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What Happened to the Idea that “Assad’s Days are Numbered?”

Listening to some of President Obama’s declarations about what he plans to do with ISIS, one wonders at the legitimacy of it all, given some of his past pronouncements.

The president and his advisors repeatedly told us Syrian President Assad was finished, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, thank you very much. But it turns out that not only is Assad right where he was at the beginning of Arab Spring: Syria Version, but we are now helping him defeat his most lethal enemy.

It’s just another example of amateur hour in the White House. Rule #1 of maintaining U.S. credibility: Don’t make proclamations unless you have some inkling they are going to come to pass.

29 thoughts on “What Happened to the Idea that “Assad’s Days are Numbered?””

  1. Yes…but NO ONE in the biased MSM or weak-willed “WH press corps” will ever do any research to dig up these past Obama regime statements, compare them to todays Obama regime actions and ask ‘whats going on here?’…

    1. If I had to advertize something, I would have a very hard time figuring out where would be the best place to do it.
      Leave the cable news out for now.
      I will speak ot the old top three news stations. I use to take turns watching them. Respected them all. Now I do not bother.
      So…..If I had to advertize and those were the only three, I may decide just to hand out flyers.

  2. The Chinless Opthamologist is no humanitarian, but I’m fine with his staying. Israel can deal handily with him and his buddies in Iran should the need arise.

  3. At Bret Stephens points out in his recent WSJ piece, “ideological rigidity and fathomless ignorance.” That’s what sets this POTUS apart.

    As for the media, I don’t give them a pass, but most of them have short attention spans, lack insight and critical thinking ability, and don’t want to be the one(s) to challenge this administration. It’s hard to ruffle any feathers when you’re publishing daily talking points and press releases verbatim. And that’s what the modern Legacy media does best.

      1. I think what sets Obama apart is the combination of arrogance, ignorance and serial dishonesty. This is a very dangerous combo. Throw in laziness, a casual disregard for the office he holds, 40 + years of marinating in anti American, Marxist views and here we are today.

        1. With all the news and technology it is not like American citizens have waited for a newspaper for the last 6 years.
          The issues, scandels, war, etc. etc. etc. keep compounding and the sheep keep buying or excepting his &^#/.

  4. Don’t make proclamations unless you have some inkling they are going to come to pass.

    Ummm, Mr. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

    As for Assad, that was just the redline “fog of war” thing. The big deal is going to be when we make the deal with Iran.

  5. As the evening news continues and Barack Obama comments on America’s failings to the entire world, I would like to suggest that he resign and he and Michelle and the girls pack their own bags and relocate to another country that more meets his ideological goals and his faux sensibilities.

    And by the way, I think Israel’s door is closed to that new family of immigrants.

  6. wut- wut did kerry say- Assad has lost all legiti-MAYCEE. wut? Is that like a …store in Manhattan or sumpin?
    One thing is certain. You can start printing the Obama Is Going Countdown Calendars- and he may go before assad does.

  7. We’re all aware that MrO just says things he hopes will be true, from the ‘shovel ready jobs’, ‘you can keep your insurance’ all the way to the video that caused a spontenous riot in Benghazi.
    Like most compulsive liars, why tell the truth when a lie will do.

    1. Like krautmeyer just said on Fox:
      O stated today: Iran has opportunity, only happen if Iran takes this opportunity. He should have mentioned: Sanctions……

      Just heard Britan is going to take a vote in Parlimant regarding joining in the airstrikes. Stated on Fox.

  8. “A surrender in process” Charles Krauthammer’s view of the Obama Administration’s dealings with Iran.

    I have no quibble with Charles’ observation. By the end of his term, Obama will enable Iran to be a nuclear armed nation and enemy,

  9. Just heard on Greta that Cameron expected to make a tougher speach than O did regarding ISIS.
    I am listening to Greta as NIle Gardiner speaks. He was director for Margaret Thatcher.
    He also stated that O has dismissive toward Britain, Israel and Poland just to name a few.

    1. French President Francois Hollande has strongly condemned the beheading in Algeria of tourist Herve Gourdel by
      a Jihadist group linkied to ISIS.
      The President describe the killing as “cruel and cowardly” act.
      He said French air strikes will continue.
      The article stated that Mr. Hollande looked visibly upset as he addressed the UN Assembly.

    2. Hollande spoke at the UN.. He said that this would not stop France from acting against the Islamic State.

      From what I can tell, France still is involved in fighting in Mali. Mali borders Algeria, but the area in which Gourdel was captured was far away from Mail.

      The group that killed him has pledged itself to the Islamic State.

      AQIM is quickly turning to the Islamic State.

      1. Thank you both. I thought he was not near Mali either. More terrorists. I believe we , if not troops, then a presence there. Courtesy of Obama.

        A sad that for the man’s family and friends. There will be more.

  10. The IDF military intelligence said he would be in power till around the time the US threaten bomb him due to his increased use of gas. Barak made the statement so it was not the official assessment so Israel wanted to be clear, otherwise people would have the perception he was winning. It is important that the enemy knows your intelligence on their situation is sharp. It was important to get the WMD out before the place collapses. So near the end of 2013 he was stuffed. But getting Ali Chemicali out while there was some physical security. It was a good opportunity. Too good to pass up. Sure you can use thermobarics but there is always a question mark did you destroy it all.

    1. Thank you for the clip Grace. All so sad. It is ashame that the aid packages he mentioned, that were dropped by US planes burst on the rocks of Sin-jar & were lost.

  11. Obama — what a shameful speaker, loves the Muslims, talks trash about Israel, so please Mr. Obama, go live in the Middle East with the Muslim Brotherhood, or back to Africa, do us a favor

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