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Sunday Open Thread || October 5, 2014

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        Thankfully the server wasn’t resting.

  1. Surgeon General under the law has the right to stop flights. This is being handled by the CDC. Why has this been taken from the Surgeon General?

    1. Maybe we should be grateful — Surgeon General — appointed by Obama. We haven’t had a lot of luck with the Obama appointees. Not that CDC chief is non political.

  2. I just pulled up Newsmax it states four years ago, quietly and without public notice, the O Admin. scrapped quarantine plans from the CDC which could have blocked travelers withe the deadly Ebola virus from entering the U.S.

      1. Star I am mostly concerned that Surgeon General have the right by law. I don’t understand if the Surgeon General wanted to stop the flights, and if O or CDC overruled the Surgeon General.

        1. I just read of a deadly “Marburg” virus which has broken out in Uganda. It’s on Drudge, the last of the little headlines on the top left.

          1. Also that aide worker–the guy–flown in and “cured” is coughing again and being retested. This stuff comes back? Maybe…who knows. The pt is they DON’T know,

          2. Many comments on the Marburg article are spot on. Open borders all around USA. Eugenics ? We do live in scary times. I worry about the future of our kids & grand kids.

    1. I don’t see what the big deal would be if the US stopped all commercial flights from afflicted West Africa. Just allow closely monitored US government planes in and out if you want to help out in a humanitarian way. I would think the commercial airlines themselves would not want to fly in and out of there because if someone contracts Ebola on one of those flights, it opens the airline up to huge lawsuits.

      1. In case in got by anyone the Dept. of State put out a bid September 14, for 160,000 hazmat suits. I think Lakeland got the order and their stock value increased by 30% since. Haven’t had time to check to see if there is a “friends of Lakeland” and State Dept. connection.

        1. You’re a real eagle-eye these days. First, Sweden recognizing “Palestine” and now this! I’m sure there is a connection. I’d look into the Clintons and their foundation too.

  3. !!! Attention Amazon Shoppers !!! I just noticed Keith has the shopping button working, so he can get a small percentage of our orders and at no extra cost to us. Remember that next time you use Amazon (which I do for just about everything …. lucky for Keith! )

    1. Thanks DeniseVB for that information. I have never shopped online. However as of yesterday, I think I may. I wanted to start the shopping process yesterday, by putting two items in layaway. I stood there for 40 mins. I was the only one in line. 20 or more employees did not show up for work and had to wait for an employee.

      1. Lee you’ll love Amazon, it’s the only online shopping I use. On my quest to read all the First Lady biographies, they’ve found some of them (at great savings) in their used books section.

          1. Lee, that’s why I refuse to use the self checkouts at the grocery stores. It might go by some other name in the South. I would rather see people employed, not machines. Also, although I am fortunate to have someone at home, for many elderly, the cashier is their one chance to speak to a human being that day. The only thing that irks me, though, is that they assume I’m computer illiterate and offer to help me. Grrrr!

          2. And, a very small point, the store is getting you to do its job for nothing in checking out and bagging your own groceries–with no discount.

          3. I love my grocery store where you push the cart right up to the cashier and she unloads it for you.

            I still haven’t used their “order and pay for your groceries online, pull up and they load the car for you” service. I still like the actual shopping part.

          4. We haven’t had cashiers unload our carts for decades. Now we have to deal with today’s (non) customer service. When we unload our carts at Fry’s (Kroger) the cashier always asks “Can we help you with anything under your cart?” Now, if you don’t know, it does sound helpful. However, they’re just trying to curtail shoplifters. If you actually do need help, they grumble and take so long you could unload the cart twice before they help. I’d love to find a little mom and pop store somewhere…

          5. AZ Granny. My son worked as a bagger at Fry’s. Their in store lingo is always check bob- bottom of basket. I hate Fry’s. Not enough checkouts open & those that are, are slooooow. And I detest baggers who comment on my purchases!

