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How Obama Got Away With Being So Liberal

It was an article of faith among Democrats after Ronald Reagan that in order to win national elections they would have to move to the middle, or at least pretend to.

Bill Clinton, you may remember, ran as a “New Democrat” who had discovered a “Third Way” to run the country and would “end welfare as we know it.” He followed through on some of this, including creating work requirements for welfare, agreeing to some spending cuts and following pro-business policies in certain areas, like on trade.

Obama has never really gone out of his way to hide his liberalism, particularly in 2012, when he ran straight to the left and vilified conservatives. This was not supposed to work in a country where conservatives still outnumber liberals, but it did.

A recent article in PJ Media by J. Christian Adams helps explain how Obama got to be true to his leftist self: Rather than appealing to the middle, Obama’s political machine squeezed every last ounce of votes out of the left as it could.

His operatives used a program, known as Catalist, that helped them get their base to the polls in mass numbers.

From the piece:

The data feeding the central Catalist database are coming from a wide swath of sources. Public records, pollsters, campaigns, non-profits, activist groups, unions, parties, commercial data — scores and scores of sources are feeding the central database data.

For example, when an environmental group does neighborhood door knocking for cash, the results of those contacts are fed into Catalist.

You have your own individual voter file in Catalist. Everyone does.

Under that file might be a massive amount of information about you — more than probably exists in any other database in the world. Whom you work for, what car you might drive, donations you have made, assumptions based on your neighborhood, anything in a public government database about you, consumer preferences, partisan preferences, what licenses you have, what you might have said to pollsters on the phone, memberships, how you treated the young left-wing activist knocking on your door a few years ago, and on and on and on.

Each group working with Catalist feeds the central database. Different groups have different types of data about you. Some data relate to economics. Other data relate to politics. Either way, the Borg all work in unison to fill the database with a massive amount of information about every American — and all of it is perfectly legal . . .

Catalist provides much more sophisticated and much more granular data about subsets of Americans. The degree of granularity was never possible before Catalist . . .

The most important thing Catalist allows the left to do is drive deeper into the pool of extreme left-wing Americans who are otherwise unmotivated to actually vote.

Catalist allows customers to identify potential voters on the far ideological fringe, but who are usually unmotivated to vote. Catalist allows the left to then identify issues, concerns, or other lifestyle facts which would permit a customer to motivate the usually unmotivated on that fringe to vote.

Kind of scary right?

What’s even scarier is that Republicans have nothing to match it.

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  1. The follow up census guy stood on my porch talking & writing in his book about us. I had already closed my door, he did not leave as I requested.
    I’m sure that is in catalist…

  2. I read a lot about this last week. This, plus,refusal to have required voter id, illegals now voting and probably in the Democrat way — not once but twice, Black Panthers on the steps, and the IRS a thoroughly liberal ridden political baseball bat of the left — gives me no hope that the electoral process is a viable path to change in America. And without that …… not much left.

    • Well said Grace. Living in Fla, we found out first hand about voter fraud/dirty tricks back during Bush/gore election.The people of this country would be so very shocked to know the massive truth being withheld, and the totality of lies being spewed in it’s place.
      seems like a runaway train at this point…
      Lets all pray for our country.

  3. What did they say about the metadata the government collects from cell phones, emails, and everything else? Why is it considered “fringe” or “conspiracy” thinking when someone mentions to the press they should press further to connect the dots. This administration used the EPA to go after businesses that were right leaning. They used the IRS to go after right leaning. Senate Dems go after right siding Americans on the hallowed floor. Yet we are constantly told the metadata collected for the NSA and Homeland Security would NEVER be used.

    How long did it take the government to know all the books the Boston bombers read, where they shopped for the crockpots, and who their friends were?? Remember… the metadata is not “organized”. Its just a bunch of random numbers and clips. Computers checking computer data.

    Maybe the Republicans will get it when they reach the White House again.

    But this is America, right? Not some state with secret police. None of this happens in the Land of the Free.

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” – Jefferson… Burke.. any sane man

    • There’s also a story on Chicago’s O’Hare Airport being completely shut down because of a fire at an air control tower in Aurora, IL which is suspected to have been started by arson. I’m wondering if that is terrorism. As to your story, Drudge has an unconfirmed report that the man had been trying to convert others to Islam recently. Right now it sounds like workplace violence.

