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Sunday Open Thread || September 28, 2014

Wow, you guys really went to town Sunday. Almost 200 comments!


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    • Nicely done Owen!

      All this fresh space, and I am dragging in a thought from a previous post.

      What I have learned from the “experts”.

      If we had an all female fighting force and all of our bullets, missiles and bombs were dipped in pig’s blood we would win this thing in a flash.

      • I am late to respond, Grace, but thank you for that Gatestone-link. It is always interesting to read about my country in foreign media. And the essence of the article was absolutely right . Why don´t ordinary, secular or “moderate” Muslims living abroad, speak out about the problems involved with Islam ? Why don´t they deal with these people who reward generosity with violence and hatred and bad attitudes?
        I live nearby Malmö, the city with the largest Muslim population. That city has been transformed totally. From being an old socialist town with big shipyards, factories and beer-halls, it is since the millenium connected with Copenhagen with a bridge, has universities, a building-boom, and is now a cosmopolitan city , attracting lots of young people. And lots of immigrants, of course. It is like a mini-New York with 400 000 inhabitants, nothing Swedish at all about it. There are of course also many problems ( as described in the Gatestone article ) and we see “white flight” from many areas but as the population is so diverse the Muslims will not dominate. At least not yet. Many of them are also well integrated and more and more secular. But all of a sudden something flares up and we never know what´s going on in the Mosques. Muslims really are a “special” kind of immigrants, bringing both good and bad. Good things like interesting music, literature, films, food and cooking etc. Bad things like discrimination against women, anti-semitism, intolerance, halal-slaughter, sharia ideas. Bad things like violent Trojan horses….

  1. Interesting developments regarding Ferguson, MO. Saturday evening, at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner, Obummer invoked Ferguson to tell us all – yet again – what a racist country this is:

    Obama: Mistrust of police corrodes America

    President Barack Obama on Saturday said the widespread mistrust of law enforcement that was exposed by the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man in Ferguson, Missouri, is corroding America, not just its black communities, and that the wariness flows from significant racial disparities in the administration of justice.

    Speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual awards dinner, Obama said these suspicions only harm communities that need law enforcement the most.


    “Too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement — guilty of walking while black or driving while black, judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness,” he said.

    He said significant racial disparities remain in the enforcement of law, from drug sentencing to applying the death penalty, and that a majority of Americans think the justice system treats people of different races unequally.

    And then this happened (lead story on Drudge):

    Ferguson officer wounded after confronting burglars; suspects remain at large

    A Ferguson police officer was shot Saturday night. The officer, a man, survived the shooting, authorities said.

    The shooting occurred in the 1000 block of Smith Avenue in Ferguson, near the new Ferguson Community Center.

    Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Saturday night that the officer was on routine patrol and spotted two suspects trying to break into a business. He said the business was in Ferguson.

    When the officer confronted the suspects, Jackson said, one of them pulled a gun and fired at the officer. The officer was struck once in the arm, and was expected to be okay.

    Bad, bad timing, O’bummer.

  2. Good morning all. I mentioned yesterday the news of a rocket attack at the Yemem embassy. It was on Drudge and found it on Rueters as well. I finally heard mentioned on Fox a moment ago.
    They did evacuate some personnal last Wednesday, while O crew, speaking still like everything was Okey Dokey.

  3. My access is denied when I tried pulling up Mark Levin.
    I just heard on Fox that Mark Levin stated. O is a coward because he won’t call them I.
    I had a cup of coffee in my hand, tried to put it down quick enough to note the entire sentence that he stated.

  4. “The casually dressed Obama returned to the briefing moments later with a senior adviser alongside him, though his mood continued to indicate he was still very upset.

    The senior adviser made a couple pointed remarks to the Pentagon representatives, reminded them the president had already had a very busy day, and then both she and the president once again left the room.