          6. Zephyr Dmm, thanks for the info.. I’ll pay special attention next time to listen for their bob lingo. I also agree about the cashier commenting on your groceries. I don’t like it when they ask if something is good. Why else would I buy it? LOL

          7. Lee, More power to you.

            I probably do 75% of my shopping online but I understand your desire not to. I also use the self checkouts when the lines elsewhere in the store are too long.

          8. :)
            I am 53, I can remember going to a regular store, or restaurant and the waitress and the cashier were the same person that you saw year after year. No they come and go like crazy. As Julie just stated some employees, Grrr! They will look at you like, What do you want!

          9. And that is why I use the self-checkout. I cannot abide an employee in a customer service position acting like they are doing me a favor, or my personal favorite (sarc), in answer to a question, “I don’t know.”

          10. We also love drive-thrus. I propose a franchise called Valet Cat–cute guys in short short bring heavy bags of kitty litter to your car. Does anyone have the number for The Shark Tank?

          11. I do agree with Lee that customer service is a dying art–or stone dead. We ordered a medium Frostie at W’s the other day–it came in a cup like those old Dixie cups you put in the bathroom in those tubes? Tiny. I said is this Medium? No–small. I said, we ordered Medium. They fussed around, produced another sllightly bigger…then held out their hand for an additional 87 cents. My sister said, you should comp it. They looked blank. I think comped is East Coast. They had never heard of it.

          12. I hate how they lock up the liquor! It’s like asking permission to purchase their product. If I’m in a mood I will leave & spend my money else where- a people friendly store. And yes, I know they have teen “beer runs” to steal the unlocked stuff.

          13. At our local Kroger there are a few gals running the registers who’ve been there the entire 26 years we’ve shopped there. I always look for one of them when getting ready to check out.

      2. Never? I love shopping at home at my leisure. There are great deals to be had.
        Side note-I never use my debit card, only my credit card, cc banks let you know immediately if there is an odd purchase. With debit use dealing with that bank over unauthorized purchases could be a nightmare.

    2. I didn’t know that Keith had this. I usually block out the advertising, but next time I want to order a book, a CD, whatever, I’ll check here first.

      1. Wow, had not noticed he had it. I am a Amazon Prime shopper! I buy and have shipped to my door for my 6 cat’s and dog…food, treats, litter and toys! Woo who!

      1. I hadn’t noticed it before but I am glad to see it! For sure I will use it.

        And I told Keith — I almost live on Amazon with the first of a line of pet products. It will be an adventure — and like most things, “it’s harder than it looks”.

        Wish me luck.

    3. Denise, thanks so much for letting us know about the Amazon button on the sidebar! I never even noticed it before. I will gladly use it every time I shop at Amazon, which is pretty regularly.

        1. When I click the link here I get Amazon’s US site, but you should try it and see if your being in Canada brings up Amazon Canada for you.

  4. In case you missed it yesterday, Obama played his 42nd game of golf yesterday. It was the 199th time since he became preezy. Next weekend we should have a grand celebration with ticker tape parade when he hits #200. /sarc

    1. He should play in some fundraising golf tournaments which raise tons of money for good causes. Like Bush does for Wounded Warriors :)

      Lucky for Obama, nothing else going on in the world ! /sarc

    2. Next weekend looks like it may be rainy in DC. Week after that, sunny and high 50’s, which he’s played in before.

      So he’ll be rolling over the odometer just as the voters start paying attention.

      This could be interesting.

          1. Hillary is on the move this week as well drumming up support for the D’s. I doubt if the two of them will cross paths, no need to really – they’re both working for the same party.

    3. Big parade down Pennsylvania Ave for sure!

      Perhaps ESPN will do a special. God knows ESPN guys have spent enough time on the course with Obama.

      1. May be the only parade Pennsylvania Avenue sees for a while…looks like Nationals Park will start setting up for the Winter Classic a few weeks early.

        Two outs in the ninth. TWO OUTS IN THE NINTH.

        As for the Redskins, wake me when they crack .500.

        That leaves the Capitals and Wizards. The Caps open the regular season Thursday night–good seats still available, I’ve heard–and the Wizards won’t start for another couple of weeks.

