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Video || Obama Should Have Known

In an earlier piece today, I wrote that President Obama’s withdrawal of all our troops from Iraq had had “predictable results.” That ISIS should have been foreseen.

Well, the Washington Free Beacon has assembled a video of some of the predictors, including the one Obama likes to listen to least.

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  1. He chose not to believe because he did not want to believe. This went against ALL that he stands for and holds dear.
    Protecting America is not on his list of priorities.

  2. Years of blood and treasure lost on the battlefield was all for naught when along came a narcissistic, two-bit community organizer who decided his vacuous words could part the waters and calm the tides.
    “I said I would end the war, and I did!”, he boasted year after year. Until it all predictably backfired on him. Now, he asks ‘why does everyone think it was my decision”. And…”they” (Clapper) underestimated the threat”.

    This puny little punk is a spineless coward. Man up like George Bush did and de-classify your daily briefs. Prove to the world that you were not properly briefed, and unaware of the threat. Better yet – resign! Character counts, and you, sir, have NO character whatsoever!

  3. Sorry, no can do. My blood pressure jumps when he starts speaking.

    I’ll take the word of MrK and my fellows here as to the lapse of leadership, or whatever caused this man to lie and diffuse.

  4. Governor Palin was ridiculed during the 2008 campaign for suggesting that Obama would destabilize Iraq by withdrawing troops.

    I still wish that Senator McCain had won the 2008 election, then overexerted himself celebrating on his inauguration night resulting in President Palin being sworn in.

    • It’s his wife who does the celebrating. She needs Betty Ford center help but is in denial. John doesn’t imbibe as much.
      Years ago she pilfered “pain pills” from a shipment going to some poor country somewhere. (Per AZ Republic NP in the 90’s)

  5. OT. Ebola. In Dallas , man who flew in from Liberia – asymptomatic.

    Perhaps we can recall our deployed Ebola Military unit and have them serve stateside. Just a thought.

    • They couldn’t just close our borders to everyone from that part of the world? Sheesh! There is a 3 week incubation period which means anyone could slip into the US without being symptomatic before they arrive.

      • On Fox it was stated they will be backtracking the flight ect. Therefore they can notify everyone that was on the flight.
        The hospital has not been locked down. Walked into the emergency contact with receptionist, and the rest of the crew that sees a patient.
        I can’t remember. Who made the decision not to stop people from coming here from that area?
        They will be holding a press conference with/from the CDC in a little while.

        • I heard this morning that the man was turned away from the hospital several days ago, because they didn’t think he was very ill and didn’t admit him. So he’s been walking around infecting people for days.

  6. Beckel freaking out that the others think Obama puts political correctness over the safety of the country — by his world view and his decision not to act. The Five.

    Myself. I am glad someone is giving voice to this concern which is rumbling through the country.

    • If he’s not freaking out, Beckel often becomes entirely unserious about topics he doesn’t want to discuss, mocking the issue at hand…at that point, I wish they would return from the next commercial as “The Four”.

  7. He does have Ebola!
    Did not have symtoms when he left Africa.
    The next steps.
    Care for patient to provide best care. Have identified all people who he may have been in contact. They will all be monitered for 21 days.
    He did not specify if that was everyone on the plane, airport…
    No doubt, we will control it so it don’t spread. Family member etc, may get it. Don’t know how he got infected.

    • Obama leaves the borders wide open for illegals but won’t close them to everyone in West Africa! Crazy! Sooner or later Ebola will mutate into being airborne.

        • Agree! One of the docs said the patient is now in critical condition! But not to worry – it can’t spread unless through bodily fluids etc. We’re playing Russian roulette with EBola! Just close the damn borders to West Africa. Many European airlines have already banned travel to and from W. Africa.

  8. The Liberian man came down with Ebola symptoms 4 days after arriving in US. He was NOT admitted to hospital until day 6. Anyone who came in contact with him for those 2 days could be infected. One doc said it is highly likely that one or more people that he came in contact with will come down with Ebola.
    One man in Nigeria with Ebola infected 19 people before being hospitalized. If Obama has any intention of closing our borders to W. Africa, it won’t be until hundreds in the US are infected. That’s how he ‘rolls’.

  9. Is O on film as well explaining why we did not stop flights from W. Africa like Europeon flights were cancelled from W. Africa? If so, Keith can add that to the film above.