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Obama: Americans are Better Off than they were SIX Years Ago

President Obama sought to do Ronald Reagan one better during an appearance on 60 Minutes Sunday, asserting that Americans were better off than they were six years ago, as opposed to Reagan’s four.

Obama, in a delusional mood, offered up a litany of benefits he thinks his purview over the economy has wrought.

When I came into office, our economy was in crisis. We had unemployment up at 10 percent. It’s now down to 6.1. We’ve had the longest run of uninterrupted private sector job growth in our history. We have seen deficits cut by more than half. Corporate balance sheets are probably the best they’ve been in the last several decades.

We are producing more energy than we had before. We are producing more clean energy than we ever had before. I can put my record against any leader around the world in terms of digging ourselves out of a terrible, almost unprecedented financial crisis.

Ronald Reagan used to ask the question, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” In this case, are you better off than you were in six? And the answer is, the country is definitely better off than we were when I came into office, but now we have to make…

In the video below, he looks defensive which, of course, he should be.

Unemployment has declined so much because people have taken themselves out of the workforce. The deficit remains at historic highs, and he’s added more than $7 trillion in debt. The failure to enact entitlement reform ensures the balance sheet will get much worse. Economic growth remains slow and unpredictable.

And people don’t feel any benefits because incomes are stagnant, which Obama acknowledges. But there’s a solution to that: Raise the minimum wage!

If we raise the minimum wage, if we make sure women are getting paid the same as men for doing the same work, if we are rebuilding our infrastructure, if we’re doing more to invest in job training so people are able to get the jobs that are out there right now, because manufacturing is coming back to this country.

Lowering taxes and reducing regulation, which under Reagan helped set off a quarter century of strong economic growth? Not in the cards.

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  1. It’s easy to guess the conversations that go on inside the inner circle in the WhiteHouse when they look at the polls indicating that 70% of America doesn’t approve of the President, that they don’t think we’re going in the right direction and the Repub majority in both houses of Congress is just a few months away.
    If MrO wasn’t such a nasty and egotistical person, we might feel bad that he’s so delusional to think we’re all ‘better off’ under his non-existant leadership. His talking points of what he thinks has improved are just Dem tweaking of numbers and percentages to make things look good, when we all know it’s not.

    It’s interesting that he didn’t mention his hated legacy of Obamacare as something to rejoice, nor did he point out that 50 million citizens (and non-citizens) are using government food stamps to feed their families.

    • Yes O-Care. Thanks for mentioning that nightmare. He rambled about things/people being better off. May I mention again, I know people that were layed of due to O Care.

  2. What’s the price of food vs 6 years ago? Or any other real goods? Inflation is here. The feds are artificially suppressing the “official” inflation so they can keep reporting that stagnation is recovery…and giving up is employment…and poor is rich…and war is peace.

    • Thanks for mentioning the issue in the rise of food going up. I have stated before as well. For the last several years food prices going up on a weekly basis. The regular food and items bought each week seem to be higher each time I go to the store. Now along with prices going up.
      The companies keep making things smaller such as cookies.
      Less in a potatoe chip bag, claiming to make chips break less.
      A slice of bread slightly smaller.
      Head of lettuce, smaller.

    • Price of meat, steak and chicken is so high! I couldn’t believe it. Very expensive to buy food now, isn’t that sad? Food, can you believe it is too expensive to buy, I know I am repeating myself but I am shocked about the food prices that I see. Disgusting while this president has the nerve to say on 60 min. that the economy is better, yeah Mr. President, better for you while you mooch off the American people. Some better economy, what a crock.

  3. I’d like the president to walk a day in the shoes of average Americans, like me. I struggle with finances all the time, wondering sometimes how I’ll get by. My income is fixed but my expenses go up. My Aetna Medicare supplement went up 20%. Electric bills rise. Gasoline. Obama is oblivious to how REAL Americans cope, as witnessed by his obsession to surround himself with the 1%.

      • Star, one benefit to the high grocery prices is that we no longer buy Keebler crackers and we discovered that the Kroger house brand is actually a better substitute. Sadly, Kroger’s mac & cheese will never live up to Kraft.

        A new Whole Foods is opening here soon. We may drop in to “window shop” but I doubt we’ll buy anything. Kroger is pretty appealing as they have Senior Wednesday when we get 5% off, plus they track our purchases and mail us useful coupons. I shop on Tuesdays at Walgreen’s when seniors get 20% off.

        We have to be careful these days.

