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Ron Kessler: Obama’s Life is in Danger

Writing in Politico, veteran investigative journalist Ron Kessler says the Secret Service is so broken that President Obama is lucky to be alive, and that its current director, Julia Pierson, must go.

The Secret Service doesn’t need merely to up its game. It needs a thorough overhaul of a terminally sick management culture, writes Kessler, who authored a book about the Service.

From the piece:

While agents and uniformed officers are for the most part brave and dedicated, Secret Service management perpetuates a culture that punishes those who point out deficiencies and rewards with promotions those who cover up problems and foster the myth that the agency is invincible.

“If you dare voice your opinion and report something bad, you are mocked,” says a current agent who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisals.

As part of that destructive culture, management proudly proclaims that the Secret Service “makes do with less.” So while the Metropolitan Police in Washington deploy sensors that detect gunshots, the Secret Service does not have them. Nor does the agency keep up to date with the latest devices for uncovering intrusions or weapons of mass destruction. The culture of intimidation has led to declining morale and high turnover that results in understaffing and long overtime hours for sleepless agents and officers . . .

Agents tell me it’s a miracle an assassination has not already occurred. Sadly, given Obama’s colossal lack of management judgment, that calamity may be the only catalyst that will reform the Secret Service.

You know, even I believed – despite never seeing a plethora of agents around the front of the house – the old saw that security at the White House is tight, you just can’t see it.

Well, Omar Gonzalez didn’t see it, and he walked right in. With a knife.

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  1. The USSS is no different than the IRS, NSA, VA, etc. They’re all rotten to the core and those tasked with oversight functions aren’t doing their jobs. There is no accountability.

  2. I don’t doubt the seriousness and incompetence of the Secret Service, a problem caused, btw, by Obama trying to be politically correct after the SS South American whore scandal by appointing a woman to head it, but I’m beginning to think now that the administration has decided one more time not to let a crisis go to waste. Obama’s poll numbers are in the tank, even with Hispanics, and Mr. Kessler of Politico is trying to raise Obama’s ratings by pulling on our heartstrings. Just solve the Secret Service problem.

    • An interesting point. hmm.
      MrO has made strange comments recently about efforts to get him, or to harm him.
      Could this have been another black-flag incident meant to garner support or sympathy for the Os. hmm.

      • I’m not suggesting that the Secret Service story is a false flag one, only that the administration and its cronies in the media are milking it now.

      • We certainly haven’t heard a peep about the perps in the recent security breaches. Especially the guy who made it all the way to the stairs to the Obama quarters. If he had a bomb……omg, what a tragedy that would have been.

        At first I thought they may have been training exercises, since the Obama’s are never home when they happened ? No one ever actually sees them climb the fence either. There’s tourists all over the place with their camera phones, day and night. The WH is beautiful at night !

  3. When the incident was first reported as an invasion of a trespasser, in broad daylight, the first thought was that some sort of training mission was under way for the Secret Service. What better way to find the flaws or holes in their coverage and security than to have an actual trespasser jump the fence and see how far they could invade the WhiteHouse without being apprehended.
    Silly me.

  4. Jason Chaffetz asked Pierson yesterday how many times she briefed Obama about security breaches during the past year. She replied she had briefed him only once, regarding the fence jumper. Later, Chaffetz said he knew about the Atlanta security breach (armed man in the elevator with Obama) before he asked her that question. So, Obama was never briefed about Atlanta. I read elsewhere this morning that Obama learned about the breach from the Washington Times.

    • If it was, we never heard about it.
      That is what begs the question,…was this orchestrated ?
      With this administration, that is at least a possibility.
      Theatrics are not beyond them.

      • The theatrics of it: that may be the reason little 0 hasn’t spoken publicly about any intrusion. The story itself feeds his narcissistic needs.

    • I think Bush and the other real Presidents had respect for the SS and knew their job was difficult.

      Dear Leader Obama only has respect for his narracisitic self and his small circle of nasty neo-socialist ‘advisors’ who tell Obama what he wants hear all the time and are helping him “…fundamentally destroy-transform America…”

    • The serious management problems with the Secret Service began when it was transferred to Homeland Security from Treasury in 2003. There were minor management issues when they got clumped in with Homeland, which pretty much got taken care of at the time.

      When Napolitano became head of Homeland Security in 2009, the problems intensified. Napolitano was notorious for her lousy management skills, and the Secret Service’s moral and behavioral problems began to go public. She did little to address the problems effectively, and we all know the behavior issues which began to intensify.

      It’s gotten worse in recent years. This latest Gonzales episode is a management problem, unclear directives, non-responsive management, etc. It’s got to get fixed and soon. The current SS director is a catastrophe.

  5. It saddens me to see what’s become of part of the Secret Service. Think
    back to Reagan being shot remember the one agent standing making himself a very large target and getting wounded. I watched a show with former agents that were with JFK and some suffered for years wondering
    what they could have done. This is part of the damage Obama’s lax
    leadership and deliberate ‘fundamentally changing’ of America. The apple rots from the inside as Obama and his minions continue to dismantle this country.

