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Obama’s Sunday Golf

President Obama played about four hours of golf Sunday with his usual group of junior White House aides.

The president touched down at Joint Base Andrews after spending Saturday at Camp David.

It was his 40th outing of the year and the 197th of his presidency.

10 thoughts on “Obama’s Sunday Golf”

  1. OCD. He needs a new hobby.
    ot: Why did he go to Camp David for a day.
    We all realize that the POTUS can’t be working every single day, every hour and needs to unwind or relax occasionally, but this golfing is weird as is his flitting about hither and yon to give 20 minute speeches and secretive trips out of the WhiteHouse.
    If we take the Os comments at face value, we could assume that they don’t like living in the WhiteHouse, don’t want people knowing what they do, and wish they could live la vida loca without any comments from the little people.

    1. Did he make the trip to give cover to the FLOTUS, so she could slip away from the WH? We all figured it was a family weekend, out in the country, until word leaked out that she’d taken a separate flight, but nobody seemed to know where she was. Waiting for either the National Enquirer or the Brit papers to fill us in………

  2. I understand the biased sycophants in the MSM and “WH press corps” will not report Obama playing golf…
    BUT why wont FOX News mention how often (weekly) that Obama plays golf?

    1. Tecnically, this was the 37th week of the year.
      If he played only once a week (which is a lot by anyone’s standards, especially someone that lives/works in the cold northeast) he’d have played just 37 times.

      But he’s the fraudulent president. He’s 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

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