        But like the songwriter once said, “When will the banners and the victory parades celebrate the day a better world was won?”

  5. Flag from 9/11 is lost in Flight 93 Memorial Fire
    Shanksville, Pa.(AP)- A flag that flew over the U.S. Capitol on Sept11,2001, was consumed in a fire at the Flight 93 Natl. Memorial in Pennsylvania, the Natl. Park Service said Saturday.
    Park staff completed an initial inventory Saturday and said, in additon to the flag, the losses included a handful of personal items of passengers and crew.…/flag-from-911-is-lost-in-flight-93-memorial-fire

      1. No they are still investigating. I heard mentioned for the first time on the Fox news this morning. They didn’t have time to discuss it much with all…………………….the other issues on hand. So I looked it up.

  6. Dear Leader has made a huge mistake by saying his policies are on the ballot line. It gives people more reason to run from the Democrats.

    1. Living in Kahleephorneeah, it seems as if it’s just democrat all the way, no matter what. Did see something the other day that gave me hope. Someone standing at the end of the freeway off ramp holding a cardboard sign that said “Will Vote Republican For Food Or Cash”.

      1. So. Calif. Today I saw a pick-up truck with about a 1 1/2 in. sign near the top of the rear window that said, “F–k Obama”

        (Apologies Star. Just straight reporting.)

      1. Unable to resist putting himself into every situation Obama has offered up his policies for a vote. If the Republicans do not take advantage of this …. There are a lot of Dem ads running that start with I am not Barack Obama, This is Not about Barack Obama — literally this is a gift.

        But mostly Republicans do not take advantage and go aggressive–even when there is a gift. So….

  7. We’re a month away from the mid-terms and I rather liked [read: chortled] at the following remarks from Axelrod-grease.

    Axelrod attempted to contextualize Obama’s comments delivered in a speech at Northwestern University on Thursday, during which Obama said “I’m not on the ballot this fall, but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot.”

    “I would not have put that line in there,” Axelrod said. “It was a mistake.”

      1. Speaking of–saw his hunched over, skeevy self on Meet the Unimpressed. He was taking potshots at Scarborough on Ebola—sarcastically calling him DOCTOR Scarborough. Also that Pfeiffer person was on spewing talking pts–how hard it is to catch Ebola, blah blah, as if we did not have television machines. They kept saying there is only one case here–well, you mouthbreathers, one case we know of and one case means there is still time to do something. Pfeiifer said they have a plan and are following it—but no details. Yeah? Let’s hear it. I want to hear something like stop flights into NY, Dulles, Newark and I forget the other one…Screen all passengers from anywhere in Africa for fever, not some questionnaire, even if they are popping ibuprofen–look for sweating, green around the gills, whatever. Seriously quarantine questionables–nothing voluntary about it. We need hundreds of hospitals in Africa–not 17 and those aren’t even started (shovel ready). Tell us and the troops what they would be doing–directing traffic, burying bodies, building clinics, fighting panicked people, preventing theft of equipment by potentates, what? Are these troops ytrained in health care? They aren’t vaccinated–there is no vaccine…when they come home, then what? I think people want more than some political hack calling another political hack sarcastic names. Honestly, that Pfeiffer looked scared to me.

        1. Pfeiifer said they have a plan and are following it—but no details.

          This — have a plan (no details) and no comment on ongoing investigation. This Administration’s fallback.

          The should just post that on the WH website and be done with it.

        2. you are so right Star. I do think a little differently than you though. Pfeifer and this Administration are such fools. Obama’s the one — playing with our lives and loving it! No common sense, no caring, no protecting the people, just evil from the White House. After the Ebola scare and all the beheadings, I blame Obama for everything. Taking all the troops out of Iraq, hie s responsible for everything that has happened like the beheadings, leaving the border still open with the Ebola now here? Still letting planes filled with West Africans come in without being tested, quaranteened. Before he was “president” anyone who came here from another country had to have a health test, etc., etc. He’s power crazy and evil like Hitler to leave the border open now and all the other stuff that he should be doing. You can’t make this stuff up. Obama is the devil and he will pay one day.