  6. Never, ever take anything that this democrat communist regime of Dictator Obama says about anything as the truth. They lie even when they the truth would serve them better. How can Dictator Obama’s life be in danger when he is either on vacation in a heavily guarded exclusive estate or hotel resort, cavorting on the golf course with his butt buddies, or scooping up illicit cash contributions from the adoring democrat communist liberal elite at private fundraisers

    As usual this whole tempest in a teapot of an SS scandal is chock full of lies. Blame the Intelligence community, blame the republicans, blame white Americans, blame Christians, and now blame the Secret Service. This smacks of propaganda diversion tactics away from all of the democrat communist party and Dictator Obama created disasters that are now befalling on our country.

    • Yes,….and remember an important election is on the horizon.
      If Harry Reid is removed from his position, Obama has lost his greatest ally in congress.

    • Like. Can’t beiieve a thing. We never had a president like this before Its obscene, its scary, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE THE ONES IN DANGER. Pray he leaves before the end of his term.

  7. YET YET YET no matter which Obama appointee screws up, he always always always says, repeat after me, all together now, “I HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE IN…..”

    There’s your problem. End of story.

  8. This is ridiculous–we can’t fire everyone in the SS service–but something has to change. Why would a “regular person” be allowed in get on an elevator with the president–ever? When Clinton attended my cnurch in DC, they blocked me from my favorite restroom few used in the back–there was no discussion–I could not go back there. The congregation could not stand unil the Clintons left. They stood along the walls during the service. They carried sagging bags of arms into the church. They had a sniper on the roof opposite. The limo came every Sunday even if the Clintons did not. They went thru purses and wanded..This was not a joke.

    • You bring up a good point Star.
      Why does the first family have to disrupt services for the congregations that normally attend services there ?
      Maybe a Pastor, Rabbi, Priest might conduct services in the White House.
      What would be wrong with that ?

      • Of course, this came up–some members resented the intrusion, some were star-followers and thought it was exciting, and others (I was in this group) thought what the heck, they have the right to worship, this isn’t that horrible. There was also another undercurrent–Foundry United Methodist was in a battle to become a “reconciling” church inviting to Dupont Circle’s gays. The SS were showy about putting gloves to go thru purses and wand people–often with a picky look which was not appreciated. This was in the earlier days of HIV.

  9. Please don’t hate those of us who don’t care about this. There are many many more pressing issue going on in the world that affect our country. Losing Zero would not leave much of a vacuum.

  10. This guy is doing everything he can to ruin our life’s, so we should care about him? Really? Why? Here, have some amnesty for the illegals while you pay your Obamacare penalty. Mean time your kid is exposed to terrible diseases brought here by the kids from south of the border. Oh what border, with him there is none.

          • That last said POTENTIALLY kids could get TB or test pos for it. It’s not like they are falling over with it. I was looking up DV68–the enterovirus that causes paralysis of a limb in kids, mostly–but why not also adults whose immune system gets overcome. My 32-yr-old daughter suddenly could not lift her left arm above shoulder level, could not fix her hair, reach on shelves, had to work around it on the job for months. I went on one site and they were blaming it on Mexican children. Wow–those pesky little scapegoats. After several mos–ER (big bills, stumped), her arm started working. Yay. Now those bills…

          • Star, I’ve heard that the medical authorities are looking at the possibility that this paralysis could possibly be a form of polio. You hear anything about that possibility in your travels through the medical blogs?

          • I’m glad her arm is better :)

            It’s a fact that EV-D68 is prevalent in Central America and it’s possible some of the illegals were diseased when they came to the US. I don’t blame the children for being sick but I blame the govt for not isolating them until the cause of their illness could be determined.

            Here’s another report:

        • C’mon, with the world full of terrorists, ebola, how can you doubt its dangerous for all of us with the borders wide open? Why aren’t people screaming about this. Common sense would be to close the borders. Obama is leaving the borders wide open so he can create a one party system and change America. He wants all these illegals, criminals, terrorists and dead people to vote democrat. He is no better than Hitler, Hitler wanted to take over the world, He’s a Hitler with a low I.Q. Obama wants to take over America. Thats why he’s leaving the border open. For the votes. He doesn’t care if we all get sick, die or get murdered. If he did, he would close the border. Only out for himself and what he wants and he wants to get rid of the Republicans, just like he got rid of some of the Dictators in the Middle East. just like he wants to get rid of Assad. Power crazy Obama. Thats your President, a liar, an evildoer. The only thing that will stop him is anarchy. He should be arrested, jailed and run out of town the way he is putting our lives in jeopardy for disease, murder and the illegal one party (democrat) system that he is manipulating instead of doing his job! Hello! Anyone out there ready to stop him his sneaky criminal activity yet? I guess not. Because of all of the illegal immigrants we will become a third world country and America will be over.

    • If only that was true, everyone should rush the White House, not to hurt him but to protest the way he is not leading, the way he is leading us into being a third world country, the way he is not caring about all of us, only caring for himself, what he wants. He is putting all our lives in danger by leaving the border open. We will get hurt and he won’t bat an eye. He’ll blame us. The difference between Netanyahu and Obama. Netanyahu protects his country and its people. Obama does not protect America or its people.

  11. The guy Gonzalez (name?) who jumped the fence and got in the East Room, SS maybe they thought he was a friend of Obama, being a minority and all. Only kidding, but the whole Admin has to be so politically correct you know. Maybe the SS thought this nut was a musician coming to play music at their nightly party? Just guessing, but the way he got so far in. (laugh). Its almost funny and amazing how far this guy went without them stopping him. Just my crazy mind wondering how this happened so easily.