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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10:20 am || Departs White House
11:30 am || Arrives New York City
12:50 pm || Delivers remarks at the Climate Summit 2014; United Nations Building
2:00 pm || Delivers remarks at the Clinton Global Initiative; New York City
4:20 pm || Meets with USUN Mission employees and their families; New York City
5:15 pm || Delivers remarks at a fundrasier for Senate Democrats; private residency, New York City
9:00 pm || Attends a reception for visiting Heads of State and Government; New York City

All times Eastern

38 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 23, 2014”

      1. No European Allies bombing.

        Obama will not speak tonight. “Letting Pentagon handle it”.

        So, we have Arab allies, the military speaking, and no President.

        But the President is selecting bombing targets.

        Obama to UN tomorrow.

          1. What surprises me is the Clinton Global Initiative appearance after all the stabs Bill Clinton and Leon Panetta have been taking at Obama recently. I would think that the US going to war against ISIS with 4 or 5 Arab countries as allies would make it difficult for Hillary Clinton and her surrogates to keep up their attacks on Obama at this point. Rallying around the President and all that.

    1. Well, the US has already made air strikes in Iraq. Are you asking if the Arab states going along with Syria are striking alongside the US in Iraq also? Don’t know. I think Jordan, for one, faces serious refugee influx from its border with Syria. Also, I think the city they are striking now in Syria, Raqqa, is the center of ISIS supplies and direction.

      1. It was a stupid kneejerk response on my response.

        Of course, Syria is a sovereign nation. No sympathy. Just saying.

        Only Barack Obama could make up something like this — and I will bet that it is held together with bubblegum and bribes.

        There is a price.

    2. Bombing Syria to get ISIS and Obama wants to continue his ruination of the Middle East, Obama’s Arab Spring, by getting rid of all their leaders. He’s been having trouble getting Assad out and if Assad goes, that country will also go up in flames like the others because of Obama’s Arab Spring. Its all about Obama’s childish teenage obsession with power which will be the end of him.

  1. More money, pissed into the wind.

    Seriously, outside of the Obama family, no one gives a crap what this guy has to say about anything, any more.

    He’ll never make the 9 PM event. Too late. He’ll go AWOL and will be back in DC in time for a slightly late Sam Kass dinner. 7:30 or so.

  2. OK…….We are at war in Syria………..Besides the Obama’s and Valjar, exactly, who is the enemy???

    I wonder if Obama wet himself and locked himsel in the closet with Reggie like he did during Benghazi.

    1. I will just look at your sweet dog & not consider all the bs at this moment in time….cute dog.
      He/she doesn’t know what hell the world has become.
      Yea…a dogs life.

      1. Thank you! This our Golden Retriever named Riley who is 5 years old. He is lying under my feet on his corner of the bed as I type this. I keep telling my wife that I want to come back as a Golden Retriever in my next life and she suggested I add the caveat of coming back as one of ours since they are so spoiled. Riley is our 2nd Golden and this summer we got a Grand Dog who is 2 year old German Shepherd. They are too funny!

        1. Dogs deserve being spoiled! My kids complained that I spoiled the dogs (&cats), not them. Damm right. They love, listen, don’t do drugs or get in too much trouble. My mom said she wants to return as our dog.
          We have; yellow lab/Great Dane/Shar Pei mutt & a black lab/pit bull mutt.

        2. I have three adorable dogs. I love them so much! All spoiled, I like to spoil dogs and people too. They get everything they want, why not? Within reason of course for their health. Tula, my Rat Terrier is 15 years old now. I got her in a pet store in Brooklyn named Puppy Paradise, she was a tiny baby, small like a jelly bean. She was a bad puppy, chewed my lineoleum floor — now she’s perfect. Puppies are crazy, they can’t help it. Hank is a Wire Fox Terrier, supposed to be 18 pounds, he came out BIG, he weighs 33 pounds, sometimes I feel like I own a German Shepherd instead of a Wire Fox Terrier because he is so big and very wild and wooly and stubborn. He’s good in the house but outside he pulls like a maniac, he’s getting better though, he’s six now. The third one is a Chihuahua, Goldie, she’s adorable with short little legs that she can’t jump up on the bed or furniture, I pick her up and put her on the bed and then we have steps for her that she doesn’t use,but she runs around and she is the sweetest girl, kisses all the time and hugs and looks into your eyes all the time, she’s five now. I also got her in a pet store in Greenwich Village, she was 6 months old and no one bought her, so of course, I did. I also have an old cat who gets along very well with the dogs, And thats it, thanks for listening, if you did.

          1. lizzy, it sounds like you have a house full! We who share our lives with dogs are truly blessed. As for your Fox Terrier, he may be big for his breed, but my last German Shepherd weighed 100 pounds. She was a big girl! My current dog, a Border Collie /Beagle cross, only weighs about 50 pounds, much more manageable. But I do love German Shepherds.

          2. I do have a house full, but its too late now and I love them all. I went crazy one year after a break-up and was lonely, thats why 3 dogs! I always had one dog only until the break-up. I hate to say it because Tula the rat terrier is my favorite, but she is 15, God forbid, she goes, then I will be down to 2 dogs. But i will never get over it because I am very attached to her.

          3. Also, I know 33 pounds isn’t that big but Hank the fox terrier is very strong, its that he pulls and is stubborn when I walk him. He wears 2 no-pull harnesses, one is the nose type no-pull one and the other is the no-pull one around the middle and chest and that still doesn’t stop him. Poor guy, he is so excited when we go out that he doesn’t realize he’s killing my back. But he is better than he was a year ago.
            And I’m not a strong lady, but we work it out, I have to watch him though, if he gets off the leash, goodbye Charlie! I will be running all over New York City to get him back. That happened one time, the leash slipped out of my hands and I yelled “Hank” and he came back, thank God. I almost had a heart attack. Thanks.

      2. Had a conversation with a friend tonight. Apparently Judge Janine had a segment on how everybody should have a personal plan.

        Now would be the time.

  3. Assad is not utilizing his air defenses. Interesting. Either he’s decided to sit back and watch or the US and Arab allies have blocked them somehow.

  4. If the bombers are being flown by the Arabs and yet we have a carrier out there– are we flying? Are the Arabs returning to their own bases? I can’t imagine them landing on our carrier. Lots of logistical questions.

  5. Borrowed.

    No UN Security Council Resolution.
    No Act of Congress says we can bomb a UN member State… ie Syria… (congress said we can arm and train… not bomb)…
    US forces or Land are not in Jeopardy…
    So Obama just committed an Act of War… all by his little ole self.
    And Shep can barely contain his admiration for Obama.

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