As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Koffler Back on TV

Here’s some video of yours truly, back on Newsmax TV Wednesday discussing various items, including Omar’s mad dash into the White House.

Gosh, I need some makeup or something. People look good on TV because, men and women alike, they get makeup.

Once, years ago, after getting home from the White House, I put my jacket on and pulled out . . . a makeup pad. It was then I realized I had accidentally worn John King’s blazer home. King was CNN’s White House correspondent at the time.

I don’t really mind getting makeup done before a TV appearance. Having a nice looking woman massage my face before I go on TV is not a problem for me.

But this was broadcast via Skype, where I was sitting in front of my computer talking to the little button at the top. What was I supposed to do at home, raid my wife’s makeup case? I don’t even know what any of that stuff is. And I’d get yelled at for messing everything up.

The show is Midpoint with Ed Berliner, which is on daily from noon to 3:00 pm ET. It repeats in a hour-long version at 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm, and then in full at Midnight. You can find Midpoint online at NewsmaxTV or on DIRECTV 349, DISH 223.

12 Responses to Koffler Back on TV

  1. Unless a man needs to hide some ill-advised facial tattoos, or suspicious looking angry facial pustules, there’s no need for him to apply makeup to look attractive to others, assuming women being the others.
    In fact, the least attractive of men become Adonis’ better looking brothers to women’s eyes if he can adorn himself in $100 bills pinned to his hair and suit coat.

    Nah, you look fine. You don’t need makeup. It’s nice to hear someone speak the truth on the airwaves Good job.

  2. Hey, I think Ed’s complexion is a tad grey, Keith looks normal, although, the world map in the back could look like its sprouting from his head.

    But more importantly, Keith, your words are spot on, as usual.



  3. I don’t know about all that make-up, especially on men. I once saw Senator Bob Packwood in the Portland airport waiting for the same plane as my mother-in-law. He was wearing all that make-up on the chance he might get on TV, I guess. FOX really overdoes it. Michelle Fields was a guest on O’Reilly last night, and I didn’t recognize from the young woman you had posted interviewing Robert Kennedy. In your clip, she was so fresh and attractive looking.

  4. No need for makeup. Thanks for mentioning the standstill of our economy. I just got back from the grocery. The prices are still going up on a weekly basis. Just one example out of many. Oh, one other, I cannot let up on the issue of the number of people who were layed off due to O care. Than trying to get rehired by people who are holding back, because they fear what to expect next.
    I will try to pull the news sight online. I made a note on the back cover of my notebook, so I don’t misplace.

  5. Keith, you look cute, you have a nice complexion, you don’t need make-up but you can raid my make-up kits anytimeI I look dead without my Sephora bright pink lipstick.