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The Obama Morning News || September 26, 2014

Emotional Obama praises emotional Holder
The Hill
“President Obama credited Eric Holder for a decline in the crime and incarceration rates Thursday at an emotional White House ceremony formally announcing the attorney general’s resignation.

“Obama credited Holder with reinvigorating the department’s Civil Rights division, fighting for gay rights, and spearheading sentencing reform.

“‘Thanks to his efforts since I took office, the overall crime rate and the overall incarceration rate have gone down by about 10 percent,” Obama said, noting that it was the first time the two had fallen in tandem in 40 years.

“‘We could not be more grateful for everything you’ve done – not just for me and the administration, but the country,” the president added.

“Obama and Holder are close friends, and the bond between them was apparent in their remarks.

“‘You have been there for me,’ Holder said, his voice wavering. ‘I’m proud to call you my friend.'”
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Republicans tweeted tears of joy. ABC News

Holder Placeholder . . . Speculation begins on who will replace Holder for Obama’s final two years, with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick holding perhaps the most important qualification of all: Obama likes him.
Fox News:
“Several prominent names could be in the mix, though, and already are starting to get some buzz. Among them are Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli and California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

“Patrick, 58, a former Justice Department official in the Clinton administration, has been floated as a potential successor since as far back as 2012. He is serving his second and last term as governor.

“Tom Whalen, presidential historian and associate professor of social science at Boston University, suggested Patrick could meet an important test.

“‘Attorney generals tend to be consigliere, people who defend the president’s interests” first, he said. “That is why the president usually picks someone who is a close friend who is beyond doubt loyal to him or her. Deval Patrick fits that to a T.’

Patrick and Obama are close friends and political allies, having campaigned for one another over the years.”

But on the other hand, Obama digs Harris’s look . . . Would Michelle nix it?

Both Harris and Patrick, though, claim they are not interested.

Return of Big Sis? The Hill thinks former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano may be on Obama’s short list.

Rush Limbaugh thinks Holder may be headed to the Supreme Court. Makes sense.

Al Sharpton is in close contact with the White House, offering his sage advice.

Smooth flight: Whoever replaces Holder will have an easy path through the Senate because Senate Democrats changed the rules. Examiner

Why did he quit? According to Politico:
It was now or never, several current and former administration officials say, and Holder – under pressure to retire from a physician wife worried about a recent health scare, checked the “now” box. “It was a quit-now or never-quit moment,” one former administration official said. “You didn’t want confirmation hearings in 2015 if the Republicans control the Senate. So if he didn’t do it now, there was no way he could ever do it.”
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But some think there might be a less innocent reason, like a new judge’s order for Holder to release Fast and Furious papers.

Chuck Todd thinks Holder was basically nonpolitical.

In other Obama-related news . . .

Liberal base sours on Obama
The Hill
“President Obama’s poll numbers are plummeting in deep-blue states such as New York and California, with core liberal supporters who have stuck with him through thick and thin beginning to sour on his leadership.

“Obama’s decisions to punt on immigration reform, defend government surveillance and attack fighters in the Middle East have all alienated parts of the coalition that elected him twice to the White House.

“The growing dissatisfaction on the left could limit Obama’s ability to help Democrats in the midterm elections, and could threaten his political legacy if – as happened with George W. Bush – his party begins to abandon him.”
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Obama calls for more action on Ebola. CNS News

TV ALERT: Obama to be interviewed by 60 Minutes for an appearance that will air Sunday.

Pressure ramps up on Jeb to decide . . . He’s thinking about it, seems serious. Dad wants him to jump in. But his wife doesn’t like the idea. If he decides against, the chances go up Romney gets in.
“The former Florida governor flirted with presidential runs in 2008 and 2012 but ultimately demurred, always with the flickering possibility of mounting a campaign down the road. But at 61 years old, the second son of former President George Herbert Walker Bush is now likely facing his last shot at the White House.

“And the pressure on him to cast aside serious family concerns and enter the 2016 fray is growing. Friends say Jeb Bush’s father is eager for his son to run, even telling a visitor at a recent family gathering in Kennebunkport, Maine, that a presidential campaign and a return of the family dynasty to power was a near certainty. Wall Street financiers and Main Street CEOs eager for a centrist champion are longing for a Bush candidacy.

“But people who have met in recent weeks with Jeb Bush in New York, Washington and Florida say they are far less certain that a campaign will ultimately materialize. Some described Bush as deeply engaged on issues beyond his usual focus on immigration and education, suggesting he was very much preparing for a national race. Others said it seemed like concerns over how a run would impact his family ultimately might keep Bush on the sidelines.”
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Straight into the shadows . . . What happened to all those illegals who crossed the border earlier this year? Did they report for deportation? Are you kidding? They’re not idiots. They love it here.
Associated Press:
“The Obama administration for nearly three months this summer carefully avoided answering questions about what happened to tens of thousands of immigrant families caught illegally crossing the Mexican border and released into the United States with instructions to report back to immigration authorities.

“Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and others said they faced deportation. But it turns out that tens of thousands of those immigrants did not follow the government’s instructions to meet with federal immigration agents within 15 days. Instead, they have vanished into the interior of the U.S.

