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The Obama Morning News || September 30, 2014

Obama to run out of missiles . . . Free Beacon
As the U.S. steps up its battle against ISIS, defense leaders on Capitol Hill are raising concerns about a looming shortage of  Tomahawk missiles, a key offensive weapon deployed against militant strongholds.

Chertoff warns ISIS could hit U.S. . . . The Hill
Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff contends that Obama waited too long to address the ISIS threat.

Obama knew of ISIS danger . . . Washington Times
U.S. policy leaders, including Obama, were repeatedly warned for more than a year by the U.S. intelligence community that ISIS was gaining significant strength in Syria and was on the verge of seizing territory deep inside Iraq.

Obama’s pass the buck presidency . . . National Journal
The president has a pattern of deflecting blame and denying responsibility. With military action against ISIS underway, that’s a dangerous habit.

DOJ to ban profiling for national security . . . Fox News
The Justice Department is set to announce broad restrictions on racial and religious profiling in federal investigations, including those involving matters of national security.

Obama gives fasting Indian PM dinner . . . Free Beacon
The Obama administration was grilled on Monday for inviting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a state dinner while he is fasting as part of a Hindu religious observance, a move that has been criticized by some as insensitive.

Obamacare message could get mean . . . Politico
Obama administration allies are weighing a focus on the loathsome individual mandate and the penalties that millions of Americans could face if they don’t get covered.

Obama Gitmo goal in jeopardy . . . Associated Press
The transfer of prisoners out of Guantanamo Bay has ground to a halt amid a slow Pentagon approval process, causing deep frustration within the administration and raising doubts that Obama will be able to fulfill his campaign promise to close the prison.

Mitt not ready to quit  . . . New York Times
Romney is playing along with speculation he may run in 2016. He recently told a radio host that he was not planning on running for president but allowed that “circumstances can change.

7 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || September 30, 2014”

  1. Oh, I doubt we’ll run out of missiles or anything like that. The military suppliers are fast at work, ready to make bi-jillions on an emergency no-bid no-contract order.

    MrObama knew about the dangerous terrorists, of course he passes the buck and responsiblity for everything, of course the DOJ doesn’t want to profile criminals and suspected terrorists because the same profile keeps coming up ……Blacks and Islamists, sometimes one and the same.
    The profiliers never find people of the Norweigian branch of the Amish to be the suspects in serious crimes, so they must be a racial profile.

    Offering a dinner to a visting head of state who is observing his religious tenets is not surprising for this administration. Protocol is something that neither of the Os seem to understand, nor do they understand anything of people not in their inner circle.
    When MrO started his tenure by insulting our dearest ally, the Brits, by sending back their gift to the US, a bust of W.Churchill, the die was set for years of lunkheaded, clueless, and insulting behaviour.

    1. Totally agree with everything you said srdem!

      Especially that the WH may have wanted to arrange a different type of gathering for PM Modi. How insensitive, they should have all had warm water.

      1. Speaking of the supply chain, where does ISIS get all those matching white pickups? There is no Ford plant there, right? When the US left Iraq did they leave parking areas full of trucks–you know, like you see schoolbuses all parked in one place? We have export rules–they can’t be exported to these ragtag killers, can they?

  2. NYT is fully on Team Hillary’s side of politics, they keep goading Mitt to run so the lazy reporters can just pull out the 2012 articles about this rich, white guy who’s wife wore a $900 blouse on tv interview and rides horses for therapy because rich and out of touch or something. Gah!

    1. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing, assuming Romney will not run. Maybe he is willing to take the heat to keep the focus on him and make an ass out of the media. If there is a dark horse then that allows some running room. On the other hand, it also gives running room for the RINOs to do a deal with Jeb Bush or some other establishment hero.

      I don’t know. And in all honesty I have no hope that the election will not be fraudulent. All the illegals are in place in almost every state, LaRaza et al are unleashed, the Republicans are more than willing to practically give amnesty to everyone at some point so can stay in office. And of course illegals cannot but will vote. I just do not see anything good on the horizon.

  3. I almost never repost–if you think I am boring, then so be it. But I am reposting this. Remember the vet scheduling scandal–the people who died waiting–looks like all the kerfluffle resulted in changes that will take yrs.According to the below, no new scheduling sysyem until 2020. Even the pilot is 2016. Gosh, hope no one needs a doctor.

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