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  1. I just read all your hilarious comments about that Fence jumper, also the link that Pianogirl provided, that there was a petition around urging people to demand that Fence jumper was to be as welcome to stay in the White House as all the border jumpers Obama welcome into the homeland. This tells me something about the mood in the US right now.
    What will be next, barbed wire fences,watching towers , barking dogs and “Keep out ” signs everywhere ? It will then look like one of these dictators palaces. Well, maybe it is nowadays…….

    • The last time Michelle spent a weekend at a Spa we would have never found out if it wasn’t for another guest “spotting” her and reporting it on social media.

      It shouldn’t be too difficult to pin her down since her visits anywhere seems to cause major inconveniences for other guests who will eventually whine about it ;)

      • SOMEONE knows where she is – she and her taxpayer-paid retinue of servants. Think of it: she never travels without an army of them.
        And I’ll tell you who DOESN’T know: the keystone kops we call the secret service.
        That picture of them walking around the WH grounds 3 feet apart, is just hilarious. Who on earth would be stupid enough to release that photo? Oh wait, I know: it wasn’t Pete Souza. And you can be sure it wasn’t anyone from the msm. It was probably some obscure citizen-journalist. Or the Daily Mail.

      • Wherever she is taxpayer money got her there, provides security and transport while she is where she is, and will be used to get her back.

        Unless she is traveling on her own dime, we have a right to know her whereabouts.

  2. I’ve just found out that I want to live until I am at least 90 because I want to be around when Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel turns 75 and offs himself for the greater good.

    • He is an evil and diabolical man who wishes not for his own demise, but that of others who he assumes have lived long enough. This isn’t about his life, or his well-being, but about his belief that people who live too long are a drag and expense society shouldn’t have to carry.
      He is the DeathPanel of the American Dems, their spokesman who hopes to inspire others to demand that all elders either be denied medical care or to be exterminated.

      The progressive Dems are the party of Death. They endorse and celebrate the death of unborn children, and now their spokesperson endorses the death of those who are at the end times of life. Soon, they will propose that repeat criminals, those with untreatable diseases, the slow of mind, and the cripples be allowed to pass from this life without any aid from society.
      This new, disgusting Dem party is running parallel to other notorious political parties who yearned for a vibrant, young, select population.

          • I heard a piece on NPR this morning on how many unnecessary procedures dying people get. I actually believe this does happen…Two docs were saying they had a “cottage industry” referred back and forth to each other–an endocrinologist and a cardiologist. I am at the age where they want to test me and turf me around. If they treat my weird heatbeats, will it screw up my kidneys? Hard to figure out what to do. We call it whack a mole at our house.

          • Plus-have you noticed–not to be catty–that Zeke looks a little pallid himself? Maybe he would benefit from a pneumonia shot, flu shot, shingles vaccination, colonoscopy, prostate exam, talking physical, EKG, eye exam, competency exam, did I leave anything out. I’ll wait–nothing to it.

          • Zeke looks like he desperately needs some sun.
            A close relative often reminds me that old people need a little color.
            Disclaimer: That is not a racist remark.
            And you are right about the endless tests.
            Perhaps as we age, we tend to cling more to life. I don’t yet know, but a lot of stuff hurts now. I just don’t have any faith that most medical personnel are any smarter than me. I prefer to hurt rather than pop pills.

          • While I am sure this is true, DO remember whence comes NPR. the voice of the dems and the administration, and, along with some donations (we all “belong” ,we all “owe”), supported by us taxpayers.
            It is in the interests of NPR to proselytize us into believing doctors and medical systems do not care for us, and that a great many tests are unnecessary.
            NPR works for this administration.
            And so many informed people believe it is patriotic to listen to NPR, among them my kids, my sibs…and they listen without a modicum of discernment.

          • I will defend Star’s choice of listening to NPR.
            I listen to it too.
            After all, your tax dollars support it,…and it never hurts to visit the enemies camp.