        • Whole Foods–we call that Whole Paycheck. I guess that’s not original–I used to enjoy the homemade-soaps and $5 eggplants, when I could walk better. Like a food museum. You know what is good in a house brand–at least at Krogers (Fry’s here)–canned spaghetti sauce for a buck. Better than Prego etc.

          • Whole Foods in Manhattan on 7th Avenue in the 20’s near me has the biggest and best cupcakes. And a lot of ready made dinners and soups which are tasty. I go to Gristedes too, their stuff is expensive but they have things on sale that are cheaper. Rite-Aid gives me 20% off on everything every day with my Rite Aid card so its cheaper to buy coffee there and crackers and cakes and cookies and chips there, and they have frozen Weight Watchers dinners a little cheaper there too.

      • In my book Star generic Mac n Cheese (if that’s what you are talking about when you say Kraft) is a sacrifice. I love KMnC — where the orange “sauce” comes in the package dry.

      • I’m buying store brands now, don’t think I’ve bought a piece of clothing that wasn’t on sale in years. I buy extra meat when it’s on sale. If anything I buy regular is on sale I stock up. I only window shop the fish now a days, can’t afford it. And gas! We celebrated when my husbands office was moved closer to home! I run all of my errands at the same time, if I have a dr appt that ends up being errand day, no more leaving the house for frivolous reasons.

        • I buy extra meat on sale too! Today Gristedes had some lamb chops on sale and I bought about six of them, nice and cheap the sale price. I always buy extra stuff when I see it, I grab it if its on sale! I buy too much. I can’t control myself, sales drive me wild.

  4. LOL! Obama says we are better off than we were six years ago, but he sure looks much worse off than he did six yrs ago! Knowing how vain he is, it must be agonizing for him to look in the mirror. Wowie!

    Obama desperately needs to form a Lost and Found Dept. to search for the millions of middle class jobs that have been lost over the last six yrs. He won’t have to look much farther than his own boondoggle, ObamaCare, where full-time jobs have been lost and replaced with 29 hr. work weeks.
    Funny how the DEMS have gone silent on ObamaCare. And it’s even weirder that the R’s have suddenly found ‘respect’ for the newly dubbed ‘war president’. Wasn’t ObamaCare supposed to be the road to victory for the R’s in the November election? Crickets!

      • Speaking of drug prices, I went to the pharmacy to pick up a thyroid medication I have taken for 30 years after a thyroidectomy. It’s the only drug I take, and I never bothered to put in on my insurance. The price TRIPLED so I called the ins. company to see if it was on my formulary. The answer was NO.

        Last week, my daughter went to fill an rx for Iron pills – $190.00 – and her Blue Cross doesn’t cover it.
        Can’t imagine what those who depend on life-saving drugs are going to do when they discover their expensive policies won’t cover anything.

        • well, Obama wants us all dead — if medicine becomes too high for seniors or anyone he should be shot! No kidding, he wants babies and seniors dead!!! For population control. I read about it, can’t remember by whom but Obama clearly wants seniors to have those death panels where they encourage seniors not to, you know, have extensive treatment to keep them alive. What really hurts me are the babies, Obama encourages abortion so much and millions of babies have been thrown in the garbage. Where the hell do these dems think its okay to destroy human life like that? Thats what turned me against the democrats, the killing of life, no one has the right — except of course in certain cases. And the democrats talk about the Republicans not letting women choose? What about the baby’s right to live? Someone could be aborted that could grow up and invent a cure for disease or invent something spectacular. We don’t have the right to disregard life like this. Thats why God is punishing us with Obama. I believe that.

    • The R’s, forget about them but we have to vote for them no matter what. They have respect for him now? Oh please. The War President? ISIS is expanding.

    • He does look terrible. I notice it all the time. Maybe he’s dying? (Wishful thinking, anything to get him out of there). I know, shouldn’t say things like that, couldn’t help it.

  5. Steve Kroft is an Obama Toadie……sickening!
    Clapper may not mind scraping off the bus tire tracks but the career workhorses in intel are furious.
    Obama is SO SMART that he gets his “late in the day” PDB from his Blackberry with no advice or further info….he is probably checking basketball scores.
    If we are attacked from the inside or the outside, Obama is to blame….I don’t care how hard he tries to Blame Bush.

  6. Yes, the deficits are lower…but compared to what?
    Remember when Bush was unpatriotic for high deficits?
    Here’s the last 11 in billions of $$.
    2004 $412.73
    2005 $318.35
    2006 $248.18
    2007 $160.71
    2008 $458.55
    2009 $1,412.69
    2010 $1,294.37
    2011 $1,299.59
    2012 $1,086.97
    2013 $679.50
    2014 $648.81

    sure, $648 is lower compared to $1,299 but not compared to the Bush years.

