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Update on the Terrorist Attack in Oklahoma

Yesterday I wrote that with the attack in Oklahoma, the ISIS war had come to America. Today, several more facts have emerged that show Islamism was a motivating factor in the murder and attempted murder perpetrated by Alton Nolen, an American Muslim who was reportedly converted in jail.

According to reports, all of which, of course, seem to be emanating from local Oklahoma and conservative media:

  • Nolen was fired because he was telling people at work women should be stoned for offenses.
  • One witness to the murder told a local news reporter he was shouting Islamic phrases as he killed.
  • He had a facebook page littered with Islamist writings, including that “Sharia Law is coming!”

According to The Daily Caller:

Nolen’s Facebook “cover” photo appears to be of several Taliban fighters, according to a Google reverse image search . . .

He also posted images of Osama bin Laden and wrote in a caption on a photograph of the 9/11 attacks “A Future Prophecy Revelation 18:8 She (The statue Of Liberty) is going into flames. She and anybody who’s with her.”

On March 7th, Nolen added an image to his Timeline which shows a partially decapitated man with someone standing over him pulling his head back to show the wound. Above the image there is a quote which reads, “Thus do we find the clear precedent that explains the peculiar penchant of Islamic terrorists to behead their victims: it is merely another precedent bestowed by their Prophet.” Just below the image is a citation from the Quran, “I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off of them.”

This attack is an Islamist act of terrorism modeled on the beheadings by ISIS terrorists in Iraq. It is the first such strike resulting from the terrorist “caliphate” that has been permitted to grow and thrive in Syria and Iraq. The assault will not be the last or the most virulent.

The conversion of Americans to Islam in jail is a widespread and frightening phenomena that has established a whole new cadre of potential recruits for terrorism, BTW.

Whether from these people, other radicalized domestic Muslims, Islamist immigrants, or those who have traveled to fight for ISIS and returned, we have a large population of people in this country willing to stage vicious attacks.

With the Islamic State, they now have a major source of funding, planning, and a large training area that will help them kill Americans. President Obama’s “slow war” provides the time needed to carry out such attacks.

60 thoughts on “Update on the Terrorist Attack in Oklahoma”

  1. What a total disaster “the chosen one” has been. How can Americans be so stupid to have elected this guy twice.
    It will take a very long time to undo the damage from the worst president ever. Worse than Jimmy Carter even.
    Convert or die says the peaceful religion of Islam.

    Oh and have a nice day with that.

    1. Reel Republicans who actively worked against Romney and then failed to vote put King Hussein over the top in 2012…They will do it again if Romney runs for 2016.

  2. I believe this and agree it is scary. Now, will anyone do anything about this, or will we just insist it’s just “workplace violance” just like the Ft. Hood Jihadist?

    1. It shows you what kind of religion it is, Criminal religion that criminals love because it tells them they can commit murder and other things.

  3. The spin on the story is in full swing: major MSM outlets have headlines like this – ‘Cop who shot the killer was also a company executive”.
    Why is that spin: because he wasn’t on duty then, nor was he a ‘cop’ who happened to be at the workplace. The savior who shot the killer was a company executive who believed in open carry and had a firearm with him.
    Small, but

    1. oopsy
      Small, but a big difference.
      The intent is to remove the story of the armed citizen who saved the lives of his fellow workers by putting the “cop” in the story.

      1. OT: I really am a registered Dem. Yeah, yeah I know. I like to consider myself a mole embedded in the opposition camp.

        They are now sending 2-3 desperate e-mails a day begging for money or to sign this petition or will you join us. They tell me that I haven’t stepped forward, they know my donation history ($0), and they’re concerned.
        “We’re going to lose, It hurts to lose, We need to finish what we started, win a chance to meet the President, The sky will fall, etc etc etc.
        Are any of you Repubs getting similar e-mails from your party duns?

        1. I’m not registered with any party srdem65, but I’ve donated to Republican candidates before and currently.
          Getting about the same 3- 4 e-mails and a mailbox full of donation requests.
          The petitions always end with “send money”.

          1. Same with me. I only donated to a couple of conservatives, one of them Chris Daniels in MS, and now because of the way the Republican Party handled that, they can go suck eggs for all I care.

          2. Your dumbass attitude is why Obama got re-elected. You and a few million like you…You don’t see that we are fighting a tsunami of socialism, communism, and anti-Americanism?

          3. Right. How can these people be so stupid — we are going down and we gotta get RID of the democrats, I mean communists, because that is what they are. No matter what, if you have any intelligence, vote them out to survive. Please!