    1. Axelrod is such a phony by saying that. He’s the one that got Obama elected knowing he was a fraud. Next for Axelrod is Hillary Clinton, another dangerous communist fraud who hates America.

  8. I’m not going to whine about the Obamas going out for a nice dinner for their anniversary, I AM going to whine about making it such a big deal it was a day late.

    I missed many special and holidays when my husband was deployed, so it just rubs me the wrong way. Think of the troops and others who have “to work” on those days too. Especially that young bride in Chicago who almost missed her wedding because Obama’s motorcade shut down major roads in both directions!

  9. Hi Keith,

    I still am having trouble opening my articles from you on my emails.
    The problem started around 10/ 3. So here I am on your website,
    and perhaps this will suffice until I can open your email articles.

  10. Hi Keith,

    Wow! I just opened up my email on my inbox (from you) and guess
    what? It opened! So maybe there was a hiccup. What a relief.

  11. I am wondering is Ebola a “red herring”?

    (Via Sharyl Attkisson) At least five children infected with the respiratory illness known enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) have died in the U.S. in the past month.

    The latest confirmed victim was a four-year-old New Jersey boy, Eli Waller. He died at home on September 25. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed the cause of death Friday night. But health officials say they have no idea how he contracted the virus.

    1. Yes! No one is talking about that one. A big question is where that one is coming from. It’s not in West Africa. Did it come across our southern border and is now being passed on to American children by immigrant children who have been placed all over the US? Yikes! It sounds like a cross between tuberculosis and polio!

      1. It’s called non-polio enterovirus D68–and they think it may have a paralytic component. My adult child’s arm was paralyzed for three mos–then it let loose and she can raise it. “They” say adults don’t get it–why not? Anyone can have a bad immune day. I posted this on my science writers list and a veterinarian had the exact same thing–suddenly she had bad neck pain, then her arm would not raise–she had the tests we could not afford and they thought it might be a virus attacking the brachial nerve.. THAT virus–maybe or probably not–it can be flu or any virus. There is no evidence that immigrants brought this…so if we could possibly not get into a Mexican blather, I would apprec it.

        1. I will keep an open mind on that. I read a book about FDR and polio this past year, and the polio virus is carried in fecal matter. People who lived in a less cautious environment, e.g., the tenements, built up a gradual immunity to it by very minor attacks, but wealthier Americans like FDR whose class stressed cleanliness were very susceptible when exposed to it.

          But don’t get on my case about “the Mexicans” because I haven’t accused anyone of anything . . . yet. As Sadie points out, aside from Sharyl Attkisson, no one is publicly asking any questions. I don’t like that from my government.

          1. I thought it was being intimated that this came acr the border…sorry if I had that wrong. I had polio when I was four–luckily I had very little residual…of course, it could pop back up, but I doubt it will at this pt.

          2. Also I am skeptical of the idea that people in less pristine environments build up immunity to polio–the Gateses are vaccinating door to door in India and other countries…also people here take the vaccine no matter what their environment. Some people are immune to various things–just don’t get them or get attenuated cases.

          3. Tobin, James. The Man He Became: How FDR Defied Polio to Win the Presidency, New York: Simon & Schuster, 2013. It may not be politically correct to say so, but he built up a scientifically well-documented argument.

          4. Very interesting info re the origin of the polio virus! After reading your post, Julie, it’s almost impossible not to think about the 60,000 unaccompanied minors arriving on our shores from the poorest neighborhoods in CA.

            It is a well known fact that many, many illegals come here and have no idea about personal hygiene….mainly b/c they don’t have plumbing or indoor bathrooms. When they come to the US, they follow their old habits of throwing TP in a basket. And that trash goes directly to the dump sites. Some old timers who have been here for years never lose their old habits! I have seen it first hand.

