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The President Has Full Confidence . . . Wah Happened?

You have to wonder about the statements we get out of the White House. I mean, you and I already do, because so many of those statements turn out to be inaccurate. But maybe some people aren’t wondering yet.

Just hours before Secret Service Director Julia Pierson was fired Wednesday, the White House’s two top communications officials, Press Secretary Josh Earnest and Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri, trooped onto the North Lawn where the TV cameras are situated to proclaim the president’s affection and strong support for her.

“The president and everyone here at the White House stands solidly behind . . . the director of the Secret Service,” said Earnest.

Earnest on TV

As a far as I can tell, none of the facts changed between the morning and midday, when Pierson appears to have gotten the boot. The White House already had in hand all of the information it expressed later in the day to explain why Obama had in fact decided she had to go.

I would assume what happened is that while his aides were on TV, Obama hadn’t even rolled into work yet. Maybe he was even sleeping.

When he got to the office he probably heard from some congressional Democrats and his own staff about why she had to be relieved of her duties. But alas, it was too late to lock the White House doors and prevent Earnest and Palmieri from exiting to share what turned out to be misinformation.

If the White House has its act so poorly together that something declared in unambiguously declarative sentences is no longer operative a couple of hours later, it becomes very hard to give credibility to even mundane references.

Honestly, if the White House tells me its four o’clock, my first thought is going to be, I wonder which time zone they mean?

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  1. Seriously, this rag tag team is causing me great anxiety!!
    I feel like things have shifted in this country on a major scale and we are just waiting for the BIGGEST shoe to drop!

    God Bless America.

  2. Firing the head of the SecretService and locking the front door won’t make the WhiteHouse any more secure if the rank and file have issues with their positions and duties. Something’s gone wrong in the Service, and bringing in the old guard might help, but the tarnish on their reputation will be hard to re-shine.

    In this administration, so many agencies have lost the confidence of the public that they are acting in our behalf, have been exposed that they are not honorable and true to their mission, and it only underscores the fact that the federal government is too big, too much it’s own entity. Who would trust the IRS to be fair and just now, our StateDept seems to be running fool’s errands without any leadership, the VA, the DEA, and all the rest are out of control.
    No one, not one person or group, is overseeing or directing these rogue agencies.

    1. In terms of the SS, what I have been hearing is that the leaks are coming from rank and file. The tradeoff on tarnishing their reputation further, in order to set it right now and stop the revolving door of Obama sycophants even there, was worth it.

      We could use more leaks and whistleblowers across the board in this Administration.

      This President has refused to protect our borders, or deal adequately or vigorously with threats to this country — whether they be terrorist or something like Ebola or the virus infecting our children which daily looks to the illegal CA children.

      And finally after all that big Bergdahl talk about his medical conditon Barack Obama has failed miserably in the case of Sgt. Tahmoressi. His dealings with the Mexican government to accomplish his political and ideological goals of destabilizing this country stood and stands in the way of a CIC fighting for a marine who served two tours defending this country.

      Barack Obama and his cohorts in the Democrat Party and beyond are a disaster.

  3. By refusing to deal with possibility of Ebola infected foreigners entering our country and taking the necessary precautions, once again Obama places the American people at risk. I have little doubt that we are capable of taking care of Americans. But the possibility of our gates being crashed by desperate people could turn that on its head in fairly short order.

    1. The people that went near him, in contact were told to stay home. Now who is going to go to the store for them. Is someone going to make sure no pizza man is going to deliver a pizza. I hate to make this more complicated of an issue than it may be. However the planes should have been stopped!
      If someone is worried about companies, airlines loosing money, so what, an person’s life if more important.
      What is he going to talk about today, the economy!
      We already know the condition of the economy…

      1. I used to report for Homeland Protection Professional mag and wrote on our public health system. At least 15 yrs ago, it was in bad shape. I remember one story I did on quarantine centers–would guards be allowed to shoot people trying to leave those, should it come to that? No policy was in place at that time. I don’t mean to be alarmist–but this is potentially kinda grim stuff.

  4. The words “strong support” or “complete confidence” are merely code words to give you a chance to clean out your desk (minus top secret stuff, of course, unless you are Sandy Berger) and fluff your hair before you speak to the cameras to announce that you must spend more time with your family.

  5. “I am behind Tom Eagleton 110%!” — George McGovern, 1972, about 24 hours before unceremoniously dumping running mate Eagleton in favor of Sarge Shriver.

  6. Keith raises a great point. Unless you charge yesterday’s WH duplicity to gross incompetence, it becomes obvious that they have concluded the public doesn’t care whether they lie or not.
    When Pres. Obama was jamming Obamacare through Congress with bribery by the barrel, he famously said…”People don’t care about process”. Based on his actions and the actions of his key people, they honestly believe they can lie with complete impunity. For a long time they were actively assisted by many in the media. Unethical journalists were only too happy to trade cover-ups for access..
    Thanks to ethical insiders like Keith and White House Dossier, truth today is as naked as it needs to be in our Republic.

  7. As leader of the free world once again Barack Obama fails to give even a nod to the election protesters in Hong Kong as he failed in his support of election protesters in Iran 2009.

    Under Barack Obama the ideology of the progressives is the message. Not the founding principles of the United States of America.

    1. No US ‘politician’ or the dip-shits at todays State Dept. will say they support the Hong Kong protests, the US refuses to “upset” Communist China.

  8. And Gibbsy on MoJoe was no better–he started up with someone jumped the fence, ran 70 yards….Come on! Then, of course, everyone was right, no one was wrong, etc.

  9. In 2010 Obama scrapped plans to prevent the spread of disease in the US via quarantines and the like — with the ACLU chiming in about civil liberties. And then there is this: Consider once again Senator Obama and President Obama.
    More than 30 Democratic senators, including Mr. Obama, sent Mr. Bush a letter today asking him to release the administration’s final plan for dealing with a pandemic influenza. The group expressed its “grave concern that the nation is dangerously unprepared.”
    This is cobbled together from discussion on AOS and the scrapping of a plan in 2010 is in the USA link.

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