          4. I am afraid to donate to anyone. A couple of years ago I gave a significant donation to the Young College Republicans. The following year I was audited, for the first time ever. Lois Lerner. IRS. I have donated here. I can only hope that it does not bring an audit. I find a donation here worthwhile. Enlightening and entertaining!

        2. srdem65, I am in Florida visiting my sister who is not a registered Dem. This week she received a letter from Michelle Obama. In the return address her name is in big black letters. When you see the letter it is the first thing you notice, In smaller letters below her name is a statement that it is an electioneering communication paid for by Charlie Crist. He is running for governor as a Dem. In the past he was governor as a Republican. I am clueless as to why he would want his name connected with the Obamas. Then again I am a Texan and do not understand the mysteries of Florida’s political situation.

          1. Charlie Crist — don’t have enough words to express my contempt. He ran to the Democrat party and he will do anything to gain favor. A truly unprincipled man.

        3. By virtue I donated to John Edwards and McCain/Palin I’m on both lists. And they’re both misleading doomsayers….donate or else. They sell their donor lists to other Dems/Repubs, it’s for life unless you unsubscribe. I rather enjoy the battle of the nitwits though. Nothing changes.

    2. If doom comes,it’s going to be interesting to see what crazy leftists who are all spitting at the cops have to say when the cops are the only ones left (besides the military) to do any policing or law enforcement.

  4. Now- just hole’on here a secon, I recon, Andy- What we here got here- clearly- is this:
    Alton Nolan- a black man at work…….being shot, no, executed, IN Cold Blood-
    by …….a white guy, Mark Vaughan, some rich white guy who owns a food company, has a stash of weapons, is in cahoots with the whitey cops.
    This is the norm in the white supremacist midwest USA.
    Al Sharpton will be right down there, and Eric Holder will be there soon.

    1. oops I did not see your comment — much more thorough than mine — good one on the “hero” CEO who ended the workplace violence morphing into the villain.

      It appears all that work justifying the Benghazi video was not for naught — the manipulation of the truth has become absolutely stunning.

  5. Nolen was fired because he was telling people at work women should be stoned for offenses.

    Something tells me Eric Holder will see this as a first amendment issue. He should not have been fired because … free speech. And this is clearly a case of discrimination because ….black.

    And while the murder (not beheading) was “regrettable”, it was certainly understandable.

    And oh yeah, somewhere …freedom of religion.

          1. I am suspecting she was white. If she was black then Obama has serious commentary challenges ahead of him.

            That said, by all accounts, this was a good hardworking well liked woman who had lost her home in the last hurricane and just recently recovered from that.

            Colleen Hufford. RIP.

        1. He’s another phony who should go live in a Muslim country and see how “moderate” they are and how they all should be painted with the same brush. I wish Obama would defend Israel who is our only ally in the region??? He never does. Anyone who doesn’t agree with Obama is his enemy. In Obama’s warped mind Netanyahu and Israel are his enemy. With friends like Obama, you don’t need enemies, he’s the enemy to Israel and to America.

    1. Yeah Grace,…..instead of beheading her, maybe he should have just stoned her to death.
      I don’t think the guy is dead yet.
      I think he is in a hospital.

  6. President Obama’s “slow war” provides the time needed to carry out such attacks.

    Allow me a small edit …Obama’s purposeful “slow war” provides the necessary time …..attacks.

    1. “….now watch this drive”. ;)

      Isn’t it funny how quiet the atheists are about beheadings in the name of Allah. I guess as long as they don’t put up a Nativity scene……..?

  7. Has the White House issued a statement on this yet? If so, did Barry mention if this jihadist looks like any of his relatives – past, present or future?

      1. They are already running that underlying “mental illness”meme.

        Like the former SU and other dictatorships “mental illness” is a useful default in situations like this as well as with the “dissenters”.

        1. Islam is a mental disease.

          Heck, it’s founder, the one who liked to marry six-year-old girls and behead those who got in his way, had serious delusions.

    1. Mr. T — I don’t know. But Obama will be presented with a serous quandary if both victims are black ladies. If white, then he is pretty much good to go on some twisted justification.

      1. MT I spoke commented this morning that I have not heard a word from him or any of his crew regrarding the horrific killing of the citizen. However I mentioned as well the riots and all the comments in one of our cities several weeks ago. They would not shut up about that. O even mentioned this in the UN speech.

