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Obama’s ISIS War Comes to America

They’re hee-er.

Now, let’s not jump to conclusions about today’s murder in Oklahoma.

Okay, strike that, let’s jump to conclusions.

Let’s look at the facts that we know:

  • ISIS has been beheading Americans.
  • ISIS is targeting America and has called in the meantime for lone wolf style attacks in the West.
  • The man who the committed the brutal murder just outside Oklahoma City, Alton Nolen, had recently converted to Islam and was trying to convert others. He had the fervor of newly found faith.
  • He beheaded his victim.
  • When was the last time you ever heard of anyone in America beheading their victims?

Sure, he was just fired from his job and angry, but it doesn’t take a genius to see there must be at least some kind of link between what is going on in the Islamic State and this murder in the United States.

Folks, this is just the beginning. President Obama has allowed a large, virulent force of terrorists to emerge, and he has vowed to prosecute a feckless, half hearted, slow-motion war against them.

As we fiddle around with our strategy to “degrade and destroy” them, they will have all the time and space they need to strike us.

It’s the Holy Grail for them, a significant blow against the United States. A public relations masterpiece! Unfortunately, today’s gruesome murder is a harbinger of more to come.

94 thoughts on “Obama’s ISIS War Comes to America”

  1. Thank you, Keith.
    As a next door neighbor to Oklahoma, I feel quite vulnerable tonight.
    Whoever said if we live in the Heartland we are safe?
    Are we ever going to be safe again?
    Not while Obama is president.

  2. I think they’re here too Keith. It’s like the Crips and Bloods gangs that have been terrorizing inner city neighborhoods for years (NYC, Chicago, L.A.), this “new” Islam initiation is beheading. Scary stuff.

  3. On Greta, the reporter in OK. said his facebook page had his changed name.
    Cop said he don’t know what his motive was. By what he was told by witnesses that led cops to call FBI. It will be up to them how this crime is labeled.

        1. Well it happened in a workplace. It was violence. Ergo we DO NOT have to even THINK about terrorism!! Hell, if I yell at my neighbor I can be charged with a “Terroristic Act”. But as long as I yell “Allah u Akbar” then I can chop my neighbor into little pieces and, well, I guess it’s their fault. Ooh goes along with The Obama Doctrine, “Nothing is MY Fault”!!

          1. Well it happened in a workplace. It was violence. Ergo we DO NOT have to even THINK about terrorism!! Hell, if I yell at my neighbor I can be charged with a “Terroristic Act”. But as long as I yell “Allah u Akbar” then I can chop my neighbor into little pieces and, well, I guess it’s their fault. SNIP

            Just so you know the rules.

  4. Beheading the enemy is a favorite tactic of the notorious Mexican cartels, and something they’e done for years. Oh, yeah, the same Mexicans who are now on the Dream Team or part of the huddled masses yearning for American goodies.
    In 2010, we had a beheading (right here in my home town)of a suspected drug dealer by his unfriendly supplier – the murderer got 14 (yes, fourteen) years for the murder and decapitation of the victim.

    The tactic is supposed to instill fear and loathing in others to keep them from defying or turning against the criminals. The terrorists are using this tactic for the same reason. How well it’s working for them is a matter to be determined later. Civilized people are horrified, disgusted, and feel the fear of dismemberment and that is the point.
    Yes, they’re here, and have been imbedded here for a long time.

    1. And as long as it goes buried and unannounced it will continue.

      The Administration’s policies have allowed this but the media is equally responsible responsible. Maybe if enough blood is shed …..

      2010 — 14 years — it’s 2014 — that guy is probably lined up at the gate on his way out of prison srdem65 –sorry to say.

    2. The difference between the cartels/gangs and ISIS is the cartels usually only target their own – ‘business’ deals gone bad, etc. The bloodthirsty Islamic killers want to strike fear into everyone across the globe. What better way than beheadings on national tv?

      ISIS will have no trouble recruiting. There are enough crazies in this country – natural-born killers – who will jump at the chance to carry out their fantasies in living color. Not to mention the fact that they are well-paid. including benefits.

      The world is now a breeding ground for ISIS franchisees. What good does bombing Iraq do, when all they have to do is move on to another location. Random beheadings are quick and easy to execute. We now have to beware of the lone wolf on our own soil. Sad.

  5. For the last 6 years the Obama Administration has purposely overwhelmed America and created chaos. Chaos in the homeland with complete break down of immigration and loss of border control, chaos in federal government by overwhelming and surpassing the rule of law and replacing it with thousands upon thousands of regulations, chaos in our financial stability — when was the last time we had a budget — and now Hagel cannot even name the head of the FSA to whom 500 million USD are committed — absolute chaos in the military — I have read reports and heard anecdotes of muslim proselytizing in the ranks and so forth and so on. No one knows who really is in control of the war/no war in Iraq, Syria.