    Within seconds, Barack Obama returned again to the just concluded briefing, pointing at the still seated Pentagon staff and indicating how “inappropriate” it was to “try and paint all of Islam with the same brush.” The president repeated similar remarks, his mood going from agitation to outrage. His voice carried to several other West Wing offices.

    The senior adviser, who did not originally return with the president into the briefing, suddenly re-appeared alongside him, as well as the president’s personal aide. She was smiling, and telling everyone “we’re done here” which she repeated several times and then led the president back out into the hallway.

    News of the outburst reached senior Pentagon officials. They had no reaction. At least no reaction they shared with others.

    Within the hour the president was flying off to Camp David, and not long after that, bombs were dropping in Syria.


    D.C. Whispers: “Mr. President, You Have No Choice. You’re Exposed Here.”
    This very troubling report is from Ulsterman.

      • I suspect he will ignore it. Maybe a WH press corpse will rally to ask Josh the President’s opinion. And Josh will throw a lot of words and end up nowhere or shut it down. Most likely — under investigation.

        Now as to what will happen in the next beheading — that too will depend on circumstances and the individuals involved. For Barack Obama it is not the crime,but who is involved.

        • Speaking of patterns or at least oddities — all these black newly recruited ISIS followers — all in terrorist garb — do not see them with equal # of garbed black Muslim women attendants. This is just a casual general observation.

          And my caveat — yes of course there are many white privileged and not so privileges whites signing up to fight against this country. My comment is just something about women.

        • Has Obama ever mentioned the (at this point Hundreds) of black-on-black murders that take place in Chicago every weekend…???
          They say Obama was a “Chicago community organizer”…So why dosent Obama ever talk/care about Chicago…???

          • Because he already has their votes so there is no more need for them.
            Via Chicago Crime & Murder Stats.
            SUN: SEP 21 thru SAT: SEP 27
            5 shot & killed
            68 shot & wounded.
            Mild weekend.

  5. On the lighter side of comments, today will most likely be Ø’s 199th round of golf. That means only one thing – 200 is not far off and should be worthy of a party or a crown or a special WWD post. The opportunities for fun and snark are endless. Can’t wait!!

  6. Morning. I’ve been saving this one from an unexpected critic of the Oboutme’s economic policy. Seems Emeril can grasp the basics.

    Years ago I worked in a mom and pop restaurant. There was a sign in the owners office that read, “Small business is the horse that pulls the cart of the economy.” It’s as true today as it was then.

    By extension, the same argument Emeril makes can be used to summarize the plight of the middle class in America. It’s not the rich capitalists or the constitution holding back “reform”. It’s these lousy liberal socialist commie progommes. Food for thought…

    “Lagasse shared his thoughts on TNT’s On the Menu. He predicts that if the government doesn’t start getting out of the way, the American restaurant industry will split and leave entrepreneurs and start-ups behind. American restaurants will consist only of high-end establishments like the ones Lagasse owns, fast food and chain restaurants, because no one else will be able to succeed.”

    • Oh, now he speaks out when it’s his pocketbook that’s being squeezed, typical.
      Reality of this is that mom&pop restaurants are no longer viable or profitable. The rent’s too high, the utilities are too high, the government regulations are impossible to meet, and there’s no desire among the public for mom’s home-made meals anymore.

      “Maria’s Pizza” is no match for Domino’s, “Jose’s Tacos” won’t survive against Taco Bell, just as the once prosperous video stores went belly-up against the Red Box and Netflix. Times and customer habits change.
      I like the Bam!man, he’s fun to watch and makes great meals, but he’s a day late and a real dollar short with his complaints.

      • Spot on per usual. I hope it isn’t too late for some democrat converts. We’re going to need all the late bloomers we can find in November.

      • We avoid chain restaurants. We seek out the good local guys who don’t have free rent deals with our stupid city clowncil.
        Yes, many new start ups crash & burn, especially those who attempt success on a previous failed business site.

