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Obama at the UN: He Really Doesn’t Get that He’s at War

There’s a reason President Obama and his advisors don’t want to use the word “war” in describing what we are doing against ISIS. It’s that they really don’t believe they are at war. They really don’t get it.

The president seems to be thinking that he’s playing a game of “Risk” with his high school friends in Hawaii.

Obama UNObama this morning stepped to the rostrum of the United Nations at the very moment he has launched attacks against the foe of the civilized world – and even of the uncivilized portion too. You would think, naturally, that he would be rallying the troops, so to speak, since this is supposedly an international coalition. That he’d be sustaining morale by explaining the danger, issuing a call to arms, and assuring jittery allies that we won’t relent until the job is done.

But no, what we got was a lecture to the Mideast Muslim world about how they have to start behaving themselves in order to undermine the rationale for ISIS. They have to talk to each other, join hands, chant the Chimes of Freedom, and stop arguing about religious matters.

Stop arguing about religious matters? Sure.

Listen, this little talking to directed at Muslims is a good idea, and I give Obama credit for doing it. He seems to have shed  a little political correctness and decided to ask, in effect, Where’s the outrage among Muslims about Islamism and why are you funding it?

This was a good line, directed in particular at the Saudis:

It is time for a new compact among the civilized peoples of this world to eradicate war at its most fundamental source: the corruption of young minds by violent ideology.

That means cutting off the funding that fuels this hate. It’s time to end the hypocrisy of those who accumulate wealth through the global economy, and then siphon funds to those who teach children to tear it down.

But the president is naive and ultimately laden with hubris. The tyrants, Islamists, and self-servers who run the Middle East are not going to change their ways just because Barack Obama says so.

No one’s going to reform themselves unless the alternative looks too unattractive. That is, unless extremism is met with violence and defeat.

Ronald Reagan didn’t start negotiating with the Soviets until he had made it very clear to them that we would oppose them and seek to destroy their ideology, whether by arming Afghan rebels or promoting missile defense.

What Muslim leaders and societies might do, rather than suddenly start powwowing it up over hookahs, is join us in a shared fight for against ISIS, which for them is an important battle to wage.

And for this, Obama would have had to stir their imaginations with visions of conquest against our shared enemy while making it clear he’s enthusiastic about the task and isn’t going to extract himself at the first sign of bad news.

But no. Opportunity squandered.

The way to defeat Islamist extremism is to defeat it. We can talk about community organizing in Riyadh later.

80 Responses to Obama at the UN: He Really Doesn’t Get that He’s at War

  1. I commented to Grace below that Krauthammer thinks Obama’s airstrikes are insignificant. I don’t always agree with him, especially on military adventures, but I do this time. Obama is making swipes as if ISIS is a mosquito and not a python. He truly did reveal himself when he said that he wanted to make ISIS “manageable”.

  2. Well, the French get it. I hear rumors that a French hostage has been beheaded by the people Obama is not at war with.

    I pray that this is rumor. I have only seen it circulating on the webz.

  3. I agree he had one or two good lines. The rest of it lacked the issue of innocent people being taken hostage and killed. It is the issue that our whole Country was threatened.
    So I agree with the your comment regarding the hookahs.
    PS I had to look hookahs up.
    One other note: I think he was speaking to gentle again.
    He needs to pretend that he is at a fundraiser, so the passion & determination is shown.

    • Perhaps he should pretend he’s speaking to his fellow countrymen: those HATED Republicans. Now thats something he can sink his teeth.. uh.. FANGS into.
      BTW , is there any issue this President has ever been actually right about? Hes’ always coming from some awful parallel universe with his thinking ,or lack of. He makes me cringe.

    • It’s the law school professor lecturing his students.

      The professor has the experience and expertise to teach hsi students, who are young and naive.

      Except in this case, it’s the professor who is naive.

      And a professor can talk and lecture and not have to put his words into action. Obama to a “T”.

        • Never seen any of ‘Barack Hussein Obama’s’ “college” or “law school” records…and have never seen any proof of him “teaching”…
          If he “taught” wouldnt one of his “students” come out and say what a genius “Prof.” ‘Obama’ was…

    • Sorry to say, I know what hookahs are. Here in SoCal we have
      hookah bars, where one can go to smoke. It is so weird because we are not allowed to smoke cigarettes anywhere.I am a native
      and an ancient, but if I were younger I would definitely move out
      of this godforsaken state.

  4. Nary a word about radical ISLAM. He must not want to offend the radical Islamists inside his administration. Not only is Obama responsible for the escalation of ISIS, he is responsible for the vacuum created across the entire ME when he supported the MB during all the uprisings in Egypt, Libya, and Tehran. His cavalier attitude is appalling, imo.

    • he had to state…AGAIN, that we are not at war with Islam.

      Jeez…I don’t think you need to say it. Those that believe we are at war with Islam will think it no matter what we say or do.