    America does not know where to turn. Authority and the rule of law is perverted. Local law enforcement has been over militarized and politically correct and undermined.

    This is what Barack Obama does. He cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. Now with chaos everywhere he and his sycophants cannot find their way out of the paper bag .

    We are shot full full of holes. And this Administration is responsible. And any terrorist act, admitted or not, is squarely in their hands on their heads.

      1. Muslims and communists, thats the tragedy of the U.S. And its all in our government, can you believe it? I can’t. It makes me want to cry. This Obama, he’s a real bad guy, evil is the word. As long as he’s in charge we will be paying through the nose, especially in the super market. Just recently prices have jumped up, meat, etc., I never saw food so expensive as now. Thanks Obama, have fun golfing this weekend, its only another beheading and on our soil. We can’t expect you to do some work instead of golf. And you get paid for this presidency? mooch.

  6. Nothing can express how sorrowful I am for the family of the victim! The impact of that horrifying ‘terrorist act’ is immeasurable to the idea that Americans are safe from barbarism under bho WH Adm!

    The news from DC is the reluctance to name the murder a ‘terrorist act’!
    Since the murderer became a muslim, his entire psyche is under the control of an Inman who literally controls the members of the mosque.

    The Ft. Hood shootings were directly linked to the perpetrator and his return from a visit to a known ‘terror-preaching’ Inman!

    Do not become confused by the movement across the World to ‘excuse’ so-called ‘moderate muslims’ from being capable of carrying out such jihad! Who is a ‘moderate muslim’? There are none!

    They are simply keeping a ‘low profile’ while populating, infiltrating, and influencing every aspect of the culture so, as they believe, someday, the World will submit to Islam and be muslims!

    Moderate muslims are ‘brain-washed’ by the same ideology of the Inman in every mosque! They preach hatred of the West, of Israel, and of the influence of Judeo-Christian moral principles and values that make America a ‘Nation of Equality’ under the Law!

    Over 2500+ Mosques have been built in the last three decades in North America. Homeland Security has done nothing to protect communities or educate the citizens about the TRUE teachings of Islam. In all 50 states, small college towns have mosques, and their colleges have been given millions of $’s by Saudis to hire muslim professors to teach muslim studies!

    Perhaps this horrific murder in OK will awaken the American citizens who have not been paying as much attention as others to the dangers of those bent on more violence and establishing a North American Islamic Caliphate! jb

      1. Star, I’m with you, but I will not participate in a name calling argument here.
        We all have our opinions. We all have our personal experiences.
        This I know is truth…
        There are many “Christian religions” and I would most certainly not want to be affiliated with all of them.
        God will do the judging. That is not my job. I am supposed to reflect the Love of Christ.

    1. Good going Nanette ! I firmly believe that the responsibility for protection of self and loved ones lays with the individual.
      Be alert, have a plan and stay safe.
      Good luck in your classes.

  7. I know this is extreme, and gross, but how about for every murder that occurs in the US that is a direct result of Muslim extremists (could just say Muslims, because I have yet to hear any “moderates” really speak out) there is placed a mannequin in front of the White House with the person’s name, with the mannequin showing the type of wounds the victim received. So that would be thirteen people from Ft. Hood with bullet holes, and now one from Oklahoma without a head.

    Drastic, and dangerous times call for drastic actions. Just as the pro-life people put out thousands of little crosses to show the number of dead babies, and they had the field of flags, one for each day the hostages were kept in Iran (444 flags), this type of demonstration maybe the only way to get the idiots we call fellow Americans to actually pay attention.

    1. I know, they should put them on the White House lawn. All of us have to be made aware. And how could people vote for Obama with his background in that terrible church and his communist ideology, especially after September 11th, 2001 when 3000 of our working people were murdered, burned up, on that day by Muslim crazies. And they still voted for him. I never would.

    1. OK, here we go. All the 2nd amendment stuff. Wait. OMG, you’re RIGHT!!! How can that BE. Liberals have tried to educate us for do long that “Guns Are Bad”. I guess that you and I (and somewhere around 150,000,000 Americans) just haven’t been paying close enough attention to Michael Bloomberg.

      1. AJ, Frank.
        Whatever tool you use, firearm, brick, bottle, or something pointy, DEFEND yourself. Resist and refuse to be a victim.
        Surrendering to barbarians only gets you murdered in a ghastly manner.

  8. Obviously someone didn’t get the memo that Islam is a Religion of Peaces.

    What will the apologists for this bloody ideology come up with to excuse this?