    • The Health Dept. rules and regs are somewhat absurd for restaurant owners. Take this excerpt, for instance, from a poster called ‘nonamechef’:

      “……Then there are the head scratchers of rules. For instance: We cannot hose down the sidewalk or parking lot of our building. Health dept rule. So if someone spills their to-go order just outside our doorway, we are not allowed to wash up the mess. Why, you ask. Well, the water we use to clean the sidewalk may find its way into the creek. Food pollution. So technically we are supposed to leave the mess there or hire a crew to block off the whole parking lot and clean the mess then recover all the water they used. So I asked, “What about a thunderstorm? Does that not wash all the food pollution into the creek?” No answer.

    • Emeril is correct. The best, most outstanding food can be found at the smallest whole in the wall restaurants in N.O. The tourist do not know about them, unless they ask, or walk by it. My other Grandfather owned a seafood restaurant, when I was very young. It was hard, time consuming back than, however much, much harder now.
      Food for thought: Last night I purchased only two boiled crabs to bring home. They are very, very small males.
      The larger crabs and the female crabs are being shipped out of N.O. which doesn’t help our restaurants either. Other cities pay more for them, which is great for them, however some cities cost of living and expences are different than other.

        • My spouse’s favorite show of all time…well, except for “Everybody Loves Raymond.”
          I have seen every single broadcast NUMEROUS times!!!! LOL
          I do admit that it is pretty cool when he is reviewing a restaurant we have frequented in the past or present.

          • Of course, I watch Triple D.
            I used to go to a bar called Timblerlake’s in DC–he tried to open a second restaurant on the Hill. One day h mentioned that he had 100 employees–this was two bars, fairly modest in size, that’s a lot of overhead. I met my ex there, our baby daughter was introduced to the world there…now both bars are long gone. Along with Tassos, the Greenery Raw Bar, Mr Day’s, Poor Roberts, the Admiral Benbow…so many.

          • It’s a great show, and an inspired concept to promote the restaurants that would otherwise never hit the radar.
            It is interesting how much work these people put in to keep their places open.
            Hard work will reward you.
            It is an effort to be commended.
            (That ’67 Camaro is sweet !)

        • Love that show, he’s been to our area a few times which certainly helps the mom and pops diners.

          I never eat franchise when I visit NYC, but I do make an exception for Guy’s American restaurant in Times Square which is notorious for having the worst New York Times restaurant review in history! How wrong it was, the food is fabulous (the best Cobb Salad I’ve had in my life, so I always return for it). Most say the food critic was an elite foodie snob who just hated everything Guy Fieri stood for. I’m always happy when there’s a 45 minute wait for a table :)

          • Fieri created special hamburgers for “Guy’s Burger Joint”–which are casual dining venues on Carnival Cruise Lines ships. Overly greasy burgers served on greasy buns and they come with the world’s worst greasy “hand cut” fries. I wish they’d had him create a “Cobb Salad Bar” instead.

  7. re: the trend of incarcerated men to adopt Islam as their religion
    It must not occur to them that the very crimes that put them in prison would bring harsh and brutal punishment from fellow Islamists. For instance, having one’s hands amputated for theft, lashes or stoning for sexual relations with a woman not his wife, and of course – death- for homosexual activities.
    Also, most of the inmate coverts are Blacks who feel a need for a religion or something to believe in, but it doesn’t occur to them that most of Islam considers Blacks to be future slaves.
    The most visible tenets of the Islam seems to be death, mayhem, mutilation, and a lack of contentment for it’s followers. While the men of Islam seem to believe they’re going to have a wonderful time after death, women have nothing to live for or to wish death as a reward.
    Islam is a deadly cult, one that appeals to the most base desires and terrors of the human race.

    • “Islam is a deadly cult, one that appeals to the most base desires and terrors of the human race.”

      Small wonder, then, that convicts and misfits are signing up in droves. Excellent post, srdem.

      • At the UN, Obama referred to ISIS as the ‘network of death’. Lap-dog David Cameron mimicked Obama’s words in his Parliament speech. ‘Network of death’? Isn’t that code for ObamaCare? Radical Islam is nothing more than a network of cold-blooded killers. How do you tell a ‘good Muslim’ from a ‘bad Muslim’? Inquiring minds would like to know!

