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Live Stream || Oversight Panel Hearing on Secret Service

The House Oversight Committee today will grill Secret Service Director Julia Pierson about recent lapses in White House security. The session begins at 10:00 am ET.

UPDATE: Coverage of the hearing has concluded.

11 thoughts on “Live Stream || Oversight Panel Hearing on Secret Service”

  1. According to her Wiki (citing an article from the NYT in March 2013), one reason Pierson was hired was to improve the image of the USSS following the hooker scandals.

    I suspect another reason she was hired was because she’s a woman. Well, so is the agent who was over-powered by Gonzalez. I don’t think Pierson has failed at her job because she’s a woman, but I wonder about the female agent. I’m sure she’s been trained in hand-to-hand combat, but she lost.

    Why didn’t she shoot him? Are agents not allowed to shoot intruders? If not, why not?

  2. Another waste of time, something our Congresscritters enjoy. We already know the SecretService failed in it’s duty, we know that there are some lapses in morals and integrity among it’s ranks, and we know that they are ashamed, mortified, and did everything they could to hide the truth from the public.
    So, there, meeting adjorned.
    No need to grill the director, other than to make some flimsy points with their constituents.

    1. !! That is what we expect. Now I want to hear who wanted the citizens to be conned with the wrong information. I want that to be asked by one of the people sitting up there!

  3. She should be fired. The SS under her watch has performed badly.

    The dilemma for Obama — it’s tough to hang on to someone who heads up the service that is supposed to be safeguarding you and your family.

    What to do? Women — War on? Protect the family?

    Obama is faced with a choice. He will hold on to her — not because he is champion of women’s rights but because he is a political coward.

  4. My thought was Yoh-Boy, here we go–women. First, a woman (of size, no less) screwed up staffing and procedure. Second a woman failed to bring down a running man. It wasn’t women hiring those hookers–I think we need to be careful of jumping on this. As it were.

    1. I am opposed to judging people by their gender, race, color. Period. Always have been.

      But Obama makes political points all day long in his appointments. And I am quite content to have him swing in the gender wind about what to do about this woman who he appointed and who is charged with oversight of agents protecting him and his family.

      Had the Dems not started this insane War on Women I might feel differently.

      1. I see your point. It is sort of amusing–this parlor game–of watching him try to thread these needles. I hate to see women crushed for being women, tho–wait, was threading needles sexist?

  5. Gowdy said I never heard a car backfire 6 to 8 times.
    I agree, maybe 30 years ago. However I hardly ever hear a car backfire once these days, much less 6 to 8 times.
    She has not yet answered his question about, How can a house keeper find glass and not the secret service. She is rambling a couple of times about it.

    1. I know this is serious, but funny scenarios run through my mind–you know me. One was someone looking at the window one day and saying, “Say, Mabel, do those look like … like bullet holes? Were they there yesterday? Well, I’ll be.”

    2. Trey Gowdy eviscerated Ms. Pierson at the hearing. He asked simple
      questions. She danced and obfuscated the whole time.
      Even the Dems are
      doubtful about her credibility except Congresswoman Holmes of course.
      Trey is the G-Man. He was getting daggers from the gentleman in the
      front row but the G-Man is fearless. The White House Housekeeper should
      replace Ms. Pierson.

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