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Al Sharpton Salutes National Breast Awareness Month

I don’t know. I’ve been aware of them without much prodding since about the age of 13. But I suppose a reminder never hurts.

Well, that’s some fine work there. Now the president’s chief advisor on race issues can get back to choosing the next attorney general.

23 Responses to Al Sharpton Salutes National Breast Awareness Month

  1. Al Sharpton, in light of the Tawana Browley incident, should never speak on women’s issues.

    Actually, that he is given the responsibility of being a spokesman for the President of the United States is insulting, and speaking on women’s issues just obscene.

    • The Dean Vaughn (sp) method of learning medical terminology uses pictures. For mast/breast they used a boat with a true to life boob as the mast.
      Good Ole Al would be a good cartoon captain of that boat.
      You made me remember that Harv.

  2. Jen Psake is on Maegan Kelly trying her best to explain against what Panetta said: WH failed to lead in Iraq.
    So far Maegan is doing a fine job!
    Maegan is trying her best to keep that smile on her face.

    • I wish they would stop show casing Psaki and the other one — Marie. They are so substandard and interviewing them just treats them as if they have credibility. They do not.

  3. I am sick of Al Sharpton and i am sick of being beat over the head with pink, pink, pink every October. They have spoiled what used to be a great autumn month full of colored leaves, crisp air, and Halloween. Now it’s just a month-long fund-raising blitz disguised as “education” and “raising awareness — there are pink ribbons on the parking meters in front of the local Post Office, so you can park your car to buy stamps and think about breast cancer.

    Just let me buy the damned stamps. Pink, pink, pink, and somber ads like the one in which Heidi Klum walks around in an expensive t-shirt casting meaningful glances at women who are wearing PINK SHIRTS