            Sorry to bring up such an indelicate subject, but there could very well be a link to this new virus. Ironically, the ‘carriers’ have most likely built up an immunity. If there is any link, the govt will cover it up. We can count on it!

      2. Julie, sorry to interrupt when you are talking about serious issues here. I read your reply and you asked about the influence of our ME population. It may be of some importance but it is also a fact that Socialists often tend to back Palestinians. I believe that this PM is also a friend of Israel. Maybe he is being naive , Swedes sometimes are in the eyes of the world, but he is probably convinced that this is the right thing to do. The opposition parties are now attacking him for not discussing this beforehand as it has long term consequences.

        1. I just asked because here the Democrats and CAIR have a symbiotic relationship. Reading your replies to Sadie and me, it seems to me that he has stuck his foot in it already.

          1. Sadie, Julie. Thanks for bring the Swedish acknowledgement of Palestine up. I was shocked and surprised and very disappointed when I heard it. I saw it a couple of days ago but was reluctant to bring it up.

            And there definitely a symbiotic relationship between CAIR and the DEMS– and the reality of what the DEMS are supporting is covered with lib trash talk. It should be exposed for what it is.

    2. Sadie, just read your reply. I didn´t vote for this new government and there is a lot to say about the decision to recognize Palestine but I really don´t think it was intended as a “poke in the eyes” . It was the usual clumsyness and unawareness of traditions that happens now and then in our politics, it was his inauguration-speech that day, therefor he said it. I just watched an interview with him and he was really eager to state his warm feelings for Israel, he is just convinced that this is the way to start a progress towards peace in the region.

      1. Thanks, swedishlady. Of course, he’s wrong and it only emboldens Abbas and his new BFFs in Gaza to entrench IMO. Short story:
        My mother was born in Jerusalem (1926) by 1942 she had to declare her US citizenship officially. When asked where she was born she naturally said Palestine, since that’s exactly what her birth certificate said. An official turned to her and said, there is no Palestine – pick one Jordan or Israel.
        End of true story.
        And I couldn’t agree more with the question and answer.

    3. Sadie — I do think Ebola is a “red herring” — and the Evirus is something they are desperate to keep at bay. But hopefully parents will voice their concern and some in the media will continue to expose it. This does not bode well for Obama amnesty — and pretty much that is his big push.

      Hard to push amnesty with beheadings at home, Ebola in the US and a deadly virus in our schools.

  12. I was just listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID.
    He was told that British Airlines has cancelled all flights to and from W. Africa.
    His response: When you start closing off, you make things worse.
    You cannot get supplies in or out.
    You cannot isolate.
    When you close off Country, you cause fear.
    As being noted by other people though out the day, & week:
    That we can stop all civilian flights to and from, and
    allow aid, (brave) doctors etc. to go. Than we would be able to isolate and or test them, before they come home.
    Early this morning on Fox they quoted a number of people that flew in from Liberia in 2013. I did not write it down. I looked it up:
    The number of those passengers from W. Africa is large. According to Airlines for America the trade association of America carriers, more than 10,000 people flew to the U.S. from Sierra Leone from April 2013 to March 2014 and more than 17,000 flew from Liberia in the same period. Those figures include only passengers who flew on itineraries involving an American carrier.
    I just looked it up the figure, information was from the New York Times (3 days ago). I typed in: How many people from Liberia flew to U.S. in 2013. I got the information from the top article listed:
    Man in US with Ebola had been screened to fly, but system is spotty
    Now am I being a worry wart, or does everyone else feel that this is being handled just fine as it is?

    1. Obama’s first priority is to protect the citizens of this country. He was not elected president of the world; he is here to serve and protect us (what a joke).
      Heard today that it only takes 2 days to get a visa in Liberia …after the initial 2 week application time. It’s easier to get a visa in W. Africa than a drivers’ license in the US. No questions asked. Mr. Duncan quit his job the minute he received his visa, and was on the next plane to America.

      If we do not put a travel ban on the affected countries, we will have hundreds of ‘Mr. Duncans’ appearing on our doorstep. It’s way too easy for them to leave W.Africa.