        • Same way you tell a good Christian from a bad Christian…by their behavior.
          I wonder – how many of the posters here have actually known Muslims? I don’t mean as passing acquaintances – I mean really get to know them. I know Star has – God bless her.
          Just this weekend, a Muslim man told me several times of his deep admiration and respect for Americans. He repeated often how these radicals do not represent the true Islamic religion. He believes – as do I – that good, peaceful people exist in all religions and nationalities.
          Do you know there are many different kinds of Islam – just like Christianity?
          Please…don’t be guilty of hating a group of people just for the actions of a few.
          Hatred never accomplishes anything but evil. Love conquers all.

          • Have You read the Koran? Or do you just believe the stuff everyone tells you is in it?
            If you have read it. Who interpreted the Koran you read?
            Interpretations differ according to the interpreter, Mandy.
            Just like Christians interpret the Bible differently.
            Yes, I am Christian but I take Jesus’ final instruction seriously,..I make an effort to live my faith in the resurrected Christ. Hating others will never foster belief in Him. I used to think the same way you do – vehemently. Believe me. And then, God brought us here.
            Now, I know differently. I believe God led us to this place to be a witness of the Love of Jesus Christ. I extend the same love to you.

          • Yes, but moment like MM has below. Why don’t these moderate Muslims speak out?

            Because they are controlled theocracies or dictators and can’t (or won’t). Conclusion: either Islam has been hijacked unfairly or Islam is not a religion of freedom. Rather, about subjugation as others here have pointed out.

          • Of course there are good and bad among all groups or classes or races of people.
            But, and it’s a big but, if your Muslim friend and his people were running our government would you be allowed to wear a skimpy bathing suit in public, would your daughter be permitted to date anyone she chooses, and would you be free to have a snack during the Islam holy days of fasting – I think not.
            If the Islamists were running our government, you would not be free to become a Catholic, a Mormon, or nothing at all.
            There wouldn’t be any alcohol allowed, no frivolous movies or entertainment, and no outside interests that didn’t adhere to what an Iman interpreted in the Koran.
            Girls would be forbidden to be educated, forbidden to play outdoors, and face a future of religious sanctioned beatings, or strict oppression.
            Public beatings and amputations would be common, the killing of those who sin against the religion would be public affairs, and no one could object.
            Sorry, IMO islam is a nasty, savage cult.

          • I cannot cite anything more graphic than the case of the Muslim television executive in NYC who beheaded his wife in his own television station a few years ago. I can’t remember if it was ‘live’ at the time, but it was horrific!
            Irony of all ironies….his television show was all about Islam, the religion of peace!!!!! The beheading was an ‘honor killing’ of sorts b/c the wife planned to divorce him.

            There have been several cases of ‘honor killing’ in this country – fathers murdering children, etc. I can’t think of anything more heinous! These Muslims may be ‘peaceful’ 99% of the time, but the Koran obviously dictates slaughtering family members who violate Islamic law.

            It’t not a question of ‘hate’, Aileen….it’s simply that they scare me to death. It’s what happens when ‘good Muslims’ fly off the handle and off the heads of family members.

          • I fear some radical Christians, Girly1.
            I fear I will be targeted by my own countrymen as a white person.
            I have fears, too.
            My mother always said, “The opinion you have of others is just a reflection of what you see in yourself.”
            How those words haunt me and bring me up short daily!
            I did not see this telecast so I cannot comment on that.
            However, in my humble opinion, watching something that horrific is no more horrific than watching the bodies of dead school children being carried from a school.
            I am horrified by the instances of criminal behavior in my own country. I love America with all my heart, but, living outside her borders has shown me how lazy and indifferent we have become to the protection of our country. We need to return to the “old ways” and become stronger in our beliefs and more protective of the freedoms and Judeo-Christian values that are America.
            We desperately need to clean our own house before we pass judgement on the habits of others.
            Father God, please, give us all Your Wisdom and Your Strength and Your Grace and Your Goodness.
            I ask it in Jesus’ name,
            And all the people said, “Amen.”

