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Obama Schedule || Monday, October 6, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:30 am || Meets with financial regulators
3:05 pm || Receives an update on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa
5:35 pm || Delivers remarks at a DNC fundraiser; Washington

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

34 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, October 6, 2014”

      1. LOL. I caught that ebolie pronunciation from the genius the other day. Kind of pairs nicely with his Ob-gynie reference to Holder’s wife.

        1. Sadie, Glad I wasn’t the only one who fell off my chair at Ø’s ‘obie-guyknee’ pronunciation. I laughed and laughed and laughed.

      2. He won’t do a thing about Ebola. He thinks he’s President of the World and it might hurt their economy. Its like treason that he doesn’t put his job here first and protect us. He thinks he’s King of the World! More like Hitler, with no regard for human life that he leaves the border open and won’t stop Ebola from coming here. Doesn’t do a thing all day and then a fundraiser every day this week.

      1. Funny.

        OT but something to look forward to.

        By Monday Drudge should have removed that creepy photo of the pasty Biden and the distraught Samantha.

  1. I’m getting so sick of seeing his usual start time of 10 am. Most people I know, including my kid, have accomplished a hell of a lot by 10 am when this doofus is finally getting around to rolling into the Oval Office.

    1. Im amazed and insulted that NO ONE in the “WH press corps” or the “media” ever mentions that Obama dosent start his ‘working day’ until 10 am or later…

      1. …its like the “WH press corps” and “media” are working to protect Obama’s image as a ‘leader’ and ‘president’… /sarc/

        1. I don’t think they can protect him anymore. I hope he’s gone before his term is up. He’s not doing anything for the country.

  2. Question and Answer in the snip below. Next question, is anyone going to prison?

    “In 2010, an attorney for industrialists and libertarian political donors Charles and David Koch told the Weekly Standard of a senior Obama aide telling reporters on background that the Kochs “do not pay corporate income tax” through their company, Koch Industries.
    How, the attorney justifiably wondered, did the White House get his clients’ private information from the IRS?

    The anonymous official has since been identified as former White House senior economics adviser Austin Goolsbee…”

  3. Ever notice how Dictator Eobama’s Monday schedule is always very minimal and filled with empty events which require this shiftless wastrel to merely make an appearance? That’s because Monday is the recovery day after his usual weekend of boozing and whatever else he ingests.

    Life is is just an endless round of partying and loafing when you’re a Dictator!

    1. I do notice he’s cranking up the motorcade for the DC rush hour again. Those poor people. Does our “environmental” president realize how big a carbon footprint he leaves by clogging traffic for hours for his 30 minute money grabs? None of the climate whackos notice that?

      1. The Ecocummunists don’t notice because their too busy racing to the next global warming protest via their own fossil fuel propelled private jets and cars.

    1. No, but I would like to hear from each of the people/group he is raising money from, as well as the donaters of how they feel about all the issues we are concerned and or discuss here.
      Here from them before each fundraiser begins. Since we were discussing the traffic, the people/groups I mentioned as well can announce a thank you to all the people sitting in traffic.

    2. I posted totals here some time ago. Bill Clinton is the record holder at 600+. I think the zero comes close to 300 at this point, so he’s got his work cut out for him.

    1. As people rightly keep asking why no travel ban and we hear the same false excuses from the ‘experts’. If I hear one more idiot say
      we can’t have a travel ban because if would prohibit flights of
      medical and other aid! Those are special flights easily recognized
      and have nothing to do with commercial airlines. Really are the experts that stupid or worse yet do they think we are?

  4. I would think that he can get an Ebola update during his morning briefing rather than get a special update later in the day. How much longer would that make the briefing, 5 minutes?

    Also, since I don’t attend political fundraisers, I wonder what these ‘remarks’ are at each one of these events? Does he just pick a topic at random, read the same scripted mini-speech every time, or what?

  5. Receives an update about the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

    Has anyone told him there very well could be an outbreak in the country in which he resides.

  6. Another fundraiser and I heard there are seven this week? Never does any work, never tries to protect us by solving the Ebola problem or ISIS whose using American weapons now. What a crook, we know he will take this money with him when he leaves!

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