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Watch Bob Beckel Explode

This is pretty funny. During yesterdays “The Five” on Fox News, Bob Beckel’s co-hosts suggested President Obama was putting political correctness over the nation’s safety and that the multiplying perils America faces were the result of the president’s own actions. Beckel’s internal magma began to broil until he finally he erupted with what appears to have been a litany of profanity that Fox had to mute off the air.

I give Beckel a lot of credit. He sits there as the sole liberal voice and gets beaten up for an hour. Rather than “The Five” it should clearly be called “The Four Against The One” or just “Killing Bob Beckel.”

I assume, however, they pay him well for his troubles.

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    • I missed it! I walked out yesterday while John Stewart was giving update regarding the Ebola issue. John S. said when he walked in. Beckel interupted and said he didn’t walk in, he flew in. Now maybe John S. was combining the man flying into to our Country with this sickness, as well as walking into the door of a U.S. hospital. Beckel did not need to be a smart&^& regarding that. Most of the time I respect him, even though I disagree with what he is stating. I feel he has a lot of the old school Dem in him. However no one wants to trash our P. However I have always had the freedom to disagree with each one of them. The Dem’s have a very short memory, and short fuse, forgetting everyone trashing Bush after our Country being attacked. Now I can’t wait for today’s show to see how they will act. However maybe I should skip a day, I would hate to think they did that for the ratings.

  1. MrBeckel was not a front man. He was always a political operative, working the shadows, forming coalitions, keeping the troops in line.
    Why he accepted this gig or why FOX thought he would make a good foil for the ‘balanced’ approach they promote is not clear.
    Maybe he was the only Dem/progressive who would take the job, who knows.
    As it is, he’s not the best spokesperson for the current administration – he’s a devout Christian, anti-abortion, and we can assume he’s a traditional marriage kind of guy.

    His outburst was to defend a Dem president against the charge that dropping bombs was a decision made to enhance the Dems chances in the upcoming elections, and to give MrO a boost out of the polling cellar.

    A few years ago, MrO was at one of his “town halls” taking questions from the audience when a Black woman said she was tired of defending him, and hoped that she wouldn’t have to go back to putting “beans and franks” on the table again. Everyone laughed – ha ha- but she later did lose her job due to the crummy economy.
    The point is that the Dems are constantly defending MrO and his agenda. The favorite defense is always that GWBush was worse, as if that excused whatever MrO did or failed to do.
    MrBeckel is a defender without a defense.

  2. I was watching. No sympathy here for Bob Beckel.
    When he gets going he sputters and yells and interrupts to the point of my thinking he might collapse with a stroke or something.
    Greg Gutfeld’s face makes it even better.
    Also, Kimberly and Dana don’t let him get by with much.
    I do have to admit that I like Beckel better than Juan Williams.

    • ANYONE (except Sally Kohn or Alan Colmes) is better than Juan Williams. Juan had one moment of clarity with his admission of uncomfortableness surrounding young arab men on airplanes but ever since he has just been a very shrill shill for O.

    • I was going to mention Juan in reply to the post above regarding who else would take the job. That guy will take the contrarian position 100% of the time on any subject. At least Beckel sometimes seems to be sensible. Not here, but sometimes.

      All the various DNC operatives that appear (and there must be a ton of them, since you rarely see the same one twice) have earn their pay, but people like Beckel don’t need to answer to the DNC paymaster.

    • Juan Williams is the worst of the lot. He has let himself become a laughing stock step-and-fetchit for the administration. The other day I read that he said the Democrats would win the midterm on the economy.

      • Williams is one of my “oh no’s.” But Beckel was hired for theatre–my gripe is he never knows anything. He never knows who celebs are (or so he says), he makes dated and tirred va-va-voom comments about women, he has to read pts if he has cared enough to get research, he does not keep up, he talks on his cell, texts, brags about his bookie, and then he stages these little meltdowns. I am sick of his adorable curmudgeon act! I don’t know who would be “better”–even Dana who is so nicey-nice you get get a diabetic attack is sick of him.

  3. Your last line, Keith, they pay him well for his troubles, lol. The sound engineer probably always has his finger on the bleep button with Beckel. He’s a colorful guy!

      • He said the other day he was told not to trash his own channel. This “you CANNOT be serious” riff is standard for him, though he usually manages to control the spew of f-bombs.

  4. If we could read Beckel’s contract with Fox, it likely requires him to present the prospective of the Left to counter the other co-hosts. Just to jazz the program up. He’s acting out his contractual obligations.

  5. What you don’t know Keith is that is is all play acting; Bob Heckel and Jeckel is paid well to be a typical white liberal buffoon who explodes in rage, rather than calmly and rationally debate his points with the other members of the panel; his reaction is always knee jerk and bluster. I stopped watching the show because it is so predictable. The only real conservatives on the panel are Kimberly and Eric.

  6. What Leftist doesn’t like to feel outraged and oppressed? He’d do it for free. But seriously, it high time to retire him. Fox has a few token Lefties like Juan Williams they could substitute.

  7. If you want to see a hilarious clip of Beckel at his best, go to youtube and enter “Bob Beckel Hannity”. He dropped the “F-bomb” while live on Hannity’s show. Hilarious.

  8. Bob Beckel is correct on some issues (China, Islam) and wildly wrong on others such as Obama.

    I’ve watched the show enough to see that he’s not a knee-jerk liberal like pained-by-the-wrongness-of-the-world Mica on CNN. Bob is passionate — unfortunately he’s often very wrong.

  9. I saw him curse. Poor Bob, maybe he will get brainwashed to the other side after listening to them over and over. Here’s hoping.

  10. Why are we contributing to this man’s blood pressure rising? I say don’t tune in until they get Howard Dean on the panel. He needs some loud back up.