      It’s important that the regimes of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, etc are overthrown. But the other problem is that it’s going to be replaced with more violent regimes.

      • One very important question. Is ISLAM at war with US? Answer, No! Only 10 to 20 % of the 1.7 BILLION Muslims on the planet. That makes for a sizable chunk of humanity that wants us, not only dead, but to remake the world as though we have never existed!!! As I’ve said before, my best friend in all the world is a Turkish Muslim. Turkey USED to be a secular state. BY THEIR CONSTITUTION. But no longer. He tells me that if you speak out against the theocrats you’ll find 10, 20, 100 angry, screaming Radical Islamists pounding on your door.

        So,i t seems, best case that while we’re not at war with Islam, we do have a little tiny issue with about 170,000,000 (as Obama likes to say) folks who would like nothing better than to cut our heads off.

        War? Nah.

    • Clearly, he’s more concerned about offending the Muslims all over the world than he is “degrading and destroying” ISIS.

      It seems that “degrade and destroy” has become just another talking point for this administration.

      God help us!

  5. I refused to watch which, for me, is unusual. I feel it’s my obligation to be informed, to hear what the president has to say. I have tuned Obama out lately, knowing his words have little meaning, and carry very little, if any, weight worldwide.

    • Dear New Yorker,
      I agree. It is too painful to listen to Obama.
      I would rather listen to William Devein(sp) Gold & Silver commercials.
      Only two more very long years…:(

  6. And as for Israel. Our Executive Goatherder has pronounced them a failure at this whole leadership and peace thing.

    Leadership will be necessary to address the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, said Obama. The violence engulfing the region today has made too many Israelis ready to abandon the hard work of peace. But lets be clear the status quo in the West Bank and Gaza is not sustainable.

    • The back-stabber-in-chief of latte salutes. We’ve got Jeff Spicoli in the WH and it’s ugly. The sob chose to throw barbs at Israel today of all days, the eve of Rosh Hashana (New Year). For Obama it’s never a new year – SSDD!

  7. iMO, all of you are too nice, too PC to admit what his words mean- he’s apologizing to the world of Islam that he is dropping bombs on them. He’s begging them to save themselves from the American people and the American military who want to wipe them off the face of the earth for their barbaric ways.
    Pushed by our military, his cellar-dwelling polls, and the hawks on both sides of the aisles of Congress, he finds himself unable to stop the oncoming war and destruction of his Islamic friends.
    They are his friends, make no doubt about that. All we have to do is bring back the apology tour he made at the begiining of his first term, and of course, the photos of the American President bowing down to lesser leaders as a form of atonement for the supposed evils of the country he represented.

    He’s one of them, he believes in them, and he wants them to succeed. When he “imagined” what he would have done with the since beheaded American journalist hostage if he were an ISIS, he revealed that he wants them to stop making Islam, muslims all over the world, and his friends the most hated and despised peoples.
    He’s begging the oil-rich kingdoms to stop funding the terrorists, and he’s making America look weaker every day, with every word he utters.
    The Shiekdoms, or the kingdoms are funding the terrorists because it is in their best interests to have them overtake all of the supposed democratic countries and return them to sharia law.

  8. Didn’t these people say they wanted to blow up Mecca–I bet if they try that, the Saudis will get off their butts. This whole deal seems a little airy-fairy. Oh, well, might as well drop some bombs.

  9. Krauthammer is correct to an extent.
    Surgical bombing will not eradicate the cockroaches because they hide behind women and children.
    Obama has created a dilemma in dithering when the heathens were crawling across the desert.
    Now, we hear the trumpeting of a few vehicles being destroyed.
    The tactics are the same.
    Obama states what we are going to do, and they scatter.
    What good is it if we hit a training base if there is nobody there ?

    In order to completely ‘wipe them out’ is to use heavy bombers and level the towns that they are hiding in.
    Dresden, Germany springs to mind along with Berlin.

    This administration will never do that.
    It will be another ground war just like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • Kinda’ hard to have a war in the ME without killing a Muslim — but he’s giving it a go. Hopefully someone in the military will break rank or one of the ME Coalition will get their ego out of whack and call him out for what he is.

      As srdem65 pointed out — we are way too politically correct — the Middle East does not seem to have that problem.

    • It will not be another ground war because Obama does not beleive that we are at war. This is nothing more than political posturing to show the low info voters that Obama is doing something. Obama just wants to get through the elections without a historlic landslide.

      What Obama did not anticipate is that ISIS gets a vote as well.

  10. For more than 1000 years hasn’t the middle east been run by brutal tyrants? Removing the current despots has only given rise to the next generation of brutal rulers who now carry out their brutality under the flag of religion. These new killers will only respond to the same treatment as the old ones, violence. We should unleash unparalelled brutality upon these places so they will no longer have thoughts about coming here to stir things up. And for those that are here speaking out, provide them with a trip to the land they hold so dear. This tit for tat and nation building will fail in the middle east as it has virtually every time before.Let’s be in it to win it. opps I see a net coming

      • The Muslims clearly don’t as the “spokespersons” bring it up every time they are challenged on the extremist wing of their faith. If they can’t bury the hatchet after that long then they will never move forward in peace.

