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The Worst Thing About ISIS

What’s the worst thing about ISIS?

It’s not ISIS. It’s Iran.

Obama’s use of the military against ISIS will preclude the already small possibility that he would use it against Iran.

While we should continue to try, it is unlikely Iran will abandon its decades-long effort to obtain nuclear weapons just because of sanctions. In fact, we’ve already rolled back sanctions while they “negotiate” and play for time to develop The Bomb.

Obama refuses to even allow the toughest sanctions he could.If Iran is to be prevented from going nuclear, someone will have to take care of this situation militarily.

A nuclear Iran is the biggest national security problem we face. It will endanger us, our children and – if we get that far in this increasingly perilous world – our children’s children. A nuclear Iran must be stopped at all costs.

The window for peaceful resolution of this matter is closing. Iran is refusing basic UN demands to stop enriching uranium. Obama has already guaranteed that Iran will be able to maintain a nuclear program of some type, which permits a permanent possibility that the country will militarize its nuclear materials.

The problem with ISIS is that this president, so reluctant to engage in war with these terrorists, will never simultaneously launch an attack on Iran. It’s just too much for him.

And that means the Israelis will do it, and it will be done poorly compared to how we would do it.

Obama is already trying got avoid a fight by further accommodating the mullahs, according to a Wall Street Journal column:

The latest Administration brainstorm is to abandon the longstanding demand that Iran dismantle its uranium-enriching centrifuges, of which it currently has installed about 10,000, with an additional 9,000 built. Under one Western proposal, Iran would merely be asked to disconnect some of the pipes connecting one centrifuge to the next. Another idea, according to the Associated Press, is to allow Iran to keep as many as 4,500 centrifuges, provided Iran agrees to enrich uranium at a lower rate.

Then there are Iran’s ballistic missiles, an essential component of its nuclear-weapons program. Security Council Resolution 1929 “decides that Iran shall not undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons.” Yet over the summer Mr. Khamenei called on his Revolutionary Guards to mass-produce ballistic missiles, and now the Administration is looking for an accommodation.

There has been little progress in talks with the Iranians, which were supposed to end by July, but now have been extended until the end of November. Meantime, do we really know how much closer they’ve gotten to a weapon?

I believe we will find out when they test one. Hopefully in the desert, and not in Tel Aviv.

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  1. I basically agree this admin can only keep one balloon at a time popped into the air. Disturbing.

    Re yesterday’s discussion of why “good Muslims” (patroniziing, what?) don’t speak out–they do.

    Of the 700,000 to 1.9 billion Muslims, one in four people on earth, an estimated 7% are violent and hold to that interpretation of scripture.
    That comes to a lot–I am not saying it doesn’t–but some of the rhetoric here is over the top. In my opinion!

    • I whole heartedly agree, Star. Thank you for the site reference and information.
      It is high time to quit pointing fingers….as the old saw says:
      “When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you.”
      Again – thanks, Star.

    • I didn’t want to enter that discussion yesterday, but my 2 cents worth is that why the “good Muslims” don’t speak out is the same reason as why the “good Germans” did not speak out against Hitler. Fear. History will not remember them kindly. We all have a moral obligation to speak out against wrong. That’s why we in our small way speak out on WHD. And the government knows who all of us are whether we use our real names or not.

      • I was actually thinking along those lines–last nite. I thought, you know, those posters better hope they are wrong and all Muslims are not headchoppers, or this will be a hopeless task.

        • I would be curious to know how your Muslim friends feel about civilian casualties concerning the eradication of the head choppers.
          As Julie said above, hopefully not like the German citizens did during WWII.

          • I do not care what their religion is.
            I have stated this before some time ago. Something is wrong in the U.S. when I am afraid to protest. I do understand why people of any religion are not going out and protesting this barbaric killings.
            I went to church early yesterday morning for the first time in a long time, to pray for us all.
            I trust however that Bush and many P. before him would have at least sounded strong against anyone threatening our citizens. I appreciate WHD, and Keith giving all of us the chance to learn, speak our mind. I only wish I could invite the crew here for coffee. Everyone stay strong.
            :) I hope my comment, and smiley face is not misunderstood. I am not making light of the news, nor anyone hear.

          • Lee, I believe everyone here knows you are a concerned, patriotic person, and are not making light of the news. I’d love to come for coffee anytime.

    • Not to usurp Keith, but the definition of Levant is the Eastern Mediterranean shore between Turkey (Anatolia) and Egypt. That is the classic definition. Before 1948 Israel did not exist, but it has to be included today if you stick to the original definition.

  2. Well whatever IS is, I read they’ve very close to Baghdad, and I guess our palatial embassy too? Nothing seems to have slowed them down and I see horrific scenes like the evacuation of Saigon coming :(

    So many Obama squirrels to keep up with.

    Also nowhere to be seen in the news, another Biden gaffe. No biggie, but he is the VP. Came to Norfolk area to speak about a new federally funded port thingy being built on CRANEY Island. He kept calling it, CARNEY Island.

    • I just watched a video: Iraqi soldier survives IS Massacre. A woman is interviewing him.
      It also has a write up regarding: Iraqi ground forces backed by air strikes advacing ISIS militants in a key town near Baghdad.
      Press News (top left). Than Press Mid-East.