      1. THEY will never stop. We’re bad, ANYbody else is good. That’s why Obama had to “Fundamentally” change America. We have opressed the good people of the world for SO LONG that NOW we have to suffer.

        1. I’m talking about those who whip-out the usual-excuses.

          Islam is a religion of peace. What’s happening is against the Koran. The people who are killing others in the name of Islam are disaffected losers. Mohammed was a peaceful man who never raped a child.

          1. For just a second I missed the sarcasm. But you have nailed it. Anyone who attempts to rationalize, excuse or condone this vicious act is an accessory to it!! Oh, and Mo never DID rape a child. He always married them first.

    1. There is no excuse for this–but not all Muslims did this or would do this. And that child rape thing is pretty tired, Mandy. You tried to get it going before and it never “took.”

      1. Star, If you read Wm Federer’s book on the ‘Qur’an’ (it is available as an ebook, too), you will learn history about Islam and the political-religious-military ideology that morphed into the pure ‘evil factions’ it is from the 630’s to the present.

        Muslims are in every level of government since Keith Ellison of Minnesota became the first known muslim elected to the US Congress in 2006. However, most ill-informed voters knew nothing about him during the campaigning until after he was elected.

        In an interview with muslim supporters, he said to turn to the Qur’an which he used when sworn into office! Just a few of the disturbing verses: (Sura 5:51) Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends; (Sura 9:123) Make war on the infidels who dwell around you.

        The historical facts about Mohammed and his enslaving women and children of those killed in battles are not disputed including his unbelievable and horrendous abuse of a child bride.

        The market square in Medina became the mass grave of well over 700 Jews when Mohammed had them beheaded. He divided the women and children among his warriors and kept a fifth of them for himself.

        Sadly, far too many Americans do not know our own history well, and most of us were not taught World History except for the explorers. Now, more than ever, if it is not too late, Americans need to learn exactly WHAT kind of EVIL is being promoted and spread throughout the Nation. jb

        1. I am not going to read that bec I can’t read books anymore. And I know several people who are Muslims or converted–they are normal citizens, as I predict are more than 90% of Muslims living here. I have been through how people latch onto verses that justify them–we go over and over this. I am not comfortable with the “hate” aspect that sometimes creeps on the site–all this, all that…

          Diff subj–I saw Michelle speaking before some UN body. First why does she speak at the UN? And second, why is she saying in all seriousness that women in the US have it so bad. She had a weird dress on–but I did not see a headscarf or burka or guy threatening her with a whip or pile of rocks, such as is tolerated in the more unenlightened Muslim societies (they are not all alike–in one women can’t drive, in another they can fly jets). I don’t think American women are so bad off despite the propaganda–maybe her hubs could pay attn to the economy so women who want to stay homw with their kids can do it on the husband’s salary. Oh–and so they can buy their own b/c pills.

          1. Star, What draws commentators to WHD site is that Keith allows each of us to ‘vent’ and feel mostly safe. My comments are usually too long for most, so I appreciate your reading this one.

            You might consider, like I do, that some comments are hateful and sarcastic in tone. But, in my experience those emotions result from frustration, fearfulness, along with the realization that deeply concerned and involved citizens are becoming less and less able to positively influence what is widely recognized as the ‘wrong direction’ of those in power in our Gov’t.

            BTW, you comments questioning FLOTUS at the UN, etc., are ‘sarcastically’ right on target! jb

          2. Muslims hate us and want to kill us. They also want to convert everyone to Islam. Is this the kind of hate speech you are referring to? We have no choice but to feel the way we do about them, its called fear. You need a reality check with your 90% comment.

  9. Omg quit being afraid of those cowards. Lone wolf attacks are a fear tactic because they have seen how fear affects us since 9-11. This is America land of the free home of the BRAVE. If your so afraid get a concealed permit. If one tries to decapitate you. Pull out your firearm and blast his/hers brains out the back of there skull. We have a second amendment for a reason. The right of self defence.

    1. Yeah, but it seems that these bloodthirsty muslims can come up behind you before you can blast them. We must constantly look around now back and front. We have to be alert when we’re out and about all the time.

  10. Well said, Keith although I think you and I differ when it comes to how to deal with them abroad. I say, stay out of their eternal sectarian wars. We should deal with the Muslim problems within our borders instead , they are big enough. I have for a long time felt that our politicians have allowed many, many dangerous Trojan Horses into our countries here in Europe. Looks like you have the same situation over there. When troubles arose with these people we were not allowed to discuss it, it was labeled racism. The debate was so suppressed that it went underground, hence the rise of the new European Nationalist parties of various kinds. One such party had a metheoric rise in our election just recently. It is abolutely necessary for our leaders to be clear, we do not want to adapt our societies to Islam, if you are here, please adapt to our central values and beliefs , or leave. It is scary to think about how easy it is for an anti-Western group to terrorize our open western societies. I watched a documentary yesterday about the terrorist attack in a mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Those Somalian terrorists were hardly human, more like soulless killing machines. So horrifying. And Islam is inviting these acts. It is anti-Western in its core.

