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Obama Salutes Marine Guard with a Coffee Cup

President Obama today saluted his Marine Corps guard with a coffee cup as he descended to stairs of his Marine One chopper after landing in New York City.

The White House, either not caring about or not understanding the show of disrespect, actually posted video of the moment on Instagram.

Obama coffee cup  salute

This is actually even worse than forgetting to salute, don’t you think?

131 thoughts on “Obama Salutes Marine Guard with a Coffee Cup”

    1. I had this worry in 2008-ish when he was running for President, no military backgroud whatsoever. Not even Cub Scouts. When I questioned my concerns back then? I was called racist. Whaaa?

  1. What’s Michelle coming to NYC for? She gets to tag along to shop and dine and go to the theater on our nickel while hubby speaks at the UN?????

      1. Butt all other First Ladies I have seen in my life have class. They are ladies and act appropriately in public. Never have we seen such class-less, self important , boorish public behavior of a woman in her position.
        She is a very bad role model for young females in her hometown community.

    1. I felt my deceased Marine husband rolling over. When he took an overseas postings in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, his Fortune 500 company sent both of us to Georgetown University for a crash course in those countrie’s protocol. We learned a lot we did not know. Georgetown is in Washington DC. Shouldn’t Obama, Michelle and all of their handlers be required to go there to learn? How about Annapolis, just down the street? Someone needs to teach these people, or maybe they have tried and given up.

  2. Keith thanks for providing those pictures of disrespect. Those more direspectful than usual. However I always watch to see how he responds to those fine men/woman as he is coming or going, and it always seems off beat.

  3. I suppose it could have been worse: he could have been scratching himself with one hand (won’t go to far with this one), playing with his nose (as I’ve seen him do many a time), or rubbing his face with the middle finger. But bad enough.

          1. Back in the days when i was working a real job and meeting with serious clients i, and all the fellows at my level, were taught fast and loud to KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR FACE when in view of the clients. NEVER NEVER NEVER touch your face, rub your face, play with the skin on your face. If you itch, you can scratch it on the way home. Yet this turkey cannot sit for one minute without playing with his face.

    1. Plus, Obama is left handed. He normally would have been holding that cup in his left hand, no? If he had, his right hand would be be completely available for a crisp salute. But Obama isn’t interested in a crisp salute.

  4. The disrespect is intentional. Is the coffee so good on AF1 that Obama just COULDN’T leave the cup on the plane ?
    First he has a Marine hold an umbrella over his head and now a half-assed salute.
    Its ok Marine, I salute you. Thank you for your service.

  5. Every now and then, he slips up and lets his contempt for the military show through.

    Calling himself Commander in Chief may be the most revolting thing about his presidency.

  6. I would have loved to have seen him ‘wearing’ that cup of java. Did anyone notice in the Instagram link the distance between the Mooch and the Moocher.

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  8. The president is a civilian, and as such is not required to salute. I believe the ignorance is on the part of all of you, it wasn’t until the 80s with Reagan did president’s even begin saluting. I am sure he didn’t even think about the coffee cup in his hand when he was attempting to show respect to the men by saluting.

    1. As long as he keeps naming himself as Commander and Chief, he should salute.
      Here at MSM we all have different points of view.
      That is a right here in our Country.

    2. I am a 20 year retired Air Force Veteran. I agree that the President is not REQUIRED to return a salute and that Ronald Reagan started this tradition (and a darned fine one it is). I DISagree that he didn’t think about the coffee cup. What he didn’t think about was the Marines. If you’re going to salute, do it right or don’t do it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. OT: On
    I pressed news for Europe.
    It states: Turkey hints at Iraq hostage swap.
    Turkey’s President Erdogan does not deny reports that the 49 hostages mostly Turks, were freed by ISIS as part of a prisnoer swap.
    Does that sound familiar. We just did a swap ourselves.

    1. Lee, Turkey’s Erdogan is moving his country toward becoming a complete Islamic State. He is not to be trusted.

      I am praying for Alan Henning. The images of the barbaric ISIS beheadings are nightmarish!

      bho is a disgrace as CIC! As ‘jaytrain’ wrote above, those Marines are sworn to give their life to protect him and his family. If only he cared about protecting Americans from the ‘traitors’ who are reported to have left/returned to US without being detained! WHY? jb

    1. You are right. In fact, Obama should have informed the Marine that he wished to salute him but he could not and if the Marine would be so kind as to take his cup and place it elsewhere then he would deign to recognize the men and women who fight under his command to keep this country safe.

      That is so much more respectful.

  10. He was sure frantically looking around for someone on the tarmac. He was so preoccupied he also forgot about the old mooch who was trying to extricate her hulky frame from MarineOne. He never even looked back to see if she was successful. That alone speaks volumes. Wonder if Reggie stood him up, lol.

    1. Give Ol’ Bag-O-Bones a break. He was obviously just trying to get out of the way in case his beloved tripped. Hey, would YOU want her to fall on you?

      1. I have an unfair advantage. I have spent many years studying the writings of that lesser known Greek philosopher, Hypocrates. Makes it easy for me to pick out this type of behavior.

