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Government Trying to Silence Private Citizen’s Speech

The Democratic Party, in its quest for money and politically correct purity, has reached a new low.

A private citizen made a statement that some would find offensive. Democrats in Congress are trying to put that citizen out of business.

The citizen in question often makes controversial statements. He draws calumny from his opponents. And that is exactly whom the Framers intended to protect by writing the First Amendment.

According to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Rush Limbaugh said this:

How many of you guys, in your own experience with women, have learned that ‘no’ means ‘yes’ if you know how to spot it?

That resulted in a letter Sunday from Sandra Fluke, written on behalf of the DCCC:

As a previous target of Limbaugh’s sexist attacks, take it from me: we need to stand together and call Rush out. The DCCC has a petition to tell advertisers to stop funding this repulsive commentary.

Here’s the petition.

Limbaugh petition

As you can see, as of this morning, the campaign had exceeded its goal of 300,000 signatures.

The DCCC is no ordinary political group. It is, by its own telling “the official campaign arm of the Democrats in the House of Representatives.” It’s chaired by a Congressman, Rep. Steve Israel of New York, and other members of Congress head up its key branches.

I don’t care what you think about what Rush said. I don’t care what Sandra Fluke says about it – she has a right to her opinion.

What I care about is that the DCCC, your government, is trying to put Rush out of business because of something he said.

The subversion of our country and its principles to the agenda of the Democratic Party and its demands for political correctness is far more of a danger than anything Rush Limbaugh can come up with.

Led by President Obama, who writes his own laws out of the Oval Office, the government is getting increasingly habituated to capricious actions that ignore the law and the Constitution because of the idea, which is everything our Founders fought against, that the views of individual rulers can be so important and so “obviously correct” that they can be unilaterally imposed on the nation.

This is the birthplace of tyranny. It is the rationale of the Bolsheviks. Here, in our country.

Whatever we once understood about civics is being forgotten. Be afraid for your children’s future.

39 thoughts on “Government Trying to Silence Private Citizen’s Speech”

    1. That was last time Denise. This time, the venom and the organization behind the Left is more powerful. The CEO of Mozilla resigned because he chose not to take the heat.

      Rush will fight it. But it will cost him a lot of time and money to do so. And since when should the DCCC be allowed to target individual American citizens for exercising their right to free speech.

      Probably around the time the Democrats allowed illegals to come to the halls our Congress and into the WH and DEMAND rights that our not theirs, but ours.

  1. He was also quoted completely out of context. He was actually making the opposite point. Here’s his full quote:

    “Consent must be freely given, can be withdrawn at any time, and the absence of ‘no’ does not mean ‘yes.'” How many of you guys, in your own experience with women, have learned that “no” means “yes” if you know how to spot it? Let me tell you something. In this modern world, that is simply not tolerated. People aren’t even gonna try to understand that one. I mean, it used to be said it was a cliche. It used to be part of the advice young boys were given. See, that’s what we gotta change. We have got to reprogram the way we raise men. Why do you think permission every step of the way, clearly spelling out “why”… are all of these not lawsuits just waiting to happen if even one of these steps is not taken?”

  2. Is it a private organization? Is any tax money being used to support it? If yes and no, I have no problem with their exercising their First Amendment rights.

    1. Your tax dollars go to support elected officials who use their public office to say negative and untrue things about other politicians they wish to vanquish.
      Common sense is often abandoned in these cases, but they still have the right to say what they will. In that case, the voters determine how to yank their public platform out from under them.

  3. Not to mention the fact that the petition that circulated did not give the entire comment by Rush, which was “if you know how to spot it.”
    Once again, the Democrats, in their zeal to silence Free Speech, don’t tell the whole story, and forget that the shoe very conveniently, can fit on the other foot.
    While Rush does say some controversial things that some of us may not agree with, I would much rather he have that right than not.
    Its too bad that Sandra Fluke has her panties in such a tight wad that it is squeezing the oxygen from her brain and she doesn’t get that point.

    1. Sandra Fluke is a fluke. To say the things she says, she has no embarassment, wonder how many abortions she has had. She is a symbol of the new democrat party? More like the baby killing party. They better leave Rush alone with their false story about him.

