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Jimmy Fallon’s Latest Obama Jokes

These are getting more frequent, and a little better.

A couple of good White House cracks at the top of this one . . .

And Obama appears on the show to criticize ISIL . . .

10 thoughts on “Jimmy Fallon’s Latest Obama Jokes”

  1. Do you think Fallon will vote Rep? I don’t.

    I have to say, inspite of myself, I laughed at Stewart when he talked about how they could not let the dogs loose on the WH grounds because the dogs might chase the agents–Stewart paused–Little known fact, many of the agents are cats.

    1. I agree — he would vote for Obama ten more times if he could

      Why do these people who back in 2008 were in love with this Marxist community organizer merit any space here? Just because they are waking up to the fact that we have let a crazy dictator in the White House now we are supposed to laugh at their jokes?

      Does anybody out there get it?

      I guess not. Because conservative website like this are always willing to post the same useful idiots’ articles and schticks as if it’s so great that they are bashing the One. How about going to the people out here who were screaming in 2007 and 2008 that this guy and his Chicago commie friends was going to destroy this country?

      Okay, how about just a ban on anyone who voted for the Messiah in 2008 and sold us out?

  2. Please ask someone who knows before downloading Adobe bead for malicious bots. I would recommend taking your computer into your local IT professional storefront and let them ensure you have what you need to view media.

    1. Thank You …I will take my laptop to Data Doctors. I have tried to install Adobe Flash…it never downloads.
      Thanks for the heads up …

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