          • Good will triumph over evil, Aileen. Two more years and we hopefully will have someone who actually loves this country, and will uphold his oath of office to protect us from all harm, domestic and foreign.

          • I concede this is a cite from Wikipedia…
            Note the final sentence:. Please, understand that many English translations have been made by Indians. They are not always accurate.
            “Hadith (Arabic: حديث‎, /ˈhædɪθ/[1] or /hɑːˈdiːθ/[2]) in religious use is often translated as ‘tradition’, meaning a report of the teachings, deeds and sayings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The hadith literature was compiled from oral reports that were present in society around the time of their compilation after the death of Muhammad. Bukhari’s collection is considered by many traditional religious scholars as the most reliable, it was compiled two centuries after the death of the Prophet.

            The Hadith also had a profound and controversial influence on molding the commentaries (tafsir) on the Quran. The earliest commentary of the Quran by Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari is mostly sourced from the hadith. The hadith was used in forming the basis of ‘Shariah’ Law (See Criticism of Hadith). Much of early Islamic history available today is also based on the hadith and is challenged for lack of basis in primary source material and contradictions based on secondary material available.

            Each hadith is composed of two parts, a chain of authorities reporting the hadith (isnad), and the text itself (matn).[3][4] Hadiths are still regarded by traditional Islamic schools of jurisprudence as important tools for understanding the Quran and in matters of jurisprudence.[5] Hadith were evaluated and gathered into large collections during the 8th and 9th centuries. These works are referred to in matters of Islamic law and history to this day. The largest denominations of Islam, Sunni, Shiʻa, and Ibadi, rely upon different sets of hadith collections. Clerics and jurists of all denominations classify individual hadith as sahih (authentic), hasan (good) and da’if (weak).[6] However, different traditions within each denomination, and different scholars within each tradition, may differ as to which hadith should be included in which category.”

          • As for “black Muslims” –this movement has been around for yrs as MM said. Now, by dredging it, people with prejudice fear black people for headchopping tendencies, too. Just nifty.

          • Star, For my part I will refrain as of this moment from taking cheap shots. But my comment was a cheap shot to a comment you made to me sourcing wikipedia and calling me out on it.

          • I did say Wiki was not a reliable source–even if Aileen used it and I agree with her on the drift here does not mean I love Wiki now. I do think the source list at the end can be helpful. So many people just go to Wiki–endy story–I think that is a mistake. My opinion. Proceed as you wish.

          • Here’s the deal Aileen. Christians and Jews are murdered and persecuted world wide. And Christians and Jews speak out about that — maybe not to the extent I would like, but there is some outrage.

            So, until the “good ” Muslims start speaking out and actually doing something then count me as unsympathetic.

          • I am not specifically referring to you–but since a certain person returned to the list, the anti-Muslim spew has been constant. Also the offhand curse words are back. . Coming to WHD makes my heart sink now. By not speaking out–a Muslim, anyone–does not mean that person approves. A poster could say it’s tacit approval but that does not mean it is.

          • Star, I am replying here because there is no reply showing at your post.

            I understand your feelings. But all opinions count. Nothing is to be gained by comforting ourselves in the cocoon of WHD for which we are all grateful. A safe place for us.

            Whether we like it or not terrorism is coming from extreme Islam. There are believers who in the name of Islam are terrorists and who aim to kill us. It is in our country and it needs to be addressed.

            The MSM and the libs twist and hide and obfuscate around it . We cannot afford to do that.

            We are big people here. We need to be open. And we better be able to take the hits because out in the real world the hits are harder.

            I know silence does not indicate approval. But it makes their case weaker. And if they believe in this country then they need to know that freedom is not free.