    1. A.J…….

      You beat me too it……I was going to comment on how unenviromental ! They are nothing but hypocrites! The high carbon footprint President who uses AF1 as a taxi flying back to DC Labor Day to play golf because no prominent golf club in NY would accommodate him and his entourage.

      RFK, jr showed that the Dems are nothing but hypocrites……..

  11. A Commander-In-Chief who doesn’t understand “common courtesy rules” as it regards the military salute.

    Can not wait until this man is out of office – then the military can give him the “salute” he deserves.

  12. President Reagan started the custom of presidents saluting back, which all presidents since have followed.
    President Reagan’s salute showed his deep respect for the military.
    0bama’s ‘salute’ shows his extreme disrespect for the military — which he just sent off to war in Syria without a plan.

    1. I retired from the USAF on 1 November 1988, under Ronald Reagan and I will forever be proud of that fact. Thank God I didn’t hang on for another 4 years and 3 and 1/2 months. Then I’d have retired under the pot smoking, draft dodging rapist Bill Clinton. Oh wait, that’s “The Beloved Bill Clinton”. Sorry, occasionally reality tends to color my judgement.

  13. OT with no disrespect.

    All the Dem talking heads — no, this will not have any effect on the elections — DANGER AHEAD when they start with this stuff.

    Already the meme is ISIS -just one of many — these new guys, the most immediate threat.

  14. As it is being discussed on Greta. O ran his mouth about Al Qaeda being on the run!!!
    Now all of a sudden in the last couple of days the name Khorasan pops up. Than they were titled an immediate threat.
    Now let’s be fair. They may have overlooked this crew for the last several years. Than while doodling for the last couple of weeks of what they were going to do to ISIS, they found them under a rock.

  15. As a former Marine I am outraged by his disrespect for those who take an oath to lay down their lives to protect him and his family. He should publicly apologize to them for his completely inappropriate behavior. All past presidents took pride in their snappy salutes to the Marines assigned to the White House detail. Even Bill Clinton took lessons how to salute properly, having never served in the military, and did a good job. Obama is a disgrace and shows his contempt for the military with not just his inept policies and impossible rules of engagement – but his actions

      1. Yes but Barney was in his other hand and he did give a correct
        salute. At least he carried his own dog up and down the stairs to
        AF1 Barney never got his own jet to Crawford!

    1. Wow, are you right. Just checked and there are is damning pictures of George W. rendering a PROPER SALUTE while holding Barney in the crook of his left arm. You Sir, are an idiot!!

  16. Lt Col. Ralph Peters was on Hannity. He said remember Desert Storm we had help from that area.
    Last nights strikes limited terrorist deaths. They should have been hit at 10:00 in the morning. The buildings were hit when no one was there.
    Allen West said back in Jan. it was up to 2,000 ISIS. Now up to 30,000. Need to cut off their black market oil. Not have them have safe passage for recruits.
    Just two late night thoughts on the matter.

  17. Wait a minute. Wait a MINUTE!!! Maybe we’ve (most of us) gotten this wrong. Perhaps we was TOASTIN’ the Marines?? Just sayin’. I try to find the good in even the most low life of cretins.

  18. Of course the WH does not care; Obama is their hipster douche hero…to cool for school…too cool for respect for the military….too cool to show an ounce of anything towards the very people at this moment that he is sending on a misguided mission to bomb Syria, which is not about Islamic fascists it is more about trying to get rid of Assad. Excuse me while I go throw up.

  19. Obama is an embarrassment. It is usually Biden that gets the headlines of crass or obtuse behavior – but Obama is not far behind. Remember the “toast to Queen Elizabeth” that he started to make just as their national anthem was played. The Queen under her breath said – “put it down”. That video wasn’t pleasant to watch either. However, regarding the coffee cup salute to a Marine is blasphemous. These heros are all that is keeping America safe – not the president or other elected officials. They only send our best young generation into harms way and make their “golf reservation” in the next step. Evil, pure evil – not ignorance.

  20. I was demonstrating to my sons the coffee cup salute. Try it. It is actually MUCH harder than just transferring the cup to the other hand. AND it really should have been just set down. The man has no sense of the office of Commander-in-Chief. It is sad, appalling and utterly offensive. As others have said, he doesn’t like our military. He disdains and just tolerates them. I am disgusted with the people who voted him into office — twice. THEY are our problem. THEY are the ones who will give us Hillary or Uncle Joe or ??? next time around.

  21. I learned the chewed out way on the proper respect do military officers. As a slick sleeve private in the U. S. Army I once saluted the CO (Company Commander) with a half smoked stogie in my right hand (the saluting hand)..The chewing out I got on the spot, plus extra duty in the mess hall, led me to believe, this is important and deserves all my respect and attention…Obvious the Commander in Chief missed basic training.

  22. His dislike of our military, our Christianity, our Constitution is no secret. November is coming fast; we can vote out the Democrats, RINOs and those enablers in Congress who sit quietly by and let him run his ugly agenda. If you have or had a military person in your family or friends, you know how to vote….

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