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Happy Rosh Hashanah

I want to wish everyone celebrating the Jewish New Year a happy and healthy Rosh Hashanah, and may the day bring peace and happiness to all of my Christian and other non-Jewish friends here as well.

As is the tradition, I will not be working during the holiday, which stretches from sundown tonight until sundown Thursday. For more religious Jews there are two days of Rosh Hashanah, but I only celebrate one.

See you tomorrow night.

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  1. Have a pleasant day. Why some people celebrate one and some two?
    What special dishes do you eat on your New Year?
    We will miss your writing while your gone.

    • Lee: Short questions, long and longer answer.

      There are no special dishes, except for honey and apples, something sweet to bring in the new year. A round challah, that represents that shape of the world, since the holiday is observed as the day G-d made the world for mankind.

      As to the one/two day celebration. I’ve cut and pasted (below) the explanation.

      Second Day Rosh HaShanah was created for the same reason Orthodox Jews celebrate all major holidays for an additional day: in the Diaspora, Jews felt they couldn’t be sure that they had the correct lunar date, so they celebrated each holiday for a second day just to be safe. For example, most Orthodox Jews outside of Israel still celebrate Passover for eight days instead of seven. With the invention of modern clocks and calendars, Reform Jews have largely abandoned this tradition, and Jews in Israel have never observed it for any of the other major holidays except Rosh HaShanah.

      So why is Rosh HaShanah different? In Israel, Rosh HaShanah was the only festival on which the messengers who normally ran between towns and announced the festivals were forbidden to travel, because it is the only festival that falls on the first of the month. Therefore, Israelis adopted the same custom of Jews in the Diaspora and celebrated Rosh HaShanah for a second day.

    • Because some Jews are Orthodox like my grandmother was. Reform Jews are not as strict and some Jews are just not as religious to celebrate for two days.

  2. Keith,

    Happy New Year! Thank you for remaining an honest broker of your profession. It gives me hope that America can come back from this administration.

  3. The sunset where I am was beautiful. My prayers are for you and your loved ones. May each of you be granted the Blessings of Wellness and Protection in your going out and your coming in for the coming year.

  4. I joined the Catholic Church four years ago and was very pleased to see that we also begin our Sabbath at sundown. It is a beautiful reminder of our ties to the Jewish people.

    I pray that this year is good for Israel and all who love her.

    • yup, that’s why going to Mass at 430pm on Saturday counts as your weekly Sunday Mass obligation. the Catholic Church has a lot of customs that originated with Judaism.

  5. On I read the article regarding UK role fighting ISIS.
    It did state arrest were being made. Has anyone heard of any arrest here in the U.S. ?
    Than I pulled up Weasal Zippers scrolled to the article regarding the restaint there is here in investigating certain places…
    How are we going to protect ourselves if we cannot investigate someone, or something?

      • I hope I didn’t offend anyone by putting current info on this thread.
        I had to finish a chore. I still have not heard he is stepping down. My first thought was the election coming up. However as Fox just mentioned if he is doing this now, a lot of things on the Long List will be in discussion again.
        What is more terrifying is who they will pull out of their hat to replace him.

        • What else would Obama appoint, but a race monger and a anti-semite? What kills me is, I think and think and I can’t believe he was voted in for President after we had 9/11 and they killed 3,000 people? It just boggles my mind when I think about that they voted for a Muslim president after that. Terrible, terrible “President”.

        • AFVet on as well as several other news websites:
          It was announced on Fox a little while ago that Iraqi PM: Plot to attack US and Paris subways.
          He was asked if this was if the attack had been thwarted, he said “NO”. Al Albadi said the US had been alerted.
          In the past we have been told there have been treats that they handled, but were not announced.
          My question is why hasn’t Homeland Security made some type of announcement?

          • Fox just said the administration is unaware of it. Need to confirm it and review info from Iraq info before taking serious. NYPD has not put out a statement now.
            When O met with the Iraq minister this did not come up.

        • Apparently, DOJ just lost a key decision in the Fast and Furious case brought by Judicial Watch. The government was begging for more time to get its documents together, and by “more time,” they meant exactly what you’d expect from this bunch if you’ve been paying a modicum of attention.

          The judge in the case–John D. Bates, one of Dubya’s picks–ruled that since these documents have been sought since 2012, DOJ is getting until October 22, and not the November 3 date they asked for. Part of the ruling reads:

          [T]he Department has known about its Vaughn index obligations since July 18, 2014 … At best, it means the Department has been slow to react to this Court’s previous Order. At worst, it means the Department has ignored that Order until now.

          Gee, Your Honor, ya think?

          So Judicial Watch will be getting the Vaughn index on October 22, and Congress will be receiving it on November 1.

          A Vaughn index lists the following:

          1) The document that was withheld;
          2) The statutory exemption claimed;
          3) How disclosure would damage interests protected by the exemption claimed.

          So we’re going to see, at the very least, a full list of the documents that Obama claimed executive privilege on in F&F…a little less than two weeks before the mid-terms.

          Alternately, we could see the Obama administration trying to stonewall, again, just as the mid-terms hit the top of the home stretch.

