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Quote of the Day || October 1, 2014

“We have begun training our officers that even if someone claims to be the milkman, we must operate under the assumption that they are not.”

– Secret Service Director Julia Pierson

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

17 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || October 1, 2014”

  1. It’s just a rebuilding year for the secret service crew. They are getting better and ought to be applauded for their successes too.. The last jumper only got as far as the kitchen, perfectly executing a twice baked Three-Cheese Soufflé before getting roughed and cuffed and escorted out by alert agents.

  2. Maybe, the Secret Service should contact some of these NFL Players who are in trouble for various reasons or didn’t make a team. You know the players can out run any uniformed officer currently on staff. They are already aggressive by nature. Plus, they know how open field tackle!

    Hire Anthony Schlegel, Ohio State Coach, to train these guys. I mean come on look at this tackle! If the Secret Service did this to one or two guys this crap would stop.

    Is it me? Wasn’t Director Piersons’ statement that a supervisor stated that the shooting of 7 rounds of bullets into the residence last November was a car backfire?? Really, I would have thought the “Car Backfired” excuse was used up with the JFK assassination!! Then the DC police find a empty car wrecked a few blocks away with a rifle and scope left in it within a half hour of the gun shots being heard, spent gun powder smelled and agents pulling out pistols and submarine guns being drawn.

    These law enforcement officials couldn’t put it together? Shaggy. Scooter and the rest of the gang in the mystery machine and all the children watching this cartoon could have figured this out.

    After hearing all this garbage, I can’t blame Mooch for flying separate planes, taking separate vacations and wanting to get out of the WH So much!

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