As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Quote of the Day || October 2, 2014

“I called Mr. Gonzalez to ask him what is was like to actually get into the White House.”

– Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. You wrote in your accountability article that you all, even his harshest critics, are sincerely concerned about Mr Obamas safety. Hmmmm, really ? Oh, well, I know that Americans revere the Presidency in an exceptional way but here in Europe it is not that uncommon that this and that happens to some politicians. I don´t think that security surrounding politicians should be absurd and I do think it is so with this president. I remember when he visited this country with an enormous flotilla and security army. We read flabbergasted about the extreme precautions, sewage-lids had to be welded and so on. I think it was too much, I mean, it is just a politician, after all. I do not think it is healthy with too much focus on persons in politics. Might end up with Dear Leader-style.

    • An American president is not just a politician. He’s a living symbol of our nation. Where he goes, we all go.

      The United States wields great power in the world, and many don’t like how we wield it, or even that we wield it at all. To take him out would be a blow against all of us. It also would be a blow against people all over the world who look to this nation as a shining light on a hill, as a force for freedom and reason.

      As to the current president, I’ve read that he has had more threats against him than any previous president. I don’t like him or his policies, but he is the president and I want him safe.

      If a nation’s leaders don’t like our Secret Service’s security requirements, they can decline to host him. It’s that simple.

      • Do you really think “people all over the world…look to this nation as a shining light on a hill, as a force for freedom and reason” still?
        Under Barry’s regime, that vision of the United States has been sadly tarnished. Too bad he is the living symbol of your nation.
        As for the security surrounding him, has any other president ever demanded sewer covers be welded closed? Talk about paranoid!

        • Did FCMABBHO demand it, or did the Secret Service? Welding them shut probably makes the USSS’s job, and local security forces’s job, easier and less messy because once a sewer is searched, it doesn’t have to be searched again.

          As for our being a force for freedom and reason, we still are. People all over the world want to move here.

          We’ll withstand Hurricane Obama. A president might be a symbol, but the strength in this nation goes deeper than one man and his administration. Our will and our character persevere.

          • You make everything he ruined sound even worse, Mandy. Of course, we don’t want anybody hurt–esp the president. But the shining hill thing might be down to a foothill under this guy. This is not to say is cannot be built back up–just not by him.

      • I don’t share your romanticism over the presidency, but I would say to SL, that if such a scenario were to take place, it would throw this country into chaos, in this particular case, a civil war. My concern is for the country, and I hope I’ve worded this carefully enough that the SS doesn’t show up on my doorstep.

    • It’s really not about security. It’s about imposing your will on everyone and everything you can. Nothing delights Obastard more than pushing people around.

  2. Just heard on CNN that the Secret Service no longer allowed dogs to roam the White House grounds because one attacked the Obama’s dog. So the agency may defer too much to the wishes of the people they protect.