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Odds of Clooney Becoming President Double!

An actor running for president? Who ever heard of such thing?

In the wake of his marriage to politically-minded Amal Alamuddin, a leading British betting firm has doubled the chances that George Clooney will be president in his lifetime.

Of course, she’s way to the left. She’s a British “human rights lawyer” who has represented Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, served as an advisor to former UN chief Kofi Annan on Syria and, according to Wikipedia, was “counsel to the 2013 Drone Inquiry by UN human rights rapporteur Ben Emmerson QC into the use of drones in counter-terrorism operations.”

Legal British bookies smell something suspiciously political in the new marital alliance.

So now, instead of 200 to one odds on Clooney become president, the online gambling firm William Hill will give you 100 to one on your bet.

Clooney Obama

“This follows hints made by family members that Clooney and new bride Amal have political ambitions, following the couple’s Venice wedding,” according to a statement by the company.

Okay, 100:1 is not that high, but still, what would Reagan’s odds have been when he was a spokesman for General Electric in the 1950s?

Clooney’s odds of running in 2016 are a relatively decent 20:1. But William Hill thinks it’s too early, betting he’d crash and burn. He’s got only a 500:1 shot of actually winning.

As for the more serious contenders, Hillary is at 5:4 to become president – nearly a 50-50 chance she’s next! – Marco Rubio is at 10:1; Jeb Bush 12:1; Christ Christie 12:1; Rand Paul 16:1; Elizabeth Warren 16:1; Paul Ryan 20:1 and, weirdly, I thought, Mitt Romney is at 500:1.

Uhh, maybe two bucks on Mitt? But alas, you can only bet if you’re in Britain.

Is it illegal to use a straw man to gamble? I mean, it is gambling, after all.

40 Responses to Odds of Clooney Becoming President Double!

  1. His father Nick ran for congress here in Ky a few years ago. Star power didn’t get him very far, even with son George making the rounds for him.

  2. It doesn’t matter what his governing skills are, half the country would vote for him because they liked his last movie. And he could buff up his resume by claiming to be 1/32nd Italian Indian.

    Or something.

  3. Given the fact that looney tune voters vote for looney tune candidates, who the hell really know the odds ?
    Good looks and fame only go so far.
    George Clooney is not what this Country needs.
    Reagan was an actor, and a governor, and a successful one.
    Clooney is a successful actor, period.
    He might get some votes from the swooning fools that just want to see him on the TV.

    Barack Obama, aka, Barry Soetoro is an actor also, and loves the attention the Hollywierd minions that can’t wait for his next appearance on the left coast.

    • Agree. I don’t think the odds are that much against this happening. All the low infos want is celebrity. He has absolutely no qualifications, but that’s a moot point. I think 2016 is a bit too early though. He’ll wait until the herd turns against conservatives and Republicans at the right moment.

      • In the photo of Clooney & bho, he looks as if he is ‘confused’! Well, he is with bho…!

        With a wife 19 years younger, he will need his money, energy, and attention focused on her! jb

  4. The sad thing is the Democrats believe that Reagan was just a Actor. They give him zero credit for being Governor of California. George needs to get elected in a State and Govern first. We have a President who pretends he is President and it is not working out very well.

  5. When I first read this – I LOL’d (really I did) and then it dawned on me that this country has elected a completely incompetent unqualified twit twice now…… Why stop there??? This is sad AND scary……

  6. He was asked about the man getting on the lift with O with the thing in his pocket. Josh’s answer said he is not getting in front of the investigation. I am so fed up with their investigations. The is THE LIST a mile long all being INVESTIGATED.
    Major is really trying to get him to answer a question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Josh said again how highly skilled the SS are.
    I feel bad for the SS if this is a game they are playing to get attention off of everything else. However if that is the case I hope one of the SS comes forward and explains what they were told to do or not do.

  7. If we’re going to start betting here:
    What are the odds that MrsO sets up housekeeping elsewhere before the end of hubby’s term?
    What are the odds that MrO completely retires before the end of his term citing racist, stupid opponents who won’t admit he’s brilliant as the reason?
    What are the odds that SecHagel will be demoted as a simple spokesperson and the Joint Chiefs of Staff will run the whole defense department citing stupid civilians as the reason?
    What are the odds that the transgendered and gay soldiers will be billeted at some obscure supply depot instead of on the front lines?
    gee, this is fun.

  8. George Clowney’s acting abilities are limited to having a pained expression on his face at all times like he is in urgent need of a trip to the nearest restroom before he soils himself.

  9. But Clooney is an idiot. Another president who doesn’t like America? And she is completely against Israel, another family like that in the White House? Say it isn’t so. What has Clooney done to be president? Oh boy, he will be doing things now to fill in his resume. I’m sure these two phonies have big plans FOR THE STATE OF PALESTINE. No matter that Hamas is a terror group who murdered three innocent Israeli schoolboys (children) on their way home.