        1. Probably this is one of those rare instances when “The President does not intervene in local matters. And will not comment because the case is under investigation by the FBI”.

          On Monday Josh will dutifully refer questions (if there are any from the corpses) to the FBI who reports to Holder who will, if anything, say and do exactly what Eric Holder tells them to say and do. That is the “investigation” .

  8. I worked for state parole for a number of years, and the number of inmates coming out that had converted to Islam was frightening. I remember going to several homes for visits, and seeing flags of Islam hanging on the walls, Islamic pamphlets on the tables that called for the rise of Sharia, and praising Bin Laden.

    When I brought this to the attention of my supervisor, a deputy commissioner, and wrote a report for the commissioner, I was told that I was fear-mongering. I would pass info onto the Feds, this was back in the Bush days, and was told, “thanks, but we got this, so don’t worry.” This pandering to the Islamic world needs to stop. They are here, and there are a lot more embedded into our society than we know, just waiting to make their move(s).

    Allowing Imams into the prisons is insane. It needs to stop, not out of a desire to stop religious freedom, but to stop the recruiting of more home grown terrorists, the ones we need to fear, not the returning vet, or the person who believes in the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution.

    1. We have pandered to blacks, illegals and now muslims.

      It will be interesting times when there are no more conservatives or even semi conservatives and all these groups, without any binding principles, try and coalesce.

    2. I don’t care what religion they want to plant their butcher way of living on. It is wrong even if it is a relgion who may think a coffee cup is thier lord.
      I used the coffee cup as an example because I did not want to use anyone’s religion in my point.
      Evil is evil is evil. A crime is a crime is a crime. Now if we have to keep explaining this to O, we are in trouble.

        1. Islam is a death cult. Islam is a mental disease. This sounds so stupid. You know what it reminds me of–atheists who say Christians pray to some sky wizard or something. Mindless.

    3. As I stated before, All the Muslims in the prisons should be removed and put on a ship to be deposited on a deserted island,and then conveniently lose the ship on the way.

    4. Of course a religion like Islam would flourish in jails, the religion encourages violent acts and murder, so why wouldn’t criminals in the jail system not like it? The Imams are probably taking advantage of these facts that criminals would like a gutter religion where they violence, murder, beheading would appeal to violent criminals. Something should be done about these Imams who hate America but live here and enjoy the freedoms, luxuries and still hate us? Let ’em get the hell out. But we have a president who glorifies Islam even though he knows of all the beheadings and killings and violence and he still praises and glorifies it, preaching to all of us about how wonderful Islam is. We need a president like this? Its a nightmare to have him as our President and Eric Holder in the Justice system breaking laws the two of them.

  9. I’m of the belief, rightly or wrongly, that all of these so-called prison ‘converts’ to Islam are nothing more than bloodthirsty, (American) natural-born killers who want nothing more than an excuse to go on killing rampages. They’re already in prison, for pete’s sake. What better place for Muslim crazies to recruit. It’s a no brainer.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the black guy with dreadlocks who was just arrested for the murder of the young college girl (can’t remember which state) is a Muslim convert. The grainy video of him following her from the bar shows him wearing a long, flowing white robe of some sort. Typical Muslim cleric garb.

    No Muslim cleric should ever be allowed inside of an American prison. All Muslims and Muslim wannabe prisoners should be removed and sent to GITMO. We need to expand GITMO, not close it. Any Muslim convicted of a hate crime should immediately deported.
    Our borders should be closed to all Muslims…period! Obama has been bringing in Somali refugees by the tens of thousands. The teen-age sons of these refugees are trouble! Creeping Sharia has already begun in some areas. We have imported more Muslim refugees under Obama than all of the hispanic and other races combined!

    We need to police our own borders – not Syria or Iraq.

  10. Islamist extremists, especially the terrorists, are nothing more than a bunch of cultists. Cultists are generally avoided by sane people and hammered if they get too close. Western nations are going to have to take this path eventually. Better sooner than later. I spent many long years in the military and on a large police force. If someone told me they would kill me at first opportunity, I took them seriously and actioned myself accordingly. A lot of us need to wake up.

  11. Does 0bama know about this beheading in OK?
    I haven’t heard him comment. He is still stuck on Ferguson, even mentioned it in his speech at the UN. The people there looked kind of confused, obviously. No one has been charged or convicted, the facts are still sorted out, and he acts like its a done deal: Cop Guilty!
    What about OK?
    Does he care?
    Oh wait, black on white crime, muslim?
    Do you still he is president of all the people?

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