“The Homeland Security Department privately acknowledged that about 70 percent of immigrant families failed to report as ordered. The disclosure came during a confidential meeting at its Washington headquarters with immigration advocates participating in a federal working group on detention and enforcement policies.

“The 70 percent figure suggests the government released roughly 41,000 members of immigrant families who subsequently failed to appear at federal immigration offices.”
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31 Responses to The Obama Morning News || September 26, 2014

  1. Yes, the Central American “refugees” have snuggled in and the many illegals aliens from the Middle East have spread themselves throughout the country. I can’t wait to see how many Majar Hasan type end up in the military who are now enlisting more illegals. And, the education system — already infected with liberal rewriting of history and bizarre system of 1+1=2 on odd days in months ending in R — will be awash in teachers and students who do not speak the same language.

    That’s the civil society who will think that Al Sharpton advising the President of the United States is absolutely acceptable — everybody deserves a second, third or fourth chance — this is America, after all.

  2. Speaking of ‘no-show’ illegals scheduled for deportation, a US border agent reported on FOX a few days ago that 457,000 illegals were caught at the border last month but 158,000 escaped and disappeared into the sunset. Some were from Syria, as well as other parts of the ME. Obama must be smiling,

    • Everyone needs to go out in the backyard, patio, and imagine people were jumping their fence and walking on in.
      It is really not that hard to figure out why we have laws regarding immigration.
      Now though the years………………we all excepted the people coming over. Most of them are some the most hard working people. Now we have cartel, we have people from other mentioned places.
      Other Countries are taken care of their border issue to the best of their means. Now all the people who think that O is running this Country in such a dandy way, need to have some of these people over for a picnic. The ones that have sickness and illness as well.
      As far as craming these thousands of kids into our school system, this is so unfair to the teachers and our children.
      No I don’t want those kids not to learn. U.S. wants to help try other means of helping them while they are still in their Country.

  3. I am still upset that O named that controverial muslim cleric in the UN speech.
    It would been as disgusting if he would have spoke as well of someone like Charles Manson.
    Everyone all just sat and listened.
    No one stood up and said, What the hell are you bringing him up for?

  4. I’ve even heard talk about our embarrassment, Claire McCaskill. I don’t see it happening as they’re still dancing over the fact that Akin’s selfishness gave her a 2nd term and with the Senate already in danger, there’s no way Reid let’s her off the leash.
    There IS however one thing I do know with absolute certainty: Whoever winds up replacing Holder, I guarantee it won’t be a heterosexual white male. :)

    • On a similar level — re. Harry Reid and not letting McCaskill off the hook — I am hearing more and more about the reluctance of Republicans to donate and provide financial support because of the long lasting affects of the IRS handed inspection of those those who are so inclined.

      Pretty much the electoral process nationwide is now overshadowed by a band of thugs from the DOJ – IRS.

      They’ve fine tuned the New Black Panthers on the steps.

    • Geoff: To your point of the nominee NOT being a white hetero male, CBS This Morning made a point of naming their top picks by race and sexual preference , not by any talent or skill level. Long gone are the days when ability gets you a job. Ugh.

  5. So Obama praises Holder for his service, almost all of which was to protect the Obama crowd from investigation and Congressional inquiry. Holder is proud that he raised the obstruction of justice to an art form, and THAT is what Obama is thankful for.

    As for Obama’s next choice for AG, it will be Holder redux. Perhaps worse. For sure it will be a lefty Progressive, anti Constitutionalist, trained in Alinsky tactics, arrogant, defiant. Might be a woman (so the D’s can say any criticism of her record is a “war on women”) with all the lefty/Marxist criteria Obama wants in the screwball syncophants he surrounds himself with.

    • Marcus, OT, I enjoyed reading about your day in Lisieux. When Therese’s relics were visiting the United States in l999 and 2000, we were able to attend a mass outside of Veneta, Oregon in a small Carmelite convent which sheltered the relics. I have a holy card from then on which I have the rose petals touched to her reliquary preserved. It is one of my most precious possessions.

      • I remember that tour of her relics. We were in Lisieux the year before, as I remember. She is for sure one of my favorites, also. An interesting book to read is “Therese of Lisieux: Her Last Conversations”. It was put together by her sister Celine, and recounts the conversations she had with Therese as Therese was in her final days. As you probably know, Therese died from an acute form of tuberculosis which had descended into her gut and was painful beyond description.

  6. Little Chuckie Todd may have lost any credibility that he has remaining yesterday when he declared Holder “non-political.”
    He now joins Tingles Matthews in the dunce corner.

    • Crime rate declining? Sure it is. Anything is explainable these days. Now tell me, just how many illegals do we have in the country now?

      I guess it’s all in how you define “crime”.

      Or politicians with IRS/tax issues that continually get swept under the rug. Seems the crime rate would be exploding if we accounted for all the criminal activity that gets a pass.


  7. For the record.
    As a part of the “country” that Obama presumes is grateful for Eric’s “service”, I am in NO way, shape or form grateful for Eric’s DISservice.
    No need for me to list the reasons why, no LIV’s here.