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Two Weeks Ago, Obama Said Ebola in the United States was Unlikely

I’m not particularly worried about Ebola.

But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be. Don’t listen to me, I don’t know one friggin thing about it.

But I do know this. I don’t trust anything this White House is telling us about it.

This White House – the very one that has mistakenly fed us erroneous information about so many things. Like two days ago when we were assured the president had total confidence in his Secret Service director, just hours before he didn’t have any confidence in her.

Regular readers of this website are well aware of the long list of White House perfidies and mistakes. But you may not realize that just over two weeks ago, during his September 16 remarks at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Obama said there probably wasn’t going to be any ebola in America:

First and foremost, I want the American people to know that our experts, here at the CDC and across our government, agree that the chances of an Ebola outbreak here in the United States are extremely low.  We’ve been taking the necessary precautions, including working with countries in West Africa to increase screening at airports so that someone with the virus doesn’t get on a plane for the United States.  In the unlikely event that someone with Ebola does reach our shores, we’ve taken new measures so that we’re prepared here at home.

Well, the necessary precautions didnt work! The EXPERTS were wrong. We’ve got us some ebola!

An assortment of health and security officials gathered on the podium of the White House briefing room this afternoon to tell us everything is great.

And they may be right.

I remember when, during an episode of Gilligan’s Island, The Professor noted that if an infinite number of chimpanzees were permitted to bang away on an infinite number of typewriters, one of them would type out each and every one of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets.

That is, anything can happen. But believing the White House is really leaving things to chance.

43 thoughts on “Two Weeks Ago, Obama Said Ebola in the United States was Unlikely”

  1. When the south border is open to anyone who cares to walk across it, they are not taking any precautions at all, much less all that are necessary. Is there any surprise that the first case showed up in Texas?

  2. Don’t worry, Keith.

    This administration has hundreds of fake doctors wearing prop lab coats they were handed at Obamacare circle jerks working on the Ebola situation. You can sleep in peace tonight, know that you, your family, and your neighbors are safe (on so many levels.) Mother Government has got your back.

    Obama told me that if I liked my doctor, I’d get to keep my doctor. He told me that if I liked my insurance plan, I’d get to keep my insurance plan. He told me that Obamacare would save my family, and every family in the U.S., $2500.00 p/year on our health care costs. He told me that four dead Americans in our embassy in Benghazi was the result of an obscure YouTube video that no one had ever seen before that night. Please excuse me if I don’t place much credibility in a single word of the tripe this man and his minions spew on a daily basis. He is a composite character, who is insulated from reality by his sycophants at every turn. There really isn’t much fear of accountability, at this point. But, then again, ‘at this point, what difference does it make?’

    1. Don’t forget, according to BHO it’s “Ebolee”. If he can’t even pronounce it then I have COMPLETE confidence that his “TEAM” can protect us.

  3. Barry is to the Ebola crisis as Michelle is to school lunches. They both chinwag endlessly about the topics, but neither knows anything about the topics.

  4. I don’t know if this is so or not. And if it is I don’t know what it says about us.

    But it seems that proportionately we are giving more emphasis and coverage to the possibility of Ebola in the US today over the brutal and tragic beheading of Mr. Henning.

    And I wonder if this will continue to be the case when ISIS beheads an American next, as promised. Unlike Mr. Obama they do seem to deliver on their promises. And unlike the threat of an ebola epidemic — a threat the Obama Administration will not face in truth and action — these beheadings are real and look likely to continue if we respond along the same lame path of degrade and destroy — as laughable as that is.

    1. Your observation is correct. I think the cause is the hysteria of the closest threat. Ebola is here and ISIS/ISIL/IS isn’t (unless of course, you have a brain and consider the “Workplace Violence” in OK related to, well, for the sake of brevity I’ll just call them III). Most people STILL think our government is going to protect them from violence, but unseeable “bugs”, that’s a whole ‘nother story.

  5. Obama is a criminal. He is not doing his job protecting the American people, its as simple as that statement. Its as if he wants to hurt us. He is emotionally and mentally ill if he does not close the border now with the Ebola threatening the country. And if someone doesn’t stop him then the country deserves what happens. This little hostile ugly jerk is responsible for many deaths home and abroad by his actions and many more will die because of Obama.

    1. He Does want to hurt us. My wife and I spoke of this many times before we just got sick and tired of being right. Obama thinks the United States of America has had it too good for too long. Time for the Third World to put Their boots on OUR necks for a change.

    2. He is scary.
      He does not care about us & is unique in the horror he displays toward our USA. He’s not one of us & has many handlers that will (& do) take care of any opposition.
      Standing up & opposing his destruction will take a united front of many strong patriots.
      I feel small, ineffectual & confused about just how we can stop his destruction.

      1. Maybe if all of us small, ineffectual & confused Americans can get together we can return this country to Greatness. You’re not alone Zephyr Dmm!

