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Mr. President: Stop Using the Term “ISIL”

Many of you may be confused by the alternate labels used for the Islamists rampaging through Iraq and Syria. Some call them ISIL, some call them ISIS, and some call them Islamic State.

Right now, they are calling themselves the Islamic State, after previously using the terms ISIS or ISIL.

Now, I don’t really care what they want to be called. I stand with Winston Churchill on this, who was famous for mispronouncing words in the languages of his antagonists, including, of course, France. He’d probably call them “ISIS” and pronounce it “Asses.”

But I do care what our president calls them. Because by using the term ISIL, he is legitimizing their claim to a broader region than they currently occupy.

ISIL stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. It’s what The Bloodthirsty Lunatics – or TBL, another potential option – used to call themselves.

This is the Levant:


What do you notice about it? What’s there??

By saying “ISIL,” Obama may as well be saying “The Islamic State of Iraq, Syria, and Israel.”

Now, I know he’s not getting along with Netanyahu, but . . .

Obama just loves to respect other cultures by referring to them as they would themselves. Pahkeestahn, he loves to say, while the rest of us provincials just call the place Pakistan, as in “pack your suitcase.”

But this group deserves no respect. That they used to call themselves ISIL should be of no importance to our president.

Obama should immediately begin referring to these people either as ISIS or “Islamic State.” Since they want to be called Islamic State, I would opt for ISIS. In fact, I do opt, on this website, for ISIS.

ISIS also originally referred to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in that it used for its last letter the “S” in the Arabic term for Levant, “al-Sham.” But ISIS has come to also mean “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.”

That is what they are. Although the way Obama is prosecuting this war, ISIL may eventually become the truth.

72 thoughts on “Mr. President: Stop Using the Term “ISIL””

  1. Thanks Keith, now explain Obama to me ;) I remember Presidents way back to Eisenhower and none have been this incompetent, ignorant, lazy or blame America for all the world’s problems. I even miss Nixon and Carter now.

  2. I’d just like to call them dead, maybe dead and gone, but dead.

    I don’t want them to be degraded, contained, managed, or peaceful, I want them dead, just as they want me to be – dead.

    1. I just walked by the TV a moment ago, at the top of the hour.
      Heard Fox mentioning at a workplace incident.
      I don’t care if it happened in a huge tree. It should not be titled as a landscape incident.

        1. Sorry — really a typo, I meant to say rot in hell ISIS. But that sentence slipped out about Obama? Thats my sub-conscious, I should not have typed that about Obama, think it but not type it!

  3. Just FYI on definition of “The Levant”.

    Given the fact that Edrogen, who is the President of Turkey and Obama’s best friend forever, overtly sponsors the Muslim Brotherhood and is covertly sponsoring ISIS just as the Pakistani ISI sponsored the Taliban in Afghanistan, we should view ISIL as well as the “Arab Spring” as Turkey’s puppet ploy to revive the Ottoman empire, everyone should be very alarmed. Given the inclusion of Cypress in the Levant, Greece should be particularly concerned. However; it is the Israelis who should be most upset by these developments.
    revive the Ottoman Empire.

  4. Great explanation about ISIL and think Churchill’s name for them would be fine. I’m also struggling with Khorosan as I just read an article that Obama made up that name.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Obama is golfing today. 41st time this year, 198th time as preezy.

        1. Some say it comes from the Koran, that one of the hadiths says that the return of the Mahdi would be preceded by fighters under a black flag who are from the ancient region of Khorosan, which was in parts of present-day Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

    1. I hope Sam the Cook is preparing a big celebration for the 200th game! Pretty sure roasted pig is not on the menu — but it should be grand whatever it is.

  5. Obama’s selective support of some Muslims and his barely disguised contempt for Israel will not serve him well.

    At best it is held together by the very slender thread of a “coalition”.

    Obama and Jean Francois Kerree better hurry up and do that deal with Iran or this whole thing is going to turn to sh”t for them.

  6. You know he is always going to stick that nose in the air and pronounce things funny–don’t give him attention. Eye-sil, issle, let’s call the whole thing gross.

    1. You are right Star. We should not give him any attention anymore. He just says things funny like you said for attention. He really should be ignored as he lies and now makes up names of terrorist groups when its Al Quaeda(spell?), you know the group that Obama said was “on the run”. Obama should be on the run.

  7. Thanks Keith, I tried to explain this on a thread a couple of weeks ago. You as always did a much better job of explaining something.
    I try to explain that to as many people I can.
    I was unaware of Churchill misprounouncing names of Countries as you mentioned. I use the word maniac,

  8. Dude! He is always leading edge, ahead of the curve, pop culture maven……a little weed, a little Al Green…… Everything we want in a president.