          This may end up becoming an “x factor” in the elections…and one that will hurt the Democrats no matter how it breaks. Either DOJ produces the documents, and we see how high up Fast and Furious really went…or the Administration tries to run out the clock right as everyone is paying attention. Either scenario would put Democratic corruption in play, at the worst possible time for the Democrats.

          I am SO going to enjoy Election Night…

  6. IIRC a couple of months ago Holder said he would be resigning by year’s end. No way was this a surprise. Obama cannot think quickly enough. A replacement is selected and there is a plan in place. And it will not be good for America.

    The worst possible end would be Holder at SCOTUS — where he will be untouchable. If we had rule of law and competent congress this wouldn’t be a possibility. With gansta’ Reid — anything is possible.

    No way Obama leaves office without throughly replacing blind justice with social justice across the country.

    Whatever it means for Holder to resign, he will never be punished for all the crimes and perversions of justice that he has committed.

        • Funny. True about St. Francis. But I think this time it’s personal — me as a Catholic. Sometimes even St. Francis might have a problem with that.

        • Yep. First few days of Oct are great—1 Oct, Feast of St Therese of Lisieux; Oct 2, Feast of Guardian Angels; Oct 4, Feast of St Francis. My favorite week of the year, saints-wise. (saints-wise? sure ;=]))

          • Julie—-When we were in France a few years ago, we spent a day in Lisieux. Of course we visited the Carmel and the huge church dedicated to Therese. There is a museum attached to the Carmel which contains memorabilia of Therese, and we took pictures of everything there. They displayed her notebooks, writing desk, habit, shoes, eating utensils, the dress she wore when she entered the Carmel, etc. The biggest surprise was her hair, cut off when she became a novice. They had it perfectly displayed so you could see how long it was (very long and wavy) and, biggest surprise of all–she was a blonde!

          • I love that we have the saints and their histories.

            I miss the old churches with the statues and side altars.
            Years ago when I lived in SF my church was St. Peter and Paul in North Beach. There are lots of side altar and side altar “rooms” with statues and vignettes — it’s really great. St. Jude — a favorite.

    • Hopefully all the conservative justices have heavy (and competent, (perhaps NOT the Secret Service) security!!! No reason to replace any of the Liberal Justices with Holder. They’ll keep voting liberal even AFTER they die (see: Ruth Bader Ginsburg).

  7. OT. Barack Obama is a proven liar. This colors all the news about Operation Obama’s Skirmish . The Iraqi PM is in Obama’s pocket and this announcements of terrorist plans to harm this country.

    This healthy skepticism makes us even more unsafe.

    Oh my — Josh just said the nations of the ME — “trust us”.

    No one trusts this Administration.

  8. I just read on that Al S. says he’s helping the WH pick the next AG. His organization is engaged with immediate conversations with the WH. as they work to name a successor.
    WH did not immediatly respond to a request for comment about if he is involved.

  9. Drudge is saying that the contempt of Congress case against Holder will proceed and a judge denied the DOJ a further extension of holding evidence on Fast and Furlous. That’s what this is all about.

  10. Did anyone see the interchange between Sean Hannity and DOD SPOX Rear Admiral John Kirby last night? Kirby must have made his career in public relations but still was like a deer caught in the headlights.

  11. A happy and healthy Rosh Hashana to you as well, Keith!

    A Christian myself, I participated in an early Rosh Hashanah ceremony last Thursday with some Scout friends at a training event. We had honey and apples, and two of our Jewish friends led the prayers (and explained in English). It was wonderful celebrating with our friends!

  12. Why? Why is Megan Kelly and others giving Jen Psaki and Marie Harf (sp?) credibility as foreign policy spokespeople? These the last people I want to hear from commenting on opinions and analyses of people with years of military, policy and analyses experience.

    Marie is on Kelly now and she is just so pathetically junior. Training wheels. She should learn to ride like other people — in parking lots, empty fields, and so forth. Not on national media — especially when it comes to threats to our country. Insane.

    Just because Obama/Kerry gave them this job doesn’t mean they have prime time stuff to do it. Just like Obama — got elected and boom! — clueless as to what it takes to lead.

      • My ex-Fiancee worked (works) for the CIA. She was in charge of ripping my heart out, putting it on a skewer and roasting it over a fire fueled by my testicles. But hey, no hard feelings

      • There are so many people who “have worked” at the CIA and who take that “work” far — it can mean something or nothing. In Marie’s case I am leaning toward not — she has beginner with contacts WDC creds. Her chance came when she worked for the campaign and that she got placed above her pay grade.

        • When I worked in Washington DC years ago, we lived in a little townhouse community in Manassas VA. A loooong commute to DC. There were many, many of our neighbors who worked for the CIA, and they were not shy about telling us when we asked “Where do you work” at block parties. They didn’t tell anyone what they did for the CIA, and we didn’t ask. Who cared, really. We just enjoyed the beer and hamburgers.

    • They really can’t NOT have them on. And it gives Americans with functioning cerebral cortexes an opportunity to see what sort of morons (no make that Morons, they surely deserve a capitalized title) have been put in place to represent this formerly great country.

  13. Enjoy the holiday Keith. The holiest days of the year are upon us. Well, at least we had some GOOD news today about Eric Holder leaving.