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Bush Criticizes Obama: I Would Have Kept Troops in Iraq

Former President George W. Bush today gave a rare TV interview and, in what may be an unprecedented step, directly criticized President Obama.

Bush, who was being interviewed at a golf tournament for wounded warriors by Brian Kilmeade of Fox News, said he agreed with an assessment by Obama’s military advisors that a serious, though not vast, contingent of troops should remain in Iraq.

Bush was reluctant, saying repeatedly that he didn’t want to “second guess” Obama – and then going ahead and second guessing him. Because it must really rankle Bush, particularly sitting amongst these wounded warriors, to know that Obama utterly squandered the victory in Iraq that Bush handed him.

Kilmeade asked Bush about an assessment by Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey that 10,000-15,000 troops should remain in Iraq.

From the interview:

The president has to make the choices he thinks are important. I’m not going to second guess our president. I understand how tough the job is. To have a former president bloviating and second-guessing is, I don’t think, good for the presidency or the country . . . But I agreed with General Dempseys’ assessment.

Bush also said Obama doesn’t rely on him for advice, which demonstrates not only Obama’s contempt for Bush, but his hubris and poor judgement too. Not to be calling the men who held this unique job is irresponsible. I doubt Obama solicits much advice, other than maybe on political matters, from Bill Clinton either.

“He has not [called] on a regular basis, which is OK. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. It’s a decision he has made. Presidents tend to rely on the people they’re close to … and I understand that

Here’s the entire interview, in case you’d like to see it.

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  1. MrBush strikes me as a man who can’t sleep at night, who feels personally responsible for the gross injuries to the men and women he sent to war. His attachment and good will toward our wounded veterans and to those currently serving is testament to his character and maturity.

    His statements on this issue are less about MrO’s decisions, and more about supporting or backing our military’s plan of action. He obviously trusts the conclusions of the StateDept, and the competence of our military leaders enough that he would voice a contrary opinion to MrO’s.

    • I used to hate Bush–that smirk, leaning on the podium, the assumed accent…but now, I think I see him as a person with a stronger core, integrity, and even some charm. When he makes a joke with his funny little smile, he thought it up–not some teenage writer. And above all, he does seem to respect and love the soldiers, marines, and airmen.

  2. The vile proggies will make hay out of anything Bush says. But it appears to me, his heart is with the those who fought and fight and his mind on the battlefield is with the military whose job it is to advise the President.

  3. What stood out to me, has 0 contacted Pres Bush. The only call was to “brag that he got Osama”. Bush didn’t phrase it that way, but knowing 0’s character he didn’t call to ‘let him know’.

    • That caught my eye as well. I feel a little better, after listening to that. The devotion to the vets as well. I still disagree with the phone issue, listening to calls without a warrent. At the time it was suppose to be for only people their were suspected of threat against us. I knew it would get taken advantage of. We have Habeas Corpus.
      Thanks President Bush for speaking your mind for us, regarding support Dempsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Obama caught someone who was already dead. Don’t you remember GWB saying that he was no longer concerned by Bin Laden? Bin Laden died of kidney failure long before Obama had him killed. Oh, no autopsy, no photos of dead body, quickly “buried at sea”. Tin foil hat off.

      • But to 0, in his deluded mind he really did get Osama. Knowing he is in over his head and completely dumbfounded he had to brag to the man he blames for everything.
        I’m sure Pres Bush had a good giggle out of it all.

  4. It just shows the hubris and ego of Obama the man who’s own self
    aggrandizement is more important than the job he holds. I doubt
    Bush cares he’s not that kind of guy. I’ve always had a soft place for W
    and you know he cares deeply for the troops and the American people
    even those who didn’t like him. He and Laura were a wonderful example
    of President and First Lady and I cherish the memories and pride they
    gave America. No apologies needed.

  5. The headline on MSN is that even the UN is claiming ISIS is committing horrendous crimes in Iraq. This is not OT but to prove that Obama is responsible for what is happening over there.

    • But this is OT. The Huffington Post has an op-ed on how 75 is the right age to die, and the Chicago Tribune has one on how old is too old. Ezekiel Emanuel’s insidious creeping mission has begun.

      • Well, perhaps a reporter from Huff Po should have a sit down with Zeke Emmanuel and the Democrat Former President Jimmy Carter who just turned 90 and they can discuss. In a public forum for all democrats and obamacare supporters to hear.

  6. On YouTube you can listen to phone conversations JFK had with Eisenhower and Truman during the Cuban Missile Crisis…the chats with Eisenhower are especially interesting. Whether it be simply informing them of what was going on or seeking their advice and assistance, JFK had nothing but respect for his predecessors.

  7. Just in time for Obama’s pivot to the economy, surprisingly and unexpectedly,the weekly jobless claim fell impressively.

    And I have a bridge to sell …. the lying and manipulation continues on cue.

  8. Obama has spent the last 6 years blaming Bush on all his problems, nice to see GWB take the high road.

    There’s a 2007 video clip of Bush predicting the ISIS mess if we’re too quick to draw down the troops before Iraq is ready. Obama pulled them out as a 2012 campaign tactic so he could declare I ended Bush’s war!!

  9. The next president will complete the job that only Jeb Bush can do. No need for him to be in the spotlight now or do much campaigning. It’s already a done deal.

    All that is happening in our days is the prelude to enormous changes but even before discussing in regard of the possible remedy one must be clear about how we came to this point recognizing both physiognomy and origin of the threat.

    Since George H. Bush was CIA director, the US secret State agencies had played a double role to finally get to where we are today when every person is constantly monitored by NSA and other agencies not to report the information to the US Government but to feed with all data the embryo of a new superpower still kept hidden.

    In brief, here is how it came to possess all means and to know everything of everyone.
    In 1988 the ex CIA director was elected president although this was a US president like no other. His attention quickly turned to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait from where he personally benefited immensely in exchange for the protection of those tyrants and their oil while in the United States instead the president observed his son, Neil, to be the author of the largest robbery of its time, the “Savings and Loans” scandal. After a few years, the next largest robbery in history was Enron that financed the electoral campaign for his other son, George. Once he also became president, the son plotted the most infamous attack on US soil, 9/11, to begin the widest monitoring program ever conceived and to consolidate for 8 years the interest of one family above all.

    In our days, a group of Zionists, like a hidden parallel government, with George Bush still today at the head of secret services in the US, UK and Israel, is the destabilizing force behind most terror events and with classified information at disposal and a private army is plotting what now would seem unthinkable to many. The spokesman for this group in the US Congress is John Mc Cain who reports the given orders weighing on the US administration.

    A World War and chaos everywhere have already been planned so that desperate people will soon invoke a New World Order without even knowing what that is.

    When Jeb Bush will be the US president, the next War will be inevitable and also come by surprise.

    There is one Solution.

  10. Doctor went to U.S. Airport wearing a hazmat suit, stating the CDC is sugar coating this Ebola issue.
    He was on the Neil Cavuto show, if anyone cares to watch it.
    I did take notes, but decided to edit them. I did not catch the doctors name.