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Hundreds of Our Iraqi Allies Killed Sunday

Well, this is going great.

Our incompetent allies, who are supposed to do the heavy lifting against our enemies, got several hundred of their troops massacred during a weekend bloodbath, courtesy of ISIS.

Uhh, wasn’t the Obama administration the one supposedly training the Iraq military for four years leading up to our December 2012 withdrawal?


I knew it. They really did botch the swearing in.

Remember this?

Apparently Bush has been president all these years.

Anyway, here’s what happened in Iraq Sunday. It suggests that Obama’s claim that it will take years to finish off ISIS is the ONE UNEQUIVOCALLY ACCURATE THING I’VE HEARD FROM HIM in a long time.

Meanwhile, there will exist what we’ve always tried to deny terrorists: a safe haven – and actually, a rather large one – from which to plan and launch attacks against the United States.

From the Washington Post:

The lead-up to Sunday’s crisis began a week ago, when the last road to Camp Saqlawiyah, just north of insurgent-controlled Fallujah, was cut by Islamic State militants. . .

The fall of the units protecting the supply route meant that the five battalions inside the base were completely besieged.

“There were no reinforcements, no food supplies, no medicine, no water, and then our ammunition began to run out,” said 1st Lt. Haider Majid, 28. “We called our leaders so many times. We called our commanders, we called members of parliament, but they just left us there to die.”

Soldiers said they sought help from Lt. Gen. Rashid Fleih, the head of Anbar Military Command. He told Iraq’s al-Sumaria news on Monday that the troops on the base were just complaining because they were trapped and “bored.”

Fleih said the army had delivered supplies while the base was under siege. But soldiers maintained that they received nothing, and thirst eventually forced them to dig a hole to dirty, salty water . . .

The major assault came Sunday. Soldiers interviewed said army commanders had sent word via walkie-talkie that a rescue mission was on its way and had taken control of a nearby bridge.

Shortly afterward, Iraqi army armored vehicles and military trucks arrived, and the men inside were dressed in the uniforms of Iraqi counterterrorism forces, the surviving soldiers said.

“We thought this was the support we were promised was on the way,” said Capt. Ahmed Hussein of the 8th Division. “The first three Humvees were ahead of the rest with some military trucks. We just let them in.”

One Humvee exploded in the middle of the camp. The two others drove to the perimeter and detonated. The rest of the Islamic State convoy was held back at the entrance, where the survivors said the militants carried out several more suicide bombings as they tried to break in.

Hundreds died during the attack and afterward as soldiers tried to escape through ISIS-controlled territory.

Meanwhile, over in Syria, we’re fighting ISIS without any of our troops even in a supporting role to call in airstrikes, gather intelligence, and so forth. And let’s face it, one of our allies on the ground there is Bashar Assad.

One day, serious scholars will look back on this operation, and rate it one of the “Top Ten Most Cockamamy War Strategies in History.”

34 Responses to Hundreds of Our Iraqi Allies Killed Sunday

  1. I don’t think it will take long for people to put it on the top 10 list. People I know who have little interest in international politics are trying to figure out why we’re ignoring our generals and practically letting ISIS know when and where we’re going to bomb.

  2. Fox just showed a clip of O speaking about the Climate issue a few mins. ago.
    Speaking very precise, and using his hands.
    I just mentioned this earlier, he spoke of the attack last night like some lame duck, and now speaking more direct!

  3. This may go down in history with Little Bighorn, and Gallipoli as one of the most asinine examples of military “leadership.”

    God help our troops when they end up being deployed to coverup the stupidity of Washington.

  4. It should be noted that there are credible reports that 300 Iraqi soldiers were killed by an attck with Chlorine gas. Aside from bing a war crime by ISIS, this would raise questions about the validity of allegations that Bashir Assad of Syria crossed President Obama’s infamous “red line by using chemical weapons against his own people.

    We should watch closely to see if the ongoing air campaign in Syria is really directed against ISIS and other radical islamicists or against Assad’s military forces. The necessity to suppress Syria’s air defenses including fighter aircraft and high altitude SAM systems makes it almost inevitable that the US bombing campaign will degrade Assad’s forces making them more vulnerable to defeat by ISIS.

    Is Obama secretly supporting ISIS?

  5. Obama’s bombing campaign is nothing more than picking off the low- hanging fruit – stationary objects – not ISIS leaders. Expect it to continue until mid-terms in six weeks. It gripes me no end that the media et al are praising him for his bravado. His target is the election – not ISIS.

  6. Do you suppose that Obama dreams these things up on the golf course?
    It would explain these nutty and dangerous strategies drawn up by a man who has spent as much time as possible on the golf course and zero time on a battlefield. It is also highly unlikely that his children will ever have to be involved in a war that he has flung us into with no regard for the consequences for those who have to fight in them. I sure hope that Nobel Peace Prize has been sent back by now.

  7. I wish Obama would stop blaming Bush because Hillary Clinton and her co-rogues (Bill, Leon Panetta) are blaming Obama now for Syria. In a way it’s karma. I still think supporting the Syrian “moderates” was a bad idea in the first place. And for the Clintons, Panetta, John McCain and whoever else who say that Syria would be fine today if we had just supported these questionable people in the first place is baloney.

    So I would praise Obama for the first time if he just accepted some of the blame for Iraq. (I know–ain’t gonna happen). As for the Iraqis, I can’t fault them too much. Many of them threw their support to the US and were abandoned, and if al Maliki had been so ineffective or corrupt, Obama should have tried to replace him much earlier. They are war weary and terrified out of their boots facing the monsters they are facing now.

    • That’s why O insists on calling it ‘ISIL” otherwise ‘ISIS’ tags the mess with his stupidity in Iraq and Syria . It stays ISIS , Barry .

  8. And this is why Arabs lose wars again and again . The officers treat their troops like dirt and run at the first sign of any trouble . They are beyond redemption and any aid is wasted , completely wasted .