      2. The key to Obama’s distaste for the American Idea, the US Constitution, our institutions, etc can be found in his phony autobiography “Dreams Of My Father”. Whether his real father is Barack Obama Sr, or his close childhood friend Frank Marshall Davis (as some believe), both of these guys were virulent anti-American Communists. They both hated the United States and wished for its destruction. That’s what their “dreams” were about.

        Marshall was also a self admitted pornographer, He stated that “under certain circumstances I am bisexual” and that he was “ a voyeur and an exhibitionist” who was “occasionally mildly interested in sado-masochism…..”

        How much of any of that (if any) rubbed off on Obama, we’ll never know.

        1. Nice guy having sex with a 13 yr old girl, teaching her about her sexuality. That is someone I would keep very far away from my kids. It says a lot about 0’s fem side. Eeuk.

          1. Exactly. You have to ask what his grandparents were thinking when they introduced a young and no doubt very vulnerable young teen Obama (given the instability of his mother, the political kookiness of his father (Obama Sr.), moving all over the place).

            It’s not that locals didn’t know what Frank Davis was all about, or didn’t know what he was up to. He was quite public with it all It’s a very strange situation. This is one chapter in Obama’s life where I have great sadness for him. He didn’t have a chance.

  6. If only Obama’s team WAS an infinite number of chimpanzees. Things would be going MUCH better than now. Even with a FINITE number of chimpanzees. Let’s see, Josh Earnest/Chimp. Chimp wins. Jen Psaki/Chimp. Chimp wins. Marie Harf/Chimp. Well, THAT one’s not even fair.

      1. Now people just have to believe that.

        The fact that Barack Obama as a liar has been exposed –most particularly with Obamacare — has begun to penetrate and there is no confidence in government. Crisis or Vote of No Confidence is not where you want to be when the nation is faced with a possible epidemic.

  7. I hear people from W Africa are dosing up on ibuprofen so they have no fever to get on a plane. This is not good. I am coming around to cutting off flights–it won’t stop it all, but should stop some. Esp if infected people setting off for the US don’t know what they will encounter at connecting airports etc–so for once, why don’t we play it close to the chest?

    1. Star I appreciate that you mentioned the issue of ibuprofen.
      I am a mom, mother’s usually think of all the if and’s or but’s about a lot of things. This week I was also concerned of someone simply checking there temputure, taking ibuprofen, and making sure it brought down the temputure. Than simply scheduling a flight. Britian stop flights from W. Africa, and several African nations have banned or stricked flights form Ebola-stricken countries. So before each news person across America starts any news (for or against flights being stopped), they should make the point of other nations actions of this issue.

  8. At least one passenger exhibiting flu-like symptoms and believed to be from Liberia was removed Saturday from a United Airlines plane at New Jersey International Airport by medical personnel in hazmat suits.
    Passengers and crew on board Flight 998 were instructed to remain to remain on the plane while the sick passenger, a 35 year old man, and a young girl were removed. Port officials told Fox news.
    Passengers were questioned by the CDC while the man and girl were taken to a local hospital. The crew reported that a person was vomiting, and that there were Liberians on board.

  9. I thought Susan Rice was the dumbest rock in the box — TWICE spewing 100% fakery on national tv.

    But our Boy Prez is THE WINNER of the stupidity award.

    President Oblahblah says ANYTHING put before him.

    Keith — if you read up on Ebola, you’d be worried.

  10. As you can tell from my other postings, I am really scared and angry at Obama about Ebola being in the U.S. now. I think we will all make it but how can one little ugly man put forth so much evil and seem to get away with it? What kind of country are we now that we allow such a selfish immature communist control our life and death? He is not supposed to be a dictator and yet he is ruling like one? Where are the fair-minded people in government to protect us if he won’t? What happened to the Republicans? The Republicans seem paralyzed and too quiet when it comes to standing up to this evil. Are the Republicans just as politically motivated as the Demoncraps? Guess so. Are the Republicans only concerned with mid-terms? Not Ebola or murder by beheading. How did Washington become so cowardly and incompetent and plain unfeeling in not dealing with these two horror issues? I can understand Obama being evil and playing golf while people have been murdered and beheaded. But we don’t hear a peep from anyone else who can protect us in government. Its a very scary time and I believe that there will be anarchy, another Civil War if Ebola really breaks out and the terrorists kill a lot of us.

  11. As of the afternoon of 10/6/2014, I read Ebola cases have been reported in four states; Texas (at least 2), Florida, Nebraska and Georgia. At present it is can only be spread via bodily fluids including sweat. Other than direct touching the affected, the most common way of those getting it in Africa has been touching the dried sweat in taxi’s. There is no cure or vaccine and some present rates of spread predict everyone on the planet having it by September 2015. The survival rate seems to be around 30%.

  12. Not to worry… Obama has sent our military aka war fighters to fight Ebola in Africa….. no more will get out of the countries – they will just shoot that dang virus the second it appears…. Obama or Biden quote??? you guess. Me I’m not sure which so I’m picking Holder…

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