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Fence Jumper Had 800 Rounds of Ammo in Car

The man who jumped the White House fence Friday night and made it into the executive mansion had 800 rounds of ammunition in his car and had previously been arrested with a variety of firearms and a map with the White House circled.

Far from being the innocuous fence jumper initially portrayed, Omar Jose Gonzales of Texas, an Iraq war veteran, in fact now appears to perhaps have had some bad things in mind for the president or his family.

Gonzales had a three and a half inch serrated knife on his person when he was stopped, a minor weapon compared to others he’d been keeping in his car, but one that could still inflict lethal damage.

Gonzales appeared in court today in Washington. From the Washington Post:

After a 15-minute hearing, (Judge) Facciola ordered Gonzalez held until Oct. 1, pending revocation of bond by authorities in an unrelated July 19 incident in Wythe County, Va. In that case, he was arrested while allegedly carrying a sawed-off shotgun, two sniper rifles and several other firearms, as well as a map of the Washington area with the Masonic Temple in Alexandria, Va., circled and a line pointed toward the White House, a local prosecutor said.

Earlier, on Aug. 25, Assistant U.S. Attorney David Mudd said, U.S. Secret Service officers saw Gonzalez carrying a hatchet in the back waistband of his pants along the south fence of the White House and questioned him. Gonzalez agreed to let them search his vehicle, parked nearby on New York Avenue NW, but at that time they found only camping gear and two dogs, and released him.

Gonzalez’s “preoccupation with the White House and accumulation of a large amount of ammunition in apparently a short period of time represented a danger to the president,” Mudd said.

Asked if he had confidence in the Secret Service, Obama said today, “The Secret Service does a great job. I’m grateful for all the sacrifices they make on my behalf and on my family’s behalf.”

Maybe so, but this is an astounding security breach that surely is going to give more serious bad guys some ideas. The area where Gonzalez was apprehended is right downstairs from the Obama family living quarters.

It’s incredible that with all the supposedly elaborate security, the White House didn’t simply have a human being in front of the building who could get in the way of an intruder. The questions just multiply from there.

What if a dozen people went over the wall? What’s the plan for that? Is there a plan for that?

Why wasn’t the dog who usually takes down such intruders released? Why is there only a dog between the fence and someone gaining access to the residence? Why wasn’t Gonzales shot by a sniper? How did they know for sure he wasn’t loaded up with explosives?

This either a failure of planning, a failure of the Secret Service officers on the ground, or most likely, both.

Meantime, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today said the White House had taken a significant step toward preventing further such intrusions. It will lock the front door.

17 thoughts on “Fence Jumper Had 800 Rounds of Ammo in Car”

  1. you would think after 2 movies being made in the last….how many years about the White House being breached that SOMEONE would have seen that it is pretty vulnerable. Its not like Hollywood is the only ones to figure this stuff out.

  2. Has anyone considered that this event was a “hint” that the SS is fed up with him, too. Kinda like a nudge-nudge, you’re annoying, inept and if you don’t straighten up and fly right bad things could happen.

    1. if that’s the case, then there’s more wrong with the Secret Service than a love for cocaine and Colombian hookers. no matter who the president is, or how much they dislike him, the Secret Service is sworn to protect him.

  3. His comment: The SS does a great job. “I’m grateful for all the sacrifices on my behalf and my family’s behalf.”
    Now I have not decided if that was a proper comment, or a poor comment. In other words it sounds lame.
    Any other boss would have stated:
    1. “Their will be jobs on the line”
    2. “I don’t know what the ___ they were doing, but this will not be tolerated.
    On the other hand:
    He had to still make appear everything was under control, so all the idiots who have ugly thoughts or plans in their brain, don’t get any ideas.
    His responses always sound lame, when there is a problem.

  4. OT: Prayers for the French man that was kidnapped in Algeria.
    A video was posted online showing Mr. Herve Gourdel reading out a statement flanked by armed men appearing to be authentic.
    He is shown calling on French President not to strike ISIS.
    Article is listed under Europe.

