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Pelosi, Reid Said to be Dating

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are apparently an item.

With Congress out of town, the two were discovered spending time together in a Brazilian rain forest climbing trees. White House Dossier has obtained this exclusive photograph of them together, hanging out on a branch.

Pelosi Reid
Nancy Pelosi (left) and Harry Reid in South America Sunday

A spokesman for Reid denied there was anything amorous or inappropriate about the trip.

“Leader Reid and Leader Pelosi are both in Brazil investigating the effects of global warming on indigenous tribes and coconut trees,” said the spokesman, Barry Spinagan. “Just because they coincidentally happened to be there at the same time does not mean they are involved in any kind of monkey business.”

However, witnesses who overheard the couple said they seemed “awfully familiar with each other.” At one point, while discussing President Obama’s operation against ISIS, Reid was heard saying, The war is lost! The war is lost! with Pelosi responding, Oh Hank, man up a little, won’t you?

Pelosi Communications Director Rhett Orick said the trip was purely related to the environment, and that Pelosi and Reid went there because “things seem to be heating up.” He then added, “Wait, that doesn’t sound exactly right. What I mean is, they’ve each noted a lot of warmth and are responding to it,” followed by “Oh, forget it,” after which he hung up.

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  1. Thats GOTTA be Nance on the right……that awesome decolletage of hers’….makes me swoon. She has that certain just-so tilt of the neck, a je ne sais quoi….great photo.