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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Overheats at Climate Change March

The last thing a really wealthy liberal wants is to be taunted about the energy use – and the resulting costs to the environment – required to support their lavish lifestyles.

But that’s what Michelle Fields of PJTV did to Robert Kennedy Sunday at the climate change march in Manhattan.

And Kennedy, who must be far more accustomed to worshipful ass kissing, didn’t like it much, sticking his hands in Fields’s face and even at one point grabbing her microphone. She didn’t back away a bit, but presumably ended the interview at that point lest he launch a one man war on women against her.

27 thoughts on “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Overheats at Climate Change March”

  1. My yahoo handle is “escapee from Massachusetts”…..and here is the reason why. Idiots like third gen Kennedys and their vision for the rest of us. Private jets, Hyannisport compunds, and total maritalinfidelity- but as long as our message gets through, we are above any questioning.
    This man is mentally ill.

      1. I lived in MA for twelve years and had the pleasure of voting against Ted Kennedy two times….lost my vote but it felt good anyway.
        He treated poor Joan, the mother of his children like dirt. I felt so sorry for her…that could have driven many women to drink!
        The Boston Globe was unkind to her too.
        Taxes were higher there than any place I have ever lived.
        RFK is a total hypocrite. Michelle Fields has what it takes…she is on Eric Bolling’s Cashin In on Saturday mornings and holds her own with the liberals like Juan and that whale Jemu….who is starting to look like Aunt Jemima or Mammy in Gone With the Wind.

          1. I know that…just talking about Kennedy’s in general. They are not my favorite people. I did cast my maiden vote for JFK, saw him in Hawaii in June before he was killed. Ted was the worst of the group.

  2. LOL, it’s the Koch brothers’ fault ! The message I got from Junior is that you need to ruin the environment to save the environment ? Ok, gotcha.

    There’s photos out there about all the trash left behind after their peace and climate march too.

    1. Here in Arkansas the Democrats are blaming Tom Cotton’s success so far against Mark Pryor on the Koch brothers. They somehow overlook George Soros’ contributions to Mark.
      More hypocrites.

    2. DeniseVB….there are pictures from Obama’s two coronations that show the trash that took HOURS and countless people to clean up. I think it’s a lefty thing. Contrast that to pictures of the Mall in DC after the huge TEA party rally on Sept. 12, 2009.

  3. Upstart reporters used to ask the older Kennedy generation why they didn’t use their own money for their social projects, and they would answer that their money was their money and they could do what they pleased with it. Isn’t he saying the same thing? They are so special, not.

    1. Spoiled brats who have altered the genetic composition of their brains due to drug and alcohol abuse…JMO (just my opinion). They have no idea at all of the TRUE USA.
      I do…many of us here do…we have lived it and we will never forget.

  4. How much CO2 and other pollutants were dumped into the ecosystem by the buses, planes, trains and automobiles taken by the marchers? Did Kennedy ride in limo into Manhattan from the airport where his private plane was parked?

    Check out this bit from Wiki about his enduring hypocrisy:

    While at Riverkeeper, Kennedy hired William Wegner, a falconry friend who had pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges of smuggling bird eggs from Australia in contravention of the laws of Australia and the United States. Robert Boyle, NY Riverkeeper’s founder and former president, fired Wegner but Kennedy re-hired him. Eight members of the Riverkeeper board walked out of the board meeting in protest and resigned from the board.[28] Riverkeeper was founded in 1966 by a group of fishermen and residents from New York.[29]

    1. Exactly….
      And in response to RKjr’s comments….
      So….big oil companies control our government? Does that sweeping allegation include all your democratic, Alinski sycophants?
      He was drunk (or high) as a skunk.

    2. Al Gore sold ‘Current TV’ to Aljazeera to spread their Islamic hated across America everyday! How was that approved?
      However, Gore recently sued because he has not received any of the multi-millions $’s to date!

      He is another one of the ‘uber-wealthy’ who is a hypocrite of the worst kind – selling out his country because he is so angry that he lost his bid for President and Americans continue to reject his ‘extremists environmentalists’ objectives to CONTROL every aspect of our lives! GW = Environmentalism = Assaults on Freedoms = Repression IMO jb

  5. I seem to recall a couple years ago they wanted to put wind turbines off the coast of Hyannis and the Kennedys objected,as it might obscure their view. Hypocrite, all of them.

    1. You recall correctly. The wind turbines were (as I remember) to be placed between Martha’s Vineyard and Block Island. The Kennedys yelled NOT IN MY BACKYARD. And that was that.

  6. Kennedy is so brain-addled that he attempts to dump in all of the Progressive talking points in 2 minutes or less. ‘ I’m not giving up my phone or car, but you all should’ and Koch brothers or something.

    If that clown waved his finger in my face like that, he’d find out what a 180-degree back bend fells like.

    Why does it seem to be a universal condition with Liberals where they devolve even further into senility?

    And then the related clip show Sanders stating that this summer was the hottest on record. Umm, no it wasn’t even close.

  7. I was saddened to see Bobby Kennedy lose it to reporter when asked about his personal behavior with his car and cell phone.
    He should have had a better response.
    Or maybe he should get rid of his cell phone and car.

  8. Michelle “didn’t back down”? she didn’t do anything! granted, I don’t know how I’d react if a Kennedy was poking his fingers in my face and ranting about the Koch Brothers, but I had expected a bit more pushback from Michelle.

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