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    1. You are beyond ignorant.
      We are on to ALL of you.
      Go troll somewhere else.
      Many of us are old and too-too tired of this nonsense.
      Don’t let the door hit you in the rear! See ya!

  12. This sick children and drug cartel were just a cover for ISIS to come across our borders. This is only the beginning until we have an American president again.

  13. On one hand I can understand they would want to keep this low key, so they do not upset everyone.
    On the other hand the crew gets involved with what happened in a small town just weeks ago. Started riots etc. The crew all gave their comments on that. They did not low key that issue!
    There are domestic bad things that go on all the time. I am not making light of any violence of any kind, however each state can handle their own bad things.
    Than these horrific attacks start happening to our citizens overseas, now here at home.
    How did this happen? We were attacked on 911. We set up all types of new depts. to defend our homeland.
    We have to deal with protecting ourselves with The List, now with these barbaric things.
    As far as the prisons cut their access of computers. Let them read books on how to be a good person, books on proper edicate.

    1. There’s lots of recruiting going on in the prisons so why not send all Muslim and Muslim wannabe prisoners to GITMO. I never could understand why anyone would want to close that place. We should expand it, not close it.

      1. My husband has a great idea. Take all the muslims that are in prisons and put them on ships to be sent to desert islands then
        carefully lose the ships.

    2. Unfortunately each state (or county) cannot handle their own bad things.

      This government, largely through the face of Eric Holder’s DOJ no longer permits this.

      Ferguson being the most recent example. And just recently Holder “suggested” to the Police Chief that police not be allowed to wear armbands in support of the almost tried and hung policeman who killed Michael Brown in the line of duty.

      Arizona, being the most well known example of where Holder has sued the state.

      The southern border states, another well known example, of the federal government neutering state and previous federal law.

      States rights are also under attack.

  14. Yesterday I thought this story happened yesterday until I watched Hannity. He had a woman reporter from Moore, OK who had been the first on the scene, but as she described this horrendous act, it happened on Thursday. Today (Saturday) I see the WaPo is covering it for the first time. The left has been dragging its feet on it for two days. They don’t want to face the bitter truth.

    1. Same with NYT. They deigned to begin to report it around 4pm yesterday. But darn if Chelsea Clinton baby news isn’t front and center Page One today. Priorities.

        1. Right. My point exactly. Newspapers have forgotten the difference between news and entertainment. Pathetic. Chelsea’s baby is worthy of being reported, but never Page One.

          1. And by Monday Shrillary will have that baby on the campaign trail 24/7. And if breast feeding then that means Chelsea will be in tow. The husband and father will remain behind the scenes — he is as hidden as Bill is over displayed.

        2. Suprised she didn’t have an abortion, maybe she did in the past? The Clintons fight for abortions, killing millions of babies, thats ok but not their Clinton baby, royal blood, you know.

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  16. Roger that MM. Leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone.
    People of America should be prepared to defend themselves anytime, any where.
    If you get in a fight for your life, there will be no second place winner.

    1. Hey folks, don’t wanna interfere too much, but here where I am sitting at work, my mind is racing…my heart is pounding…maybe because I have realised something…it’s here…this whole fuck-up is upon the World…excuse my language, but I am so shocked…my eyes have opened…

      I live in South Africa, and I believe I have some say, or rather something to say:

      The past 2 or 3 years, little Muslim shops have popped up out of nowhere, cellphones, cafe’s, car dealers…they have literally taken over, not only here in Johannesburg, but All fucking over…I have just realised that a little shop, fixing phones or selling bread, can never make enough money to rent the space, but get this, they don’t rent…they buy whole blocks…fucking scary…and even in the rural areas, farms and plots, they have shops…they have infiltrated every aspect, coming to think about it…

      Something deeper is happening…I think the governments are involved…even our innocent corrupt South African government…

      Jeeezuz guys, this thing is much bigger than what we think, they are waiting for the right time to strike…forget the kkk…forget Hitler…this shit is gonna be the last of the final wars on earth…in our lifetime at least.

      Keep well and keep in touch…

      1. Thanks for your post. It’s always interesting to hear what’s going on in another country. The takeover you describe is happening everywhere, it’s very scary.

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