involved.

          • Yeah, there is a another more sinister reason, Obama. Obama works only for the UN, not the United States. Isn’t it time to impeach him? How many more beheadings and murders will there be on his watch Benghazi, our Ambassador, now the terrorists that he is DOING NOTHING to stop them from beheadings and more beheadings. Ebola is here, he lets them all come here. Its all Ebola and illegal immigrants, doesn’t care if we die, just wants the VOTES, fines and tax money is all he cares about. He doesn’t even try to protect us. He’s at fundraisers every day now, all he cares about is money and golf, lies and more lies, we are on our own, we have no president. Something should be done legally about him and fast.

  2. Isn’t ISIS moving in on Baghdad now? Their Holy Grail would be the American Embassy, so I’m just hoping we don’t have another Benghazi-like situation on our hands. We are fighting savages while the Obama administration is fighting with political correctness.

    • Krauthammer said on one of the Fox programs last week that Iran would not allow ISIS to take Baghdad as did another military expert or retired military person whose name I forget. I’m not so sure myself. No expert has perfect knowledge and foresight. Why wouldn’t Iran “allow” them to take Baghdad including the American embassy to humiliate the US and then the Iranians themselves take it over from ISIS?

      The number of people, including the President and Joey the Clown, who think they know how all this is going to work out is amazing.

  3. Dropping a bomb or two on unoccupied buildings isn’t how this war, or not-a-war, can or should be fought.
    The only way to stop the insurgents from gaining territory or control of a population is for that very population to fight back, not run away. Reports are that hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes to escape the terrorists, who then must obviously control a village or city of empty houses.
    The question is why they don’t stay and fight for their rights, and of course, who of the terrorists stays behind in those villages, or cities to actually govern or whatever it is their plan or goal might be.

    This is not Us/Them against the Others in a true sense of war that is taught at our military acadamies, but a struggle to defeat a most wily, most efficient, but inherently flawed enemy.

  4. “Well, if another 3,000 Americans are killed in a major terrorist attack, then it’s certainly an existential issue for them.”

    FCMABBHO told Woodward in 2010 that we have the ability to “absorb” another attack of that size. Glib bastard.

    • Obama does not share the view of some of our Jewish colleagues here that if you’ve saved one life, you’ve saved mankind. Rather, he must hold the view of Stalin that one death is a tragedy but a million deaths just a statistic. I wonder what buzz word invention they’ll come up with for an attack like collateral damage and kinetic military action. Something new and, oh, so clever.

      • J–There is a report that France is motivated by the defection of an unnamed intelligence officer’s defection to AQ — anybody know the where abouts of Jean Francois Kerree?

  5. And then we have this headline from today’s Daily Mail:

    “Khorosan group will strike U.S. ‘very, very soon’ warns FBI director as he admits 12 American ISIS fighters cannot be stopped from coming back home”

    We know there are 12 of these American ISIS fighters, we know who they are, and we know they want to come back and blow us up. And the Obama administration can’t stop them? At all? This is one of Obama’s policies on the ballot in November. Oh, yes.

      • The administration’s argument is that they could be plumbed for information if they return. They could also provide false information, but that doesn’t seem to bother them.

        • Thats such a lie from the Administration to appease us. Obama just doesn’t want to do the right thing for the American people and he will always do the dumbest things opposite of what he should do. He’s not in his right mind. His excuses are just off, all the time, everyday, something else, some other drama. Absolutely no common sense or logic not to close the border, that is, if he cared about America or its people. The same about not stopping the planes coming here with Ebola people. If he wanted to protect us he would do those two things and he will not! He’s a traitor of the highest order. He can’t be of sound mind. It seems like he’s high on drugs or booze, his eyes are so ugly the way he stares when he talks.

    • I just read on Fox Nation that Comey thinks these people are “entitled” to come back to the US as they are US citizens. Pardon me, haven’t they given up their US citizenship by becoming “citizens” of Islamic State. This Comey is such a disappointment to me: I guess he will go along with whichever administration employs him.

    • So, Mr. “I’ve got a pen and a phone” manages to lose both of them when it comes to his primarily responsibility of defending the American people.