      • workplace violence — like Hasan — and since when is beheading a normal America workplace violence scenario. Of course, there will be a call against knives now. No matter how distant, the connection to influence by current events should be noted.

        • You may have missed my pt, Grace. I know they called Hasan workplace violence. I am saying they may relabel everything…on the plane or in a/p, travel violence, shootout like at Luby’s–cafeteria, educational violence…

          • I’m in the OKC airport after just coming through Moore a couple hours ago – not much additional info, but it appears the guy was fired (making it the traditional workplace violence), but was also trying to convert others to Islam, making it an exhibition of the “religion of peace”. Not sure which was the driving factor – and likely we never will. The COO had a gun and stopped him from continuing.

          • I am slower than normal today Star. I just got it and saw your note. To your point, I agree.

            Could be problematic if in a bakery, a party store, a doggie day care (well, that could be explained re. Muslims and dog — poor mutts will probably be the instigators and what did we expect the poor person with a knife to do…..)

            We are in for a long and bumpy two years.

      • Don’t worry – CNN doesn’t have all the information but they were sure to put “DOESN’T SEEM CONNECTED TO TERRORISM” in huge letters on the bottom of the screen(paraphrasing). Funny how they always are sure of that one thing 30 seconds after it happens.

        • That poor woman in Oklahoma. Even if its a lone wolf attack, it is a terrorism attack, they can deny it all they want, the way the woman was killed tells us it was a terrorist attack today. And happy and rich moocher Obama will play golf this weekend, like the classless low I.Q. president he is.

    • I had just clicked your clip to read, when it came on the TV (Fox) as well. Anyone care to watch all the other MSM stations to see who does not mention this evil. It is evil.
      Oklahoma! Good ole America!

    • Yes, you would think they would be smart enough to hire some good data people. But, as explained in the article – the groups on the right don’t work together while all the groups on the left have turned into this monolith political machine. The little groups all funnel their info into one big cross referencing database. This data network is most likely going to Clinton. Depressing.

  4. That was very interesting, Keith. Scary yes, but the way the Republicans are right now, I think that even if they had something like this, they would exclude much of their base as they are doing right now. The establishment, quoting Mitch McConnell, was out to “crush” the conservatives during this primary season and now the establishment, per Karl Rove, is wondering why the Democrats are outdrawing them in money. Well, duh.

    It’s scary that Hillary Clinton will be able to use this, and speaking of the Clintons, I’ve been trying to work this in for a couple of days without an opportunity: Bill Clinton has come out and said that arming and training the so-called Syrian moderate rebels is, again a direct quote, “worth the gamble”. Is this what we have as American leadership, a pack of gamblers?

    • I was reading about Durbin’s race — Mark Kirk is siding with his “colleague” as opposed to his Party’s nominee — and the nominee is barely limping along — seems the RNC doesn’t have any real fire in the belly to challenge Durbin.

      This and Missouri — and probably so many other instances. Republicans will win the Senate in spite of themselves. No expectations that they will govern conservatively or wisely.

  5. They will do it again in November.
    Tom Cotton leads Mark Pryor here but I worry. In spite of Obama’ unpopularity here, that machine is at work and voter fraud has existed here for years.
    Cotton may be ahead in the polls on November 3 but he could lose on November 4. It has happened here before.
    Besides the Dirty Tricks Bag, the Clintons and the Pryors have power base in Arkansas.
    David was a good Blue Dog until he got involved with the Clintons. We went to high school with David and adored him. My daddy supported him his entire life, as did my mother after Daddy died and I had become a Republican.
    I voted for JFK but could not stomach Lyndon Johnson. After I voted for Nixon and then he went down in Watergate I let Daddy talk me into voting for Jimmy Carter….biggest mistake I ever made…and my last.
    My fingers are crossed for Arkansas and Louisiana, another state of dirty politics.