  9. OT: Al Qaeda-linked militants in Yemen fire rocket towards U.S. Embassy, say revenge for drone strike.
    It was a Al Qaeda splinter group. Injured several guards. The rocket landed 200 meters from the heavily fortified embassy, which lies in a compound surronded by high walls, hitting members of the Yemeni special police force who were on guard.
    It was fired from a M72 light anti-tank weapon from a car.
    It states the attack comes a day after the US told its citizens to leave Yemen and said it was reducing the number of US government staff there due to political unrest and fear of military escalation.

    1. If I’m not mistaken, he cited Yemen as a success story at the UN, and when Ed Henry of Fox repeatedly tried to ask Josh Earnest “how so?”, he was given a circular response that never answered the question.

      1. Julie I just read Keith’s thread on him playing golf today. I would think he would be behind the desk reviewing, discussing the news about what happened at the Yemmen Embassy.
        I saw that article on Drudge earlier today. I did not see it mentioned on at least 3 other sites. Drudge got the article from Rueters. Rueters now has it way at the bottom (scroll down).
        After Benghazi, you would think that would be on the top of O’s list of things to do today, double checking on that, etc.

    2. Hmmm. A rocket attack on a US Embassy.
      Let’s not be alarmed Lee, I’m sure its just another spontaneous demonstration.
      Another video “disrespectful” towards islam perhaps.

      1. I’m sure Obama could care less about another attack on any embassy. Gotta get his spiteful game of golf in — childish, juvenile teenage excuse for a “president”. He should be fired, impeached, arrested and thrown in jail for neglecting his duties as President and for treason. You hear that Boehner? Boehner won’t do a thing.

  10. I doubt anyone in this “WH press corps” has the smarts-brains (excluding Keith :-) to ask this question at a daily briefing.

    It would be interesting to see how Propaganda Sec Josh “not so” Earnest would lie-squirm his way out of answering this question…

      1. I think the word is out about WHD. It’s possible the comment section has not increased the likelihood of Keith being recognized for his excellent analysis and writings.

  11. Keith, that is a great explanation of why he calls them ISIL. Someone, I’m not sure, maybe Krauthammer, also expects Obama to come to an agreement with Iran on its nuclear development in order to get their cooperation on the jihadists. All at the expense of Israel. Obama is willing to sacrifice both our country and Israel for the Muslims, but the Israelis are fortunate to have Netanyahu. He will not stand for it, but we Americans don’t have anyone like Netanyahu to stand up to him.

    1. Julie –I saw this re. Kurds and thought you might be interested.
      Turkey — NATO — WTF?
      I think you got it wrong. Kurds have been complaining that the Turks WILL NOT let them cross the border to fight. They want to fight

      Turkey has put up barbed wire fencing and has the Turkish army there to prevent Syrian Kurds from entering Turkey and keeping Turkish Kurds from entering Syria.

      1. I saw the Turks using tear gas on the Syrian Kurds. Well, I’m sure the Kurds want their own nation state and would carve it out of Syria, Turkey and Iraq. I’m not sure that wouldn’t be a good idea.

        I can’t bring up whatever you posted, Grace. Sorry. On my computer it’s a line of asterisks.

  12. Since Obama is such a lover of words – the loftier, the better, I expect part of his insistence on using the acronym ISIL is because the word “Levant” fascinates him and he may believe that us serfs will think “well, maybe he is the smartest guy in the room.”

    1. AND “ISIL” subsumes Israel.
      Has anyone come across the site where Dick Morris essays that the o administration wishes to/plans to replace the Jewish constituency w/moslems?

  13. It drives me nuts to hear Obama say ISIL. Don’t give them the satisfaction of hearing the name they want to be known as.
    Reminds me that during Desert Storm, George H. Bush would mispronounce Saddam Hussein’s name as Sad-dam (with a nice Texan accent), because that way it meant “little boy” in Arabic. Never knew if it was true.

  14. If we had an all female fighting force and all of our bullets, missiles and bombs were dipped in pig’s blood we would win this thing in a flash.

  15. The golfing boy is avoiding a direct reference to Syria by using the acronym “ISIL”.Why keep reminding the folks how badly he botched that situation.

  16. Yeah, Obamal loves to say Isil because he knows Israel has asked him not to say Isil and that Israel hates the term. Obama just loves to taunt Israel because he’s a Muslim and hates the Jewish state. I got news for him, Netanyahu is so much smarter and has more class then Obama will ever have. Watch Netanyahu tomorrow give his speech at the U.N. I love to hear him speak, he gives wonderful talks and speeches, so down to earth and interesting.

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  19. Personally I prefer Takfiri…. just to add another one to the growing list oh and don’t forget Daesh – used by many in Syria :-) these peeps just got sooo many names – its like having one for every guy in the group

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