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Obama Makes an Inspired Decision

Sometimes President Obama makes the right choice, and I think we try to note that here at White House Dossier.

Today was one of those times.

Obama analyzed the facts – 80 degrees, no humidity, and endless sunshine – and made the decision to go golfing.

He’s playing today at Fort Belvoir in Virginia with two junior White House aides and sports columnist Tony Kornheiser. It’s the 198th time he’s played as president and his 41st trip to the links this year.

19 thoughts on “Obama Makes an Inspired Decision”

  1. ESPN and sports casters and writers seem to be where Obama has decided to hang out lately.

    Pretty sure the world of sports will spout the Obama Sports Doctrine faithfully.

  2. Thank goodness he’s getting his much deserved R & R time from his daily grind of running our nation into the ground.

    I ran into this sneak peek for his upcoming week’s schedule on his fansite The Obama Diary….whew, I’m exhausted just reading it, hope he gets another round or two of golf in next weekend :)

    The President will attend a DNC event in Washington DC.

    In the evening, he will host Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India – spare a thought for him, he has to rule Amk – for a private dinner at the White House. The Vice President will also attend.

    • • •

    The President will host Prime Minister Modi at the White House.

    • • •

    The President will try really hard to smile as he hosts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House.

    In the afternoon, the President will welcome – sorry Tally – Sporting Kansas City to the White House to honor their 2013 MLS Championship.

    In the evening, the President will travel to Chicago where he will spend the night. Further details to come.

    • • •

    After a couple of events in Chicago, the President will return to the White House.

    That evening, the President will deliver remarks at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s annual awards gala in Washington.

    • • •

    The President will attend meetings at the White House.

    1. He’ll tell India that they can’t build their economy because of global warming. It’s best to stay in poverty.
      he’ll tell Israel that they can’t build settlements because it makes the terrorists angry. It’s best to cow-tow to dictators and terrorists.
      he’ll tell Illinois that they can’t build a safe city for everyone because of republicans. It’s best to allow people to live in slums and be afraid.

    2. He’s going to Chicago to campaign for Governor Quinn on Thursday:

      Then, the following week, Moochelle will be in Chicago to help Quinn:

      That second link has some interesting info about how Mooch is going after the “drop off voters”, the Dems who don’t vote in midterms.

  3. Judge Jeanine saying stop calling work place violence and workplace
    violence instead of terrorist. Talking to fast but watch the rerun of her opening statement.

  4. We have been gone all day to a family reunion. Has Obama made a statement about the white woman beheaded in Oklahoma by a black Islamic terrorist?
    I will not hold my breath to hear.
    Beautiful day to golf.

    1. Huh, I must have missed it too.
      I guess it didn’t really count. Its not Ferguson or Trayvon or the professor who was upset.
      Do you think he is a president of all the people?
      I now wonder.

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  6. Obama is on the golf course. He just finished the second hole. As he plods back to the golf cart, he motions to Tony Kornheiser and says “put me down for a five”. As Obama turns his back, Tony holds up eight fingers. If you like your golf score, you can keep it.

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