  6. As a conservative digital marketing professional I have been fascinated by how the Obama campaign utilized technology to drive voter turnout. I have the fortune to be at a marketing conference one of the masterminds discussed how they did this. You can go to this link: and you can download a great 93 presentation that talks about all of this in detail. This is open information and conservatives need to build the same type of infrastructure to compete in the years ahead. But it will not be cheap and it is why Mr. Obama needed to raise so much money – not to spend on walking the neighborhoods physically but walking them digitally. We can get there – we just need someone at the top level to grab the vision and believe.

    • I don’t care about a database unless they use it to skew the vote.
      As far as the republicans developing something like that,….McConnell has already stated that he wants to crush the Tea Party which tells me that he is against the Constitution no matter what he says on the senate floor.
      Boehner needs to go as speaker.
      He is weak and losing credibility in the house.
      Boehner will most likely be re-elected, but that doesn’t automatically make him speaker again.

      • Scalise was on tv the other day and was asked about Boehner whether there was support for him and would he remain as Speaker. Scalise sang the the orange boy’s praises.

        I called Scalise’s office and said after that I didn’t see the point of defeating Cantor since Scalise and McCarthy seem to be Boehner’s men indeed.

        • Orange boy! I’m sorry but I don’t like that. I don’t like Boehner anymore but so, he has sallow skin, or tan. Does he have to be called Orange Boy all the time? That got started by a mean democrat because they had nothing else to say about him. Call him crybaby. Okay. He’s still so much smarter than Obama ever will be.

        • Orange boy! I’m sorry but I don’t like that. I don’t like Boehner anymore but so, he has sallow skin, or tan. Does he have to be called Orange Boy all the time? That got started by a mean democrat because they had nothing else to say about him. Call him crybaby. Okay. He’s still so much smarter and better looking than Obama who has drugged staring eyes.

          • my computer is repeating my comment twice. Sorry. I am going to stop commenting and go to sleep. I hope I don’t have nightmares, I am really nervous about what happened in Okla. Terrible thing, that poor woman, her family must be going crazy about how she was killed by a crazy sub-human muslim convert.

      • Yes. The sad situation is that at the very time when we need bold, articulate and courageous Republican leadership to thwart the Obama administration’s insane policies, we end up with McConnell and Boehner. Those two birds are more interested in tamping down and harassing the Tea Party/conservative elements of the party than they are in setting the proper course for the country. It’s beyond pathetic.

        • Also, Harold Ickes was responsible for getting HRC elected to the Senate back in 1999-2000. No wonder she always has that
          ‘Cheshire Cat’ grin on her face. It’s the ‘Catalist’ grin!

          • Again–splain me how all this info makes us vote a certain way–not just predicts,if it even does that…
            Anyone? Bueller?

            OK, they find out I am a senior woman–do they somehow lure me with free birth control or better Medicare…We know Zeke would not like the latter, and I don’t need birth control, anyway they know I don’t have the “parts” anymore. So what then. I vote however I want? Or do they say oh, she also lives in the burbs–she must like bike paths and sustainable stuff. How does this help them? I will never vote dem again, even tho I am registered dem. Do they see that from the fact that I watch Fox…but wait, I also watch MSNBC sometimes…

            I know this stuff is sophisticated, but someone explain with better examples–the one on Chronic Fatigue was pretty good.

            Before he was elected, I did a story on a rape survivor who was so thrilled that Obama as against rape (there was some czarette or task force). So he nailed her with that one…I am also a survivor and was very dubious.

            I am rambling but can someone explain this better?

          • Star… let me take a shot at this. The end game is to collect votes, as I am sure you know. How one votes, for many people, is a direct result of the “messages” they hear on TV, radio, in the newspapers. Many people don’t do the research or dig in underneath the messages they hear about politicians or issues. Sooooo, political advisers (on both sides) create and shape messages to influence voters. Ex: the Republican war on women”, “the Republicans want to make birth control illegal”, “The Republicans want to reduce or eliminate or reduce Medicare or Medicaid”, “Republicans are racists” etc. Now, many voters understand these messages are bogus, but the research shows that many other people are strongly influenced by these messages, enough of them so that political advisers know it’s worth the time and money to collect massive amounts of data to create these messages. The messages are no doubt field tested before incorporating the “message” into an ad, so they know what to expect when they buy ads promoting the message. The George Stephanopoulos question to Romney in the first debate. “Why do Republicans want to make birth control illegal?” is a direct example of how the messages are used. Lots of peoples’ ears picked up on that one.