    • If I was “National Security Advisor”…
      1. Tactical) Use B-52s/B-1s/B-2s & TLAMs to CARPET BOMB any place ISIS is…

      2. Strategic) Use ICBMs and turn the Mid-East into a glass parking lot…

      “Kill them all, Let Allah sort them out”

      • I said that from the beginning. They need the big atomic bomb just like Japan. What else can we do? Obama is for the birds, he would never do anything brave or right, and to me, its either them or us, the final solution? It sounds hard, but them cutting off heads and constant murder, murder, murder, I say, wipe them all out if thats how they are. They have no regard for human life and they must be destroyed, isn’t that what stupid Obama once said? So destroy all of them, what else can we do? Just wait until they come here and start with the knives? Foolish administration and foolish people that elect such morons that can’t see the forest from the trees. They must be dealt with or Obama plays golf and the American people will get killed again like 9/11/2001.

  6. Panetta claims it will take 30 years to defeat ISIS. Obama can breathe a sigh of relief. He will be 83 years old and no one will be left to blame him for the mess.

    • Things keep going the way they are going it will certainly not be part of his unicorn legacy in the revisionist history books. As a matter of fact if we keep going the way we are going in this country there will be statues to Obama as a founding father in every public square.

      Unlike those of men on horseback or taking a hill or raising a flag, Barack Hussein Obama’s public square statues will be of him mid golf swing.

    • Or as Lt. Col. (RET) Ralph Peters says — Turkey — allowing the Kurds to be slaughtered and then with their tanks establish a buffer zone for Turkey.

      At one point we could have carpet bombed ISIS in and around Khobani but that would have resulted in dead ISIS and in this war, dead ISIS is unacceptable. Slightly degraded gets Obama a win.

  7. The fact that the number of announced airstrikes is trivial (usually single digits per day) convinced me that this is a phony war just as existed after Germany and the USSR invaded Poland. The only purpose seems to be to provoke Assad into shooting down our aircraft which will give Obama a pretext to systematically destroy the Syrian air defense system and air force just as we did in Libya. This will of course help rather than hinder ISIS.

    • I feel sorry for Obama if he does that, shoot Assad’s planes. I don’t think Obama would do that anyway, no matter what, He’s a coward, he knows Russia and Iran will get him if he does

  8. One news report identified stolen American military equipment in the possession of ISIS/ISIL!

    I have come to despise the word ‘degrade’ and any phrase that uses it! Destroy the EVIL now and completely through superior strength! bho is wasting and endangering our lives and those of our military personnel – fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, etc. Shame on him!

    Plus, leftists at MediaMatters work everyday to ‘character assassinate’ any conservative voice, but I have never read one criticism of Dems or Buffoon Biden insulting our Allies (if we have any?) or the American citizens’ intelligence with his trying to persuade Americans to ‘Don’t Worry! Be Happy! :( jb

  9. Amazingly, Obama thinks that he can defeat ISIS with a good marketing plan.

    Just because 38% of Americans fall for it doesn’t mean that ISIS will.

  10. Outstanding Keith. That sums it up! The issue of all the refugees scared to death over the Turkey border did not make much of the MSM this past weekend as well. The crew needs to go chit chat with those people and ask them if they are ready to get the government straight?
    The air strikes seem as theantening as someone in a tree with a sling shot.
    No I am not insulting our military. Someone is TELLING those generals how far they can go. Like: Be sure you don’t hurt to many of them at one time.

  11. Obama surrounds himself with such idiots, Kerry, Biden, Jarrett and various other “yes” men and women. He won’t listen to top generals, fired them! but he’ll listen to the Iranian Jarrett, hateful anti-war Kerry and there’s also Susan Rice? What an administration, a bunch of what? Oh I forget Hagel, he’s another one,he looks very confused. What is this? The Alzheimer Administration, putting all our lives at risk. Wait– Ebola is probably the death panel for us that was designed by Obama. Really Obama and the administration should be arrested and charged for treason and lying to the American people.Freaking dictator, so he thinks. We got news for him. Jail!

  12. The ‘Virtual World” of Obama … He closed his eyes and ears to this THREAT, praying it would go away… But it DIDN’T… He was ”pushed” into this ”non-war War” by public opinion… oh, and that ”Election” coming up, so he could look like a LEADER… instead of the Leader-From-Behind… Watch, after the Election, I doubt he’ll do much more & perhaps LESS … He will continue to buck his Generals suggestions…His ”LEGACY” is what’s important to him… Now, he’s had to resume the ”IRAQ WAR”, which he BOASTED that he’d ended… His legacy: ”Worst, Weakest President in History” ..