          • For heaven’s sakes, Grace–I know these barbaric acts are coming from extreme people interpreting words extremely and wrongly–we all do. But I am not going to condemn everyone I see for their reaction or non-reaction. This has all been said and said and said.

          • I am in the same camp, grace. I’ve seen and read how Aayan Hirsi Ali has been admonished and belittled. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is the lone male voice and he’s only heard on Fox News. Otherwise, all we get are crappy CAIR comments.

          • I agree. Aayan Hirsi Ali in particular is brave .

            CAIR is a hornets nest of and a Potemkin Village . I heard someone (I wish I could remember who — perhaps the gentleman on Jeanine last night) say that there are instances where CAIR was supported by this administration and funds directed at suspect “charitable” organizations and also some dealings by Holder where terrorists were granted leniency or avoided the legal system by the ever weaving and bobbing his way through the rule of law Eric Holder.

            And at some point braver people are going to have to speak out about what this Administration is not doing or is avoiding to keep us safe from terrorists. The borders being only the most obvious and safest subject.

  8. The MSM is skewering the Secret Service for lapses in their duties, and a lack of attention to their main job.
    Every photo of the President or his family shows the agents as middle-aged, slightly overweight men and women. The WhiteHouse detail must be a perk for those who have served long and well, or are politically correct, and not a post given to those who might be better qualified to do the job. Their reaction, or non-reaction, to the shots fired into the WhiteHouse shines a light on one of the most difficult places to protect – a building set in the open where crowds of people and autos can freely pass by.

    The President, and especially his family, do not have to live inside the WhiteHouse. We should provide housing in a safe and secure estate somewhat near DC, or in DC if that’s feasable, that is surrounded by acres of protected woodland and far from the city.
    The President can commute to the WH to do whatever he does there, just like the people lucky enough to have jobs today. He might not even need to go to the BigWhite when his schedule includes his zipping around the mainland gathering money for his friends, but can just take off from the President’s Estate.

  9. There is an article on RealClearPolitics taken from The New Republic by Communist Angela Davis. She called Eric Holder an advocate for the poor. Well, well, by their friends ye shall know them. Also one by David Gergen in The Boston Globe on how Obama has regained his confidence.

      • I can’t remember where, but I’ve also read that Mooch and Gov. Quinn of IL are campaigning (for him) on all they’ve done for the military. You could knock me over with a feather on that one. Mr. Mooch laying 30,000 US born military but creating military jobs for non-citizens.

        Get ready to be bombarded with photos of Hillary Clinton and her new granddaughter on all the magazine covers. It will be as if Madame Secretary had given birth and not Chelsea.

  10. It’s difficult for me to believe that there are people out there who see Holder in the terms of “legacy” and Obama’s Syrian adventure and UN speeches as a positive thing, but on that Howie Kurtz Buzz show on Fox that seems to be the consensus of those who spoke in a moderate manner about what is working well. I don’t know but then again nothing really surprises me. There are some meek, mild, largely uninformed and non critical democrat voters who probably take a quick look and then go yeah, okay.

    On the other hand, there was a long twitter thing yesterday from liberals about the beheading and mocking the idea that it might be terrorism. The trend within the democrat/progressive/leftist to deny terrorist danger in fealty to their man god Obama is astonishing.

    Some have said it took Pearl Harbor to get us into WWII. I was talking to a friend and we were wondering what would it take to wake America up. She offered up a horrific example involving school children — she being convinced something like this would do it. I disagree. Not even that scenario.

    We live in a country, with an undercurrent that perhaps this traveling virus among school children now might result in paralysis and are being reassured that this is the resurrection of something from the 1950s and yet there is suspicion that it might have started with the illegal central americans in schools across America , and yet there is no outcry from parents.

    I find it difficult to believe that most of America will be outraged against a terrorist threat unless it is so horrible that the media cannot bury it and the victims so innocent and ordinary that it defies imagination. And yet even with that I doubt there will be an adequate government response.

    We are either uninformed , apathetic or dulled by the Obama Administration.

