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Al Qaeda Core? Administration Can’t Get Its Spin Together

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki keeps trying to say it’s not al Qaeda core that we’re fighting in Syria, even though other members of the administration, including her boss John Kerry, are suggesting it is.

The problem, of course, is that if al Qaeda core still exists, then it belies one of the key claims President Obama used to justify his reelection, which was that “the base” had been decimated and we were just dealing with a bunch of al Qaeda stragglers.

But the bad guys we just bombed in Syria seem to be the relocated version of al Qaeda 1.0, not some freelancing offshoot.

One of Obama’s other Big Claims during the campaign, peace in Iraq, has already been debunked. He’d better hope GM remains solvent or Mitt Romney is going to petition the FEC to reverse the election results due to fraud.

34 thoughts on “Al Qaeda Core? Administration Can’t Get Its Spin Together”

    1. I agree DeniseVB they as of yesterday they were quite close.
      I have not heard a word this morning if they have backed off, moved closer, or at a standstill.
      They need to get their *&%& together, I cannot recall any former war with this much tit for tat. One person says one thing, the other says the other. They are either trying to confuse us, or trying to confuse the enemy.
      They remind me of a dog walking in circles trying to catch its tail.

    2. Having Jen Psaki speaking in public about AQ or anything else involving the non war/war is about as useful as having Julie Pierson as head of SS.

      1. I review the info on BBC, and looked at the map inclosed on the site. With this war/no war the have not bothered to use maps on the MSM

  1. I remember when what’s-his-name said AQ had been decimated, Maybe he really knew what “decimated” meant and was banking on the rest of the nation not knowing that it means 10 percent was destroyed.

    1. You can bring down the entire mess…by stopping QATAR

      Obama and his close friends of the Muslim Brotherhood, of QATAR– have bought access to our media, to our universities,to our politicians, and to our corporations…

      Stop Qatar– and the TRANSFORMATION stops

      CNN might be asked the same…Why so traitorous?……

      Does CNN support a terrorist state?

      You have a voice America…Let’s get out of the gutter (Qatar).…

  2. The gang that couldn’t talk straight. Can’t think straight, can’t govern straight.
    This administration is crumbling right in front of us, in prime time. It’s no longer “Bush’s fault”, but the fault of anyone or everyone but the main players. The intel was bad, the Iraqis are cowards, we need to drop bombs in Syria or Libya – we’re not sure- but we’re winning, but they keep advancing.
    Good grief. We don’t even know who we’re supposedly fighting and the Obama team isn’t sure either.

    1. It’s all very much like the mysterious “war” in Orwell’s “1984”. If you remember, Big Brother was constantly warning people about the war that was raging all around them, just outside the city gates, so to speak. Oh my gosh, the “enemy was close by, they almost won the battle, but for the brilliant actions of Big Brother.

      No one could quite explain who the enemy was, what the war was about, why there was a war, what the battle plan was, how it would end, etc. But, by golly, Big Brother had it all under control. Oh, the danger persisted. Praised be Big Brother. So be happy because Big Brother was protecting all the citizens. Spooky comparison, no?

  3. It is rather comical to watch the comments among the liberal spokespeople. Jen, Marie, Josh, Kerry, Obama, the Pentagon, the congresspersons seem to be unable to co-ordinate a message.
    I guess that is difficult when the message is not favorable to Americans.
    We have reason to worry on every front these days.

    1. OT:
      Symptomatic: Serving as a symptom or sign, especially of something undesirable.
      I looke up the word. It has been used quite a bit regarding the Ebola issue.
      For instance: On Fox this morning it was stated that the medical people are pretty certain hard to transmit when you are not symptomatic.
      They were discussing why the people on the plane were not going to be checked. Now of course they were not going to have symtoms at the time of the flight. I feel they should be checked in case the symtoms develop.

      1. My computer shut me out in a long reply to you about Ebola so I’ll make this short. I agree with you, Lee. They cannot be 100% correct that Ebola cannot be communicated in the asymptomatic stage. This administration makes claims they cannot back up scientifically, and they always use the words “settled science” to defend themselves. Global warming is another example. As any scientist would tell you, there is no such thing as “settled science”, not even Einstein’s theory of relativity. That’s what it is: only theory.

  4. This is just another example of the bumper car carnival concession called the Obama administration. It’s a Tower of Babel mis-defining everything, paranoid to a person, constantly scurrying out of the light of truth. Pathetic bunch. And very, very dangerous.

    1. Agree. “Core” al-Qaeda is a meaningless buzz word, and “Khorason” does not exist. It is a new name invented by the administration for . . . ta da . . . al-Qaeda. Ayman al Zawahiri, the real second in command to Bin Laden, has never been caught or killed and he is rumored to have been the real brains behind the group, not Bin Laden. He is still in place and very active.

      1. Obama and his boys really think we’re all stupid, Obama called them Khorazon(spell?) but they’re Al Queda. He doesn’t want to say Al Queda ’cause he decimated them. Maybe the low I.Q. voters believe its Khorazon. He fooled them twice.

  5. How does Obama explain the fact that ISIS leader, Baghdadi, took over the leadership of AlQaeda in Iraq after he was released from his 4 year stint in prison? Was A/Q in Iraq not part of ‘core’ A/Q?

    Shortly after Obama stuck his nose into Libya without Congressional approval, there were three prison breaks – Pakistan, Libya, and Abu Grab (sp). MOST of the 2000 escaped prisoners were old, ‘core’ A/Q leaders from the OBL days who had received the death penalty! They fled to Syria and most of them probably work for ISIS now.

    Why is a pathological liar still occupying the Oval Office. I don’t get it.

    Here is another gem from Jan Psaki:

    “There are a range of ways that you can get your intelligence briefings on the road, in the White House, and I know that he receives those whenever he can.”

      1. I hope the voters of 2016 realize or remember that Madame Secretary was an active player in the Libya fiasco, and I’m not just referring to Benghazi but the entire role the administration played in Libya’s civil war. There were no good guys there, but the administration, including Hillary Clinton, chose the worst, I think. You have the same situation in Syria today: there are no good guys there.

  6. Someone in the nightly mix said ISIS was leftover Baathists put out of biz by Paul Bremer…meaning Bush’s creation, I gather. Wouldn’t those dudes be pretty long in the tooth to be raging around in pickups?

    1. At the core of the ME mess is that there are over 100 of these jihadist groups roaming around the ME. Sometimes they work with each other, then a week later, they are fighting each other, vying for territory, political advantage, power and influence, funding, etc.

      They change the names of their groups, as well as change the names of the leaders of the groups–nom d’guerre sort of thing. As soon as we think we know who they are and what they are doing, it all flips around, and we have to throw the old scorecards away. Hard to keep up with it all.

  7. I just don’t know what to call obamy anymore…it was the muslim-in-chief, but liar-in-chief is also so fitting. Maybe the lying-muslim-in-chief.

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