  3. i wonder if Obama had dreams about him being able to not only stand up for Islam, as noted many times in his own words, but also to act as a bridge between Sunni And Shiite?

    • Rots of ruck with that. The fight between Sunni and Shiite has been going on for over a millennium, but leave it to Obama to think he personally can achieve a reconciliation. But you have a good possibility there, D.V. He is arrogant and delusional enough to think he can do it. After he will make the oceans recede.

  4. Obama worships the Ayatollah! He showed his true colors years ago when he came right out and said that he stood with the Iranian regime during the Tehran uprising. We have been hearing reports that the regime is only ‘six months away from having the bomb’ for the last 4 years now. How do we know they don’t already have it? Maybe we should check with Valjar!

    • I don’t think Obama worships anybody. I think he worships money and power because he never had it. And now that he has it, he’s a child in a candy store. His name should be Contrary Mary. Whatever anyone advises him, he says no and does the opposite, we have to realize that he makes no sense, he says ISIS is not Islam, and Islam is good, or something to that effect. he’s crazy, mark my words, we just have get him out because we have no president now, He is openly hostile to America and Israel and so is that criminal Holder. These guys are nightmares. Lets hope we live through this because I have come to the conclusion what people are saying is true, that Obama wants to bring our country down.

    • Excellent article nellas. Thanks for the link, I would have missed it.
      Sadly, it is so. Let’s remember that Obama & Hillary let 4 Americans die, so railroading a cop isn’t beneath them.

    • Thank you for the Ferguson article. It is sickening and shocking what is running our government, They are supposed to be totally unbiased, yeah, thats a joke. They don’t even try to hide their unlawful criminal tactics to get what they want.

  5. Keith,

    I agree regarding Iran getting a nuclear or components for a dirty nuclear bomb is the biggest threat to Europe, US and Israel. The one intelligence department and leadership I Ihave more faith in than the United States is Israel. I have no doubt Israel will take it to Iran and destroy any factory at the precise time. When they do this it will be exactly like they did in Syria. Syria kept denying they were building a nuclear lab. When Israel leveled it they could not come out and protest because they had been denying it.


  6. ISIS is within one mile of Bagdad which is full of Shiites at this moment. If ISIS takes Bagdad there will be a horrific bloodbath as they start slaughtering the “heretic” Shiites including women and children. Iran will not stand for this and will send in their regular army divisions, in other words invade Iraq which will then ignite a major war with all the other Sunni countries in the region. Smack dab in the middle of all of this will be thousands of American Embassy personnel and our pitifully small military forces who will be under attack by both ISIS and Iran. Thousands of Americans will be taken hostage. This is a major, major disaster in the making for our country which will face its greatest military threat since World War 2 with a hollowed out, gutted military, curtsey of Dictator Obama and the democrat party communists. The darkest days of our country are now right in front of us.

    • The next few weeks will be known to historians of the Middle East as The Battle of Baghdad. It was all entirely avoidable. The blood from those about to be killed will be on Obama’s hands forever.

  7. Smart. From a former N Seal on Cavuto regarding workplace violence or terrorism.

    Remember terrorism is a tactic not an organization.

    Nothing good to say about Obama

  8. The existence of ISIS and its purpose, goals, composition, basic organizational structure, and relationship with other jihadist groups has been known in open source reports for over a year I’ve been reading about ISIS since Jan. 2014. No doubt the Intelligence folks have known longer than that. There’s no doubt in my mind the intelligence analysts have described all of the above concerning ISIS in Obama’s daily PDB binder. Watching Obama spin his own lack of involvement and interest in ISIS says all you need to know about him and his politics. Again my question: Who is Obama really working for?

  9. There is no doubt of Iran’s complicity in being the center of the turmoil and sectarian strife gripping the region. It’s ruling Shia mullahs have eagerly supported Assad in Syria against Sunni insurgents with arms, cash and fighters, thereby spawning ISIS. Their support of Maliki in Iraq emboldened him to alienate Sunnis and Kurds and led to the disintegration of any hope for a coalition government allowing ISIS to spread like a virus throughout the north. It’s disappointing that Obama’s response to ISIS makes no specific mention of Iran’s role, but it is worthwhile noting that Iran was excluded from the proposed coalition to defeat ISIS. The cautionary note that needs to be raised is to ensure that Iran is not allowed to re-enter the region and exert its influence in creating a Shia sphere of interest which could cause the entire cycle of sectarian violence to spawn again.

  10. Its a shame that Obama doesn’t like Netanyahu and Israel because Netanayahu, with all his experience could school Obama about the way to conquer the enemy ISIS and Iran. Together they could make it happen. He could show him the way with common sense,but Obama has too much stubborness, spitefulness and stupidity to take advice from his generals and/or Israel. He always looks and acts depressed. He should be put out of office. He reminds me of Henry VIII, childish and dangerous.

    • Oh lizzy! Please don’t compare wimpy, ineffectual, cowardly Barry to the magnificent Henry VIII ! At least Henry knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it. Henry was highly educated, deeply religious, and defeated the French army in 1513. If Barry met Harry, he’d pee his mom jeans!

      • Okay, I’m sorry about Henry. I just think of Henry and all his wives and the way Charles Laughton portrayed him in the old 40’s movie. I shouldn’t have said that. I thought he was wimpy and I was wrong.