  7. Putting aside the democratic revisionistas and the regretful 2012 voters, I think all this mumbo jumbo chatter about Catalist is simply fodder for the wonks that run campaigns. Obama was unique in that he was truly the first black man to run for Presidential office. Respectfully, we can break down his voting constituency in these groups:

    1. Blacks.
    2. Hard Left Liberals
    3. Middle Dems who would never pull the trigger for a Republican.
    4. Upper West Side Liberal types who feel white guilt, always will.
    5. Low info voters who bought the snake oil, twice.

    The real question is this: If Obama were Caucasian, how would these groups vote? Perhaps we will see in 2016. Race, and the lack of vetting, produced unique results in 2008 and 2012. It will be fascinating to see if that holds true in 2016.


  8. Shep — Calling BS. Why are we pretending that we intend to wipe ISIS out — clearly we are not. To Mike Wallace.

    Saying we’re lying about this new Iraq government. We are pretending like they are the second coming. Wallace agrees and then defaults to “Booooosh”. Pathetic.

    I am warming up to Shep. Disturbing.

  9. (right column)
    Police in Pikesville, MD.
    Three men walking were three men walking and were approached by a vehicle. The driver yelled J…. three times. then fired some type of BB or air gun in their direction and fled the area. The victims were not stuck,
    The suspect was described as a white male with brown hair and dark complexion-possibly of ME descent.

      • So, maybe we better be careful as these Jhadists are starting their evil attacks? This is why we have to wipe them all out wherever they are including here, because we will all live in fear if we don’t and that includes our children and grandchildren. Even today after what happened, I heard a lot of denial of a terrorist attack in Oklahoma? what? Look at the way this guy killed this woman, no denying what kind of sub-humans kill like that. Only them and we better watch out from now on.

  10. I knew this. He appealed to every little constituency that had a single vote to offer.

    I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a mis-named serious illness from which 1 million Americans suffer. No one has heard of it, there’s no research money, no treatments, nothing but a long slog through the rest of your life.

    Obama met with a sufferer who was THRILLED that he cared and that he wanted regular updates. Yeah, right.

    I thought to myself — one million potential votes from desperately ill people who hopes desperately that someone in power cares.

  11. Oklahoma declares beheading “workplace violence”.

    Since they were waiting on the FBI to determine what the act was, I assume this comes from the Feds.

    If we are unwilling to admit terrorism in America exists — that is take the Obama/Holder route and refuse to define the enemy — then I suspect there will be more location place violence. And as long as we do not call terrorism or Islamic jihad we can pretend these things are not happening.

    It appears the man in question was trying to convert co workers to Islam and uttered Islamic phrases during his attack. If I am jumping the gun, so be it. I’ll apologize. To you guys. But 6 years under the Obama Rule, equips one to determine the way the wind is blowing.

  12. The countless surveys that come in the mail with attached pleas for donations make sense now. I just toss them out. Never fill them out or send back any acknowledgement that I even received it. Now I can see how these surveys play into the human condition that folks would feel their opinion is wanted and is important. Now comes the devious. More data is stored about us, our feelings on topics and such. Tricky, very tricky…

  13. yes, Obama has an amazing GOTV machine, and the Republicans only had “Project Orca” (the biggest GOTV fail in modern political history), BUT–

    it wasn’t just that the lefties voted for him, it was that the righties didn’t vote against him. people who said things like “Romney is a RINO and I won’t vote for a RINO ever again” and “there’s no difference between the two parties so who cares”… are the real reason Obama was able to get reelected. I don’t blame the lefties; they’re so deluded what can you expect? but I DO blame the people who should have known better: us.

    regular readers are probably tired of hearing me say this, but I’ll say it again anyway: if we are to have any chance of stopping Obama, we MUST VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER. you MUST vote for the Republican Senate candidate, regardless of whether you believe that person is sufficiently conservative enough. is he more conservative than Obama? then that’s all that matters.

    if we don’t, well: how does “Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder” sound to you?