    • And, we might just as well, rename Ferguson MO and call it Holder land because what is going on there today is fueled by this government and Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and that ilk directly.

    • It took Pearl Harbor to wake FDR up.
      It was an attack on our infrastructure, and enraged the American People.
      Read the history.
      FDR was not ‘blindsided’ by Pearl.

      • He was not blind-sided. He was expecting the Japanese to attack but wanted them to strike first as the American public was isolationist at the time and would not condone his attacking first. Where he was blind-sided was that he expected the attack to come in the Philippines, not Hawaii. And that was a terrible mistake, imho.

        But I have to say, even if the Japanese had struck the Philippines, we didn’t seem very prepared there either.

        • I think my point was — Americans react to big and physical — 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. Lopping off heads one by one in the US or beheading on video not too effective over time.

          Imagine if you will — A dictator riding in on a big horse, chest full of brightly colored fake medals — who immediately — within 30 days — dispenses with the rule of law and the constitution and appoints a special army of assistants to elevate certain segments of the population against others, a certain ideology, replaces the free press with a Ministry of Propaganda, and stifles all dissent. We might sit up for that.

          When it comes in disguised like Barack Obama – we have a harder time. And our slow reaction time might fell the Republic.

          • I was just responding to AFVet’s point, unaware of yours. These threads get so long, it’s difficult to trace back the original comment. I would agree with you that Americans tend to react to big events, sticking their heads in the sand until it’s almost too late.

  11. AQ is on the run – NOT!
    On Friday, the United States told its citizens in Yemen to leave and said it was reducing the number of U.S. government staff there due to political unrest and fears of a possible military escalation.

    An Al Qaeda splinter group launched a rocket attack on the U.S. embassy in Sanaa on Saturday.

    Another Obama success story.

  12. For Mandy and Aileen if you are so inclined. There is a comment on the Ace of Spades Book Thread today about a book, The Lives of Muhammed by Kecia Ali. See commment 101 at the link.

    Mandy perhaps this will not cut muster but apparently there are a ton of footnotes in this book when the apologist goes too far.

    The writer who made this comment has shown great competence in his knowledge of the Middle East, the Koran and Islam and Muslims so that should bring some consideration to the book.

  13. I just pulled up Drudge. It states that on 60 Mins. O stated: We underestimated the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
    Now it doesn’t state when exactly the U.S. started to underestimate.
    As far as I am concerned I did not over estimate them when the trail of ISIS was driving up in a long line. As well all the people starving and scrambling for their lives.

    • Who the hell is “we”? Did it include James Clapper, who proclaimed a few years ago: “The term Muslim Brotherhood is an umbrella term for a variety of movements. In the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried al-Qaeda as a perversion of Islam.”

      • Don’t forget that Clapper didn’t even know of the arrests of a group of 12 terrorists in London in December 2010. It was all over the news, yet he claimed he had not heard of it until Baba Wawa asked him about it.

        • I will not watch, but my husband saw somewhere that Obama said that “intelligence” underestimated ISIS. Passing the buck, projecting, I don’t know. I believe he was well informed over a year ago about ISIS, and HE was the one who ignored the warnings.

  14. Mike Baker made two good points
    –No matter what we call it terrorism or workplace violence — the beheading here was a victory for our enemy. And will go a long way in encouraging them.

    –Likewise no matter what we call or do not call those we are fighting and who hate us that would be out enemy — they are very clear about the enemy — and that is the infidel — the US –the West.

    So,for me, pretty much we have a war of words. And the enemy collecting heads, towns, arms, money etc.

    And for me Obama’s War — pathetic — so slow the enemy leisurely regroups, moves on, repositions, and lots of night time bombing perhaps even of empty and deserted buildings.

    Obama is a liar and a fraud. So it should come as no surprise that this effort to fight skates along on the thinnest of veneers.