  5. His comments sound lame because he has no idea of what he is doing.
    No wonder he golfs with Jr. staff. They don’t know what they are doing either.

  6. When all else fails, lock the front door.
    No one is always safe, no one can be protected if a bad guy wants to harm them, and we all know it. Take away a bad guy’s firearm, he’ll kill you with a machete, take away his knives, he’ll build a bomb.
    Lock the front door, they’ll kick it in, blow a hole in it, or just blow up the side of the building.

    Out here where the little people live, we try to be cautious, sometimes arm ourselves, but still bad things happen. A benign, laughing group of Blacks look like they’re walking to get some pizza, then turn into a viscious mob of attackers, the White guy sipping a latte at the college coffee shop looks like someone’s brother, but it actually looking for a vunerable victim he can kidnap, rape and murder.
    Our homes are not our safe havens, our streets are not safe for anyone, and our workplaces are just magnets for crazed gunmen.
    This is a fact of life, no one is safe anywhere from a dedicated bad person.
    The security agents were blindsided by this intruder, surprised and unprepared. We were all blindsided by the terrorists on the hijacked airplanes that meant to harm thousands of workers, to destroy the Pentagon building, and to possibly blow up the WhiteHouse.
    No one is safe.

  7. If the dog(s) were released, would it only attack the intruder, or the SS too if they continued to run after the person? I only ask because I would think the dog would attack anyone in motion.

    1. These are highly-trained dogs who don’t make a move without directions from their handler. Have attended many K9 trials and that’s what the trials are for — to judge how well man and dog work together.

  8. The story is alarming, because the intruder is an Iraqi War Veteran who is not receiving the proper care. He’s been behaving suspiciously according to the accounts reported.

    I’m so thankful nobody was harmed, but I am very concerned that the underlying problems of our veterans’ difficulty of re-entering civilian life are not being addressed properly.

    Additionally, the heightened levels of stress for the American people are the direct results of the ‘perception’ of ‘ineptness’ and ‘indifference’ and ‘lawlessness’ rampant in the WH Adm.

    With the numerous terrorist THREATS being spewed day after day, why aren’t we becoming better prepared across the Nation right now for what seems to be inevitable? Is everybody in DC ‘wringing their hands and hoping for the best…’ ? Is there really any ‘National Security’ information that will make Americans feel SAFE anymore?
    IMO – NO! jb

  9. You raise all the appropriate questions, Keith. This was an incredible security breach. Mind boggling. If heads don’t roll over this one, there’s something mighty wrong. The first family, no matter who they are, must be protected at all costs. We all await the answers to the questions.

  10. Jose Gonzalez? or Omar Gonzalez as some reports call him?

    This man has been stopped over and over and we don’t even know his first name for certain?

    I read the idea is to have checkpoints blocks from the WH for all visitors, etc. The People’s House is becoming an isolated island — because the SS is uncertain how to act when a man jumps the fence and runs for the WH?

  11. If there isn’t much beyond bad press, why not allow/ create a personal “crisis”? A possible security lapse at the white house endangering the president could divert attention away from all other reality, couldn’t it? Pardon my skepticism, but I no longer trust this administration when I see them operating out in the open, much less behind closed doors.

    1. That was the first think that I thought of. Probably the Dem operatives that planned the event gave Omar the wrong date to make his run. Or maybe Omar wrote it down wrong. Either way, he made his run on a day Barry wasn’t home. I would have thought the Dems would have picked a white guy with PTSD from Texas or Alabama to do their dirty work.

      Maybe this is their way to silence Luis Gutierrez until after Air Mary’s runoff election in December. If he makes any noise, they tie Omar to La Raza or something. Full of conspiracy I am!!!

  12. He had how many rounds of ammo? They probably didn’t shoot him because they thought he was an illegal. How much ammo? Too bad he didn’t — oops, I better not say that!

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