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Live Stream || Obama Statement – September 23, 2014

The remarks have concluded.

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  1. Just listening to Ed MIlliband making a BIG speech right now. Is it about ISIS mess and the Brit response? Nope. He’s taking about the horrors of man made global warming.

  2. I have read this morning that Obama did inform Assad that they would be striking within Syria so to answer srdem’s comments on McCain from another thread, that may be why McCain had his outburst against Obama as the worst president ever: McCain probably thinks the real fight is still against Assad rather than ISIS. I know I’m going to gore someone’s ox, but once that man gets a bee in his bonnet, it will buzz there forever.

    • If we learned anything from our meddling in Middle East politics, it’s that the devil we know is better than his replacement.
      Assad might be the worst devil, but it’s the responsiblility of the people he leads to decide when to throw him out, not us.

      SenMcCain is a war hawk: a dedicated military man who thinks that every problem can be solved by a Tomahawk missle.

      • McCain is worse than Obama in an entirely different way. I don’t know who is worse, Obama or McCain. Why don’t they leave Assad alone and worry about ISIS. We will never defeat ISIS and there will be only another bunch of uncivilized blood letters after ISIS, so why don’t they just protect us at home and forget it. These Arabs that OBAMA LOVES SO MUCH will never stop, its has been going on for thousands of years, the blood letting. Like O’Riley said, maybe the government should pay a professional force to go around the world and keep these animal monsters in their place, its futile, I say, they will never stop just like Hamas will never stop, this is their life. Also, the “President” never talks or encourages Israel. Our “President” is doing the same exact thing to ISIS as Israel does to Hamas, but we never hear anything from his lips about our best friend Israel, no encouragement for them, but today Obama says he’s so proud to stand with the Arabs, how about is he proud of Israel? Never, he treats Israel like crap. We gotta get rid of Obama for so many reasons. He is destroying us and he’s happy about it. He should be run out of Washington immediately.

    • I know that I am tedious and nagging here but can anyone tell me why Assad is a worse dictator than any of the Arab dictators that Obama now allies with ? Look at Saudi Arabia, is there a more oppressive country anywhere ? A country so far from any of the values we hold dear here in the West. Assad at least allows Christian churches in his country and women are not oppressed. Why is he so threatening to the US ?
      Also, if it is now considered OK to warn shortly in advance and then start bombing a country then why all the fuss about the Russians in the Ukraine ? Are there some rules for some and other rules for others ?

      • I agree completely with you on the selective removal of ME dictators. It’s not our business, in the first place, and secondly, those dictators kept this new monster in check and also provided their countries with a high standard of civilization. I remember Baghdad before shock and awe, a beautiful city with all the amenities and its rich history. So what if Saddam created it all in his name: the people who lived there benefited from it. Now they are back in the Stone Age. Repeat with Cairo, Tripoli and Damascus.

        I will not comment on Ukraine because it’s not a clear cut scenario to me.

        • The Middle East has been ruined by getting rid of the dictators. It was none of Obama’s business to change the Middle East, Now the whole Middle East is on fire because of it. At least the dictators could control the maniacs in the Middle East. I believe that power is the thing that drives Obama to ruin the Middle East and the United States of America. He is an evil sub-human with no regard for human life, only his own, no matter what he espouses.