          • Sorry Star. Remember, we are talking about people who want us DEAD. By the most painful means available. We don’t have to be nice to them. And yes, I know there are innocents involved. I’d prefer to protect the innocents here in the good old USA over any one of the “States” in the Middle East!

          • No one said be nice–good grief, how long have you been coming to this site? What I am saying is cut out the juvenile Bring back the crusades stuff and Let Allah sort out all the dead innocent people. It has been said again and again and it sounds so dumb. There, I said it! The crusades were a blot on history and I know people who would be killed ifyou were to kill them all. Come on!

          • No, bring the atomic bomb like in Hiroshima, sorry folks, but thats the only thing that will stop these disgusting, evil, bloodthirsty murdering ISLAMISTS. More and more will be beheaded if we don’t f….ing bomb the crap out of them with the real bomb, if we want to live and survive. Too many of them, they have to be destroyed with the real BOMB. Sounds crazy but its true, mark my words, otherwise they will never stop beheading and we may be next if something really big is not done to them.

          • Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

          • I agree with you Spook. Seriously, how else can you deal with evil mass murderers who are still in the stone age? They have to be killed because they will never stop. Can you hear me Star? They will never stop the beheading. How can “President” Obama ignore all the beheadings like this? That is what he is doing, he is not encouraging the troops, nor talking war talk, he is apologizing to the Muslims for the bombings, can you believe it? He is in a total fantasy world and that world does not include us Americans, only the Muslims. ask him, he’ll tell you that. He is not even trying to hide his feelings about his lack of love for the American people and for Israel. Its out there, how can we all put up with that and him?

  11. It’s going to be especially difficult for Jean Francois Kerree to not advocate harsh response to the brutal and sad beheading of a French man.

    Americans are one thing — but the French! Mon Dieu.

  12. By the way–who says Obama was elected to end wars? He was elected to run the place, protect us as much as possible, bring together the best minds, etc. If a war was involved or not involved, that was only part of it.

  13. I went in to watch THE FIVE and saw that lame-oid Ferguson sally. Yes, the US is as mean as the headlopping fanatics, our cops run rabid in the streets, this is a police state–bbut we STILL want others to act decently, how could we? I almost threw up. Come on! We also don’t have the greatest healthcare system, the highest happiness quotient, or even the most diligent chief executive,etc etc–but I am not moving and I still think we need to push back against evil, violent, unreachable people who want to kill us.

      • I have had a gun held to my head in malice–have you? What would I do? To this day, if I had a gun, I am not sure I could shoot. But that is another story—for another day or never. What I am talking about are the stupid sounding remarks such as Kill them all and let Allah sort them out and so on. I am sick of those–get new material. Yes, some people only understand force–THEY make stupid dicotomies. No argument. But I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t what they want–death by US or something.

  14. C’mon, he’s only doing this ISIS thing because of the mid-terms. He’s not really there for us in this ISIS battle, he’s too stupid. He’s a UN guy and thats all he is. He knocked Israel in his speech and he has the nerve to say that Israelis gave up on peace. Well, do you blame them? Every minute they are being told that they will be wiped off the earth. I wish Obama would keep his mouth shut about Israel, we all know how he doesn’t feel for Israel. With the Islamists beheading and killing and constant bloodthirsty rhetoric, all Obama talks about is how great Islam is. Really? Obama should get over himself, we all know he’s a Muslim, he doesn’t let us forget it for a day. We are not proud of Obama, he’s just another dangerous Muslim.

    • Believe me or not, I think the only way to stop the terrorist organizations from beheading and killing and all the other filthy dirty ugly things that they do is to really bomb them like the way we did in Japan in the 40’s. That might save all of us to do that Hiroshima thing at least two times. Otherwise, we will all be either killed or worried about it for the rest of our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren and maybe even forever.

  15. You are right Keith, he should have been rallying the troops, He should have been talking about us, not the Muslims. I am beginning to believe that Obama is our enemy. And he laughs at us all the way to the Bank with our money, no shame, no truth, a real crook Obama is. He is a complete failure in his presidency. He has broken so many laws that him and Holder really should be impeached and arrested. How come they are not? Because he’s black? Thats probably it. Maybe Holder is right, maybe we are a nation of cowards if we let President Obama commit crimes and break laws and do nothing to stop him. Not cowards the way Holder thinks we are cowards but the Republicans are cowards to not stop the law breaking that is going on in the White House and the Department of Justice. Holder is quitting now because “Fast and Furious” is getting closer to him so he will run out as fast as possible now.