    Energy production is up in the private sector, no thanks to Federal Gov’t and State Gov’t interference.

    I love how he takes credit for Corporate balance sheets. Aren’t corporations the scourge of the earth? Isn’t that the standard Obama line each speech.

    He takes credit for everything, even if he fights against it.

    FINALLY, manufacturing is ‘coming back’ (not really) but only because of low wages. Raise the minimum wages and manufacturing disappear.

  7. My family is not better off.

    We are self employed and our family health insurance increased 19% in 2013 and 25% in 2014 forcing us to raise our deductible to $7,500 individual ($21,000 family) due to the new Obamacare regulations in which we now must to pay for maternity & lactation devices (I’m over 50), pediatric care (our children are over 18 years) and rehab care (which we don’t need).

    Rx prices have increased due to Obamacare.

    College tuition increased 3-4% for this year for one child.

    Another just recently graduated from college is struggling to find a full time job with a modest income. Plenty of part-time jobs under 25 hours a week available with not benefits thanks to Obamacare.

    Gas prices have doubled under Obama – we paid $1.80/gallon just over 6 years ago. Meat and dairy prices have skyrocketed. The cost to heat your home is higher due to Obama’s policies.

    Obama lives in Never Land….he doesn’t want to grow up and be a Leader. He can’t admit his policies have hurt the American taxpayer. He can’t admit that his policies have doubled our national debt,

  8. His employment figures are such a lie. People, those who have jobs, have gone from full time with benefits, to part-time without benefits. Did Kroft ask about the number of people who are out of the workforce and no longer looking for a job? I thought not.

    • I think that O’s interviews are scripted, just like the WH press conferences.
      He has a reputation as having a temper if things don’t go his way or if he is cornered.
      I would like to see an interview that pisses him off so much that he strips the mic off and stamps out of the room.
      That will never happen at CBS, NBC, or ABC, or any of the rest of the lap dog ‘news agencies’ that exist only for the emperor’s propaganda machine.

  9. I am impressed with all who had the stomach to watch a lengthy Obama commercial. The only thing the US is manufacturing is money thanks to QE, which has devalued the dollar. He must own a suitcase full of rose-colored glasses.

    • Money and anchor baby citizens, Sadie. Watch the Feds start raising rates the day after mid-terms. Obama has had a free ride for 6 years. I don’t think he much cares what happens after November. He’s done – one way or the other.

    • So true, Denise. They are in tall cotton and couldn’t care less about the rest of us.

      It’s depressing to see the prices at the supermarket. Even at Costco prices have gone up so high that we haven’t bought any beef in months and it won’t be long before we can no longer afford pork and chicken.

  10. Keith! How could you? You left out the amusing riff on how America does things–we jump on the old firetruck and turn out for everything–typhoons, wars, etc. It’s “how we roll.” Gag.

  11. Ravings of a delusional man.

    Almost every one of his comments flies in the face of every poll of the American people. He thinks Obamacare is great, but the majority of Americans don’t. He thinks we’re better off than we were when he came into office, but the majority of Americans don’t.

    Even if he keeps repeating his fantasies, people won’t change their minds.

  12. Again Mr. Koffler, excellent article, but then again you used facts, not lies.
    My thought’s on Barry’s performance, he’s full of “IT”, and last night he was throwing by the shovelful.

  13. Never watch or listen to Obama. Can’t take the endless lies.

    But he is partly correct that at least some Americans ARE better off:

    1. Wealthy Democrats and Republicans got a lot richer.
    2. Members of Congress.

  14. If this man were any more delusional, he’d be chained up in a rubber room, wearing a jacket with really long sleeves that fasten around in back.

    But nooooooo, he managed to fool enough of the people a second time, so we have 843 more days of this.

    God help us!

  15. So how come so many on food stamps? If the economy was really good and everyone was working there wouldn’t be like 45%? getting food stamps. Buf course the interviewer should have asked him why so many on food stamps and free money when Obama said the economy was better? They never ask the real questions, Obama won’t allow it in an interview and the cowardly interviewers follow the Obama fake interview policy.

  16. Keith, if you’re listening, I am getting the duplicate message all the time now for about a week! And a message that asks me all the time if I want to open this and that? Maybe you can help? If not I’ll live with it but it slows me up, I have to go back and forward and back. Thanks and Happy New Year.