  4. I am no huge fan of Rush Limbaugh. I do not routinely listen to his show. I think he is a self-promoting blowhard. I do, however, have a friend who is one of Rush’s regular fill-in hosts, who alerted me to this steamrolling by the DNC last week.

    Rush’s comment – the one that the Democrats are seeking to fund-raise off of, and get Limbaugh dropped by his sponsors – is not only taken out-of-context, it is one specifically hand-picked, single sentence from a monologue in which Rush actually made the exact opposite point. Rush’s point was that the days of “no means yes” are behind us, that it is an antiquated way of thinking, and can not be defended. Under any circumstances.

    The left, who are gullible enough to pile on to anything their party tells them about their (supposed) “enemy,” will never question this. But their party is seeking to damage the reputation and livelihood of someone they hate by totally misrepresenting what he did, in fact, say. These tactics are Orwellian.

  5. Color me not surprised.

    The American people seem more than willing to have their First Amendment Rights tailored to meet individual circumstances. Right now the Dems have the power and the money and this will be allowed to play through with barely a whimper.

    I share your concern Keith, and your fear.

  6. What I fear is how long are we going to be able to make a comment here on the internet?
    As far as I am concerned there are some cable news stations I do not listen to. A lot of people who have been brainwashed by watching them, need to turn them off and read the Constitution and read a lot of history books.
    Rush needs to stand his ground regarding them taking his words out of context. If the man said the world is flat. That is is right to do so.

  7. Well, call me crazy, but although I listen to Rush occasionally , I just signed up for his 24/7 membership.
    I would not have done so,but now knowing that DCCC is up to its old tricks, I joined.
    If You See Kay, U, DCCC !

  8. ‘Squashing Freedom of Speech’ is an extremely serious and repressive goal of bho’s WH Adm!

    Dems are aggressively trying to limit any ‘non-politically correct’ opinions, and with the liberal biased MSM working tirelessly with them, they are making strides!

    Just as alarming is the fact that the ‘liberal activists judges’ are MAKING LAWS! Most recent ‘ruling’ of 9th Circuit has banned American Flag t-shirts/flags/symbols in support of the CA school board that banned them for students who ‘exercised their freedom of speech in the public’ by wearing such items on Cinco de Mayo!

    Another victory for the ‘politically correct’ BULLIES across America! jb

  9. Funny, we didn’t see Sandra’s outraged tweet after we all watched the Rice fellow cold-cock his loved one so hard it lifted her off her feet and slammed her into the wall, out cold
    Sandra never said a peep about him dragging her out of the elevator as one would drag a bag of dog food, either Funny. hmmph.

    if it wasn’t for the enormous audience and his piercing comments about the current government, no one would give a rat’s patootie what MrL said or did.

    1. Yes, I agree. Did you hear abour hillary clinton’s correspondence with saul alinsky? Now that makes sense. All of them: obama, clintons, ayers, and others followers of alinsky…all socialists…all criminals who will do anything to destroy our American way of life. (The use of lower case letters indicates disrespect…they do not deserve capital letters).

  10. The Libs and Rads of the democratic party have been trying for
    years to get rid of Rush Limbaugh. You would think they would learn
    by now that his followers, and yes I am one of them, will always come
    to his defense. They still do not understand the 2nd amendment.
    We have been listening for ca. 25 years, and he has a lot of interesting comments on the libs. Yeh, Go Rush.

  11. Although I do not always agree with Rush, he has every right to say whatever he wants. The democrats simply cannot figure out how to answer him…I think they have a communication problem…so they want to destroy him.

    Thank God for our first amendment! Dems: BACK OFF YOU COWARDS!

  12. Don’t you think it would have been fair to mention that was a single line from a larger discussion that clearly spoke of respect for woman.
    I can not believe YOU didn’t mention that……

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  14. These Dems get their panties in a bunch and probably worse over any comment that seems to hurt their feelings or goes against their world view. What they can’t handle they want to ban. The mess they have this country in speaks volumes of what they’re all about. It’s time for real change. Not “this change” that we’ve seen so far.

  15. Totally disgusting. Can’t we deport him after all this and the speech at the UN? He doesn’t care anything about the US except the fancy trips and vacations with an entourage like a potentate. OUT! Take Pelosi, Reid, Fluke with him.

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