    2. BS. As I wrote above, these countries (including the US) can use their military transport for humanitarian purposes. And, as I wrote, you would think the commercial airlines would be worried about lawsuits.

    3. Worry wart, no.
      Cautious, yes.
      The degree of caution is directly connected to those who are or will be affected by the impending threat.

  13. I pray for his recovery. But the most recent briefing I saw with that CDC man — things not looking good for Mr. Duncan.

    Holder and Sharpton better get busier in Ferguson.

    Or maybe the Supremes will bail Obama out.

    1. I read that Palestinians or pro-Palestinians are protesting in Ferguson to show their support. As to Dr. Faucci and the CDC, it seems that their responses have been directed by the WH, that is, they are POLITICAL responses.

      1. Really? Swell. Maybe not so bad. Perhaps in the end the libs and the Dems will be exposed for what they are — terrorist supporting, race hustlers .

    2. Bill Clinton and Eric Holder To Host Ferguson-Related Conference (maybe not-so Sharpton will tag along). You just know they’re gonna milk this until the midterms and cows come home.

      1. The protesters disrupted the St. Louis Symphony tonight. If they try that tomorrow night at the play-off game, they won’t be treated with kid gloves. Nothing comes between Americans and their sports teams.

  14. For all of you who watch The Good Wife and saw ValJar’s premiere — possible it she was just the opening act. God part of the storyline tonight. And next week ……

    The Good Wife ….SOLD!

    1. and to the highest and possibly oldest bidder — WAR ON WOMEN — Gloria Steinem . Wonder how many of the Dem talking points they can jam into what was once tv entertainment now turned political advertisement. Laughable.

      1. and “when you control the food, you control the people”. Wonder who the consultant was on that line.

        I’ll back off now — but this is quite a lesson.

        1. UGH, you just reminded me of Anthony Bourdain. When he was just eating and traveling on the Food Network, the show was interesting. They put him on CNN and now it’s food, social justice, traveling social justice, all about Bourdain and social justice. He leaves me hungry for sanity! In fact, while I am on a little mini-rant … the cross-over of too many TV shows have gone down the same rabbit hole. No wonder viewership is down the tubes.

          1. It’s happening a lot.

            It’s not that big a deal to me. It’s just that there is so little that isn’t full blown propaganda it’s sad to see it happen. But tonight was just weird — the food comment was the best. And it is true and fundamental to totalitarian governments.

            Amazing to think that is the United States of America.

          1. Finally got around to that NRO piece on Jarrett. The part about her excessive SS detail, particularly grating.

            I don’t know if it was mentioned in that article or not but somewhere in coverage of Chris Matthews critique of Obama — he pointed the finger at ValJar and what surprised me the most, Mooch!

          2. Did anyone mention that Valjar also lives upstairs in the private quarters with the Obamas? It must resemble a colege dorm behind closed doors.

  15. Everyone is talking about not protecting the stupid “president” at the White House? Why should anyone protect him? He’s certainly not protecting us, the Americans? He won’t close the border and he won’t do anything to protect us from Ebola. He stopped planes going to Israel but he won’t stop planes from Africa bringing Ebola here. Hope he gets it.

      1. He may think he’s “God” but everyone knows now that he’s Satan, the Devil himself. Look at his eyes, his scary staring eyes.

        1. Also, Grandma Di, I really think he believes he’s God and that he can’t get it. I got news for him, he’s just a little evil man and I’m glad its coming out now about him to the public. I bet his college records are a beaut, because he hid them so well. He’s a real mean guy and a lazy one too. All that time on the golf course, 200 or more hours, when he should have been trying to protect us instead. and look what’s happened. ISIS beheading Americans and Brits, what a horror that is, never in my life have I heard of anything so crazy and the pain of it to these poor men, and Obama goes golfing every time. Probably for spite because he really doesn’t like America or the American people. His actions prove it, he won’t even close the border to protect us or stop the planes filled with Ebola from coming here. But he stopped the planes going to Israel, Remember?

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