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The Obama Morning News || September 29, 2014

Obama admits underestimating ISIS . . . Fox News
President Obama acknowledged Sunday that the U.S. “underestimated” the threat posed by ISIS and overestimated the Iraqi army’s capacity to defeat the militant group, blaming intelligence officials.

Boehner: U.S. may need boots on ground . . . CNS News
House Speaker John Boehner said Sunday the U.S. may ultimately “have no choice” but to send combat troops to take on ISIS, contending that relying on airstrikes will not be enough to defeat the terrorists.

Secret Service bungled 2011 WH attack . . . Washington Post
The gunman parked his black Honda directly south of the White House He pointed his semiautomatic rifle out of the passenger window, aimed directly at the home of the president of the United States, and pulled the trigger.

Another Okla. man threatens beheading . . . The Blaze
A fired Oklahoma City nursing home employee, who said he represented ISIS, was arrested after a female coworker reported that he threatened to behead her.

The coming immigration fight . . . Examiner
Now that Obama is preparing a sweeping amnesty, giving up to 5 million adults the de facto right to stay here, GOP lawmakers are reluctantly gearing up to fight.

Obama: Dems can hold Senate . . . The Hill
The president told “60 Minutes” that he will spend the next six weeks campaigning on his economic record.

Top Republican: No lame-duck hearing . . . Fox News
“It does need to wait,” said Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo, of the possibility Democrats would try to ram throughout a replacement for Attorney General Eric Holder after the elections. 

Cruz wins Value Voters straw poll . . . Fox News
The first-term senator on Saturday receiving 25 percent of the votes, ahead of Dr. Ben Carson, who got 20 percent, and former Arkansas GOP Gov. Mike Huckabee, who received 12 percent.

Rick Santorum returns . . . Politico
Santorum helped drag out the 2012 Republican primary, sending Mitt Romney limping into the general election. Santorum’s lesson: Get in even earlier in 2016.

9 Responses to The Obama Morning News || September 29, 2014

  1. I just listened to Gov. Perry on Fox.
    He mentioned JV crew turning into cancer.
    Leaving Iraq without miitary presence.
    Human nature does not allow you to be correct, 100% of the time.
    Perry mentioned the Natl. Guard along the border. Which is working.
    O believes we are better off than we were 6 years ago.
    Most people feel we are not better off: financially -No, safer-No- Border-No, Economy-No.

  2. Underestimated. That could be the one word to describe the whole of MrOs tenure as President.
    He and his own people underestimated:
    the support for a government takeover of health care
    the support for serious and drastic gun control
    the support for escalating abortions of unborn children
    the support for allowing illegal aliens into our country
    the support for Common Core in our schools
    the support for raising the minimum wage
    and the support for limiting free speech, spying on innocent citizens, controlling the news flow, and the list goes on and on.
    The Dems, following the dubious leadership of MrO, have been on the wrong side of history (as they like to say) on every issue they have supported.

  3. Obama was warned over a year ago about the threat of ISIS; however he ignored the professional advice of our military leaders and deemed ISIS a “JV team”.

    ISIS needs to be eradicated by whatever means possible. The world depends on America’s strength and leadership, and most importantly, our military might.