    • Obama will slow walk all of it until midterms. If the Senate changes to R in November he’s off the commitment hook. The Dems will then use/abuse whatever the R’s decide to do as a weapon for 2016. Never mind that perilous Dem foreign policy has brought the war full circle again, the MSM will be ready, willing and enabling the Left come 2016.

      • If you want to really see how slow mo this is listen to Tony Blinken on Fox News Sunday. You would think we are looking for lice in our kid’s hair.

      • I can see it now. 2016 will be a replay of ‘Blame Bush’, despite the 8 year gap. Obama has kept the ‘bash Bush’ drumbeat up all of this time…and the DEMS can’t get enough of it. Obama will turn the ISIS mess into Bush’s mess…and off we go…again. No wonder he’s looking so smug these days.
        And Boehner’s limp ‘interview’ with George S. this morning didn’t help matters.

      • Julie I agree — Mike’s point was that they are going to come after us no matter what — so take the focus off our internal word squabble — but I get it.

        Call it — Islamic extremist jihadis sworn to kill us. Hit them swiftly, decisively so they are smashed into oblivion.

        Or be killed as we are fighting — slowly.

        • No one wants to call a spade a spade – period. The war between the West and Islam is an old one that went on hiatus only once in history, if memory serves correctly.
          Unless and until the West acknowledges the realities, the war will continue decades into the future. Feb. 1993, September 2001 and the incompetents continue to push the snooze button on the alarm.

  15. “DON’T BE MAD!”

    The war on school lunches continues! Michelle Obama continues to force-feed school kids! Instead of admitting that she made a huge blunder by trying to takeover the school cafeterias and palettes of millions of school kids, the old crone who occupies the WH has decided to wage war with them via a national broadcast on the Channel One website.

    This is truly shocking! The entire article and interview can be found on Drudge:

    “First lady Michelle Obama said it was “natural” that kids are “grumbling” over new requirements for schools to fill vending machines and lunch lines with healthier food, but that it would not deter her from improving child nutrition.

    According to a transcript provided on the Channel One website, Obama said, “I know kids are grumbling because they have to make changes. Trust me, my kids roll their eyes at me every time I tell them ‘you know you don’t have to finish your diner, but you have to finish your vegetables.’ But I know that I’m doing it because I’m giving my kids the best that I know I can give them.”

    The First Lady made it clear she’s not backing down: “Don’t be mad because there are changes. Figure out why the changes are important, and then find out how you make it work for you.”

  16. On Fox with Harris Faulkner (?) as I was walking by. Reporting on the man who beheaded Colleen Hufford and attacked another woman — has now become “attacked two co workers with a knife.”

    On Fox with Harris.

  17. This is funny. Commenting on Obama’s 60 minutes interview (which I missed) Ron Fournier National Journal tweeted this:

    I, me, my. It’s their fault. I, me, my. It’s their fault. I, me, my. It’s their fault. I, me, my. It’s their fault. I, me, my …
    7:52 PM – 28 Sep 2014

    Fournier, leaning left Centrist — not lib crazy — and well respected. This is so out of character that someone commented:
    “Somebody kidnapped the real Ron Fournier.”

    Either Obama extolled Himself even more passionately than usual, or Ron, who has been struggling against going eyes wide open, is being forced to open his peepers just a tad more.

  18. The last few days the AP has had a new headline every few hours reporting how more countries are joining Barry’s “coalition” – it’s like a Barry infomercial, updated several times a day.

  19. They are friggin’ everywhere. I do not watch the new Madam Secretary — go Hillary. But I have always enjoyed The Good Wife. Until tonight, when for reals, Valerie Jarrett appeared.

    Stupid stupid stupid.

  20. Obama’s interview yesterday on “60 Minutes” was a mix bag. He did say some things that I agree with namely that we are who every country calls when the crap hits the fan. Not Russia or China but us since we have the strongest, most powerful, most agile and frankly productive military in history along with still being the strongest economically. But too many questions he seemed to be stammering on and just wished to punt which seems to be how he will end his presidency ironically. And the last few he seemed to be totally clueless on.

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