          • Sportin–did you mean uninformed? this reminded me of that Julie Banderas on Fox–she was talking about the WH intruder and said uninformed police instead of uniformed. I laughed out loud.

          • There is a website called Choose Wisely about tests–Dr Google has it. I keep wanting meds taken away–everything makes me naus–I take morning sickness candy to stave it off. Or maybe I want candy. I prefer to hurt rather than let surgeons at me–they already screwed my right eye–four disgusting operations–blind in that eye. Oops. I have a friend 5 yrs younger who criticizes me for this–SHE wants to be functional, blah blah. Well, I don’t want to be worse.

          • Years ago I worked in medical ins claims. I saw & turned into our fraud dept various dr’s who “referred” patients back & forth. All members of a family had a cold. After visiting Dr A, they either went for MRI, CAT scan X-ray’s etc, done by Dr B, or we were billed for all services for each family member.

          • That works for me.

            Although E. Emmanuel appears to be an extremely cold and narcissistic person. I suspect that he would fashion a public event as he ends his life at 75 as an instruction for how all of us should do it.

            Secretly he probably thinks that he could even do this and still live on forever.

          • He is just another would-be intellectual know-it-all–the world is full of them–but he has the ear of another one who actually has power. I don’t see him as the suicidal type with his fine self–but maybe others see more starch in him. Nah–I am not seein’ it.

          • If anybody can finds Zeke’s actual birthdate, I’ve got a countdown clock for that. All I can find is “1957”. Perhaps so we won’t KNOW exactly when he turns 75???

    • Thanks AFVet!
      My mom was at the start of the baby boomers and I am at the end. The two of us speak a great deal of what has and is going on. All 4 o my grandparents past within the last 13 years. My grandmother the last to leave us. My point I had the wisdom of all of them to share with me. I do my best to share their wisdom with my kids as well. My oldest got the great grandparents wisdom one on one.

      • Very astute observation Lee.
        Listening is a talent that few people possess.
        To dismiss the warnings of the ones that came before us is foolish.
        The experience they have is worth it’s weight in gold.
        Those who do not listen are doomed to repeat the past.

        • I do mention the site to people as well as WHD
          I cannot forward or comment untill I get a new piece of computer equipment. I am using my older (box) as of now.

      • The media and governments label these people as “extremists” or “radicals” because they refuse to admit that what they’re doing is exactly what Mo did. He’s the one who told his followers to decapitate infidels, to take women as sex-slaves, to slaughter Jews where they find them. This is Islam.

        • I am unsure. Today I am leaning toward — if we are unwilling to be aggressive and decimate ISIS which would remove an immediate threat and allow some reassembling of the ME and if we were smart, reassembling of our own approach to ISIS in the US and security within our own homeland, then what is happening now is like spitting in the ocean.

          • Of course we should destroy the Islamic State! And, we should destroy it wherever it exists, including those 30 members who’ve returned to the USA. We are in a war of civilizations where national boundaries do not matter. The goal of Islam is a world-wide caliphate.

          • I am not disagreeing with you Mandy. Here and elsewhere I have seen your position and I am in agreement.

            My point was one of frustration with pinpricks and an incomplete unclear policy. What concerns me the most is that this administration ineffectively deals with ISIS with a wishy washy containment and then an agreement to have a relationship with Iran ostensibly to fight ISIS. This happens and then we should pretty much hang it up … we will not get rid of this President, and he will call the shots.

          • We’ll be rid of him on Januay 20, 2017. I pray we can hold out that long. As for Iran, they’ve told us to go piss up a rope.

            One of my concerns right now is that we’ve armed the people fighting against Assad, the very same people who are joining up with the Islamic State. But, if I put that last bit aside, we’re about to be at war with Russia in a manner we weren’t at war with the USSR back when we fought proxy wars all over the globe.

          • Yes Ma’am, the dithering idiot is making his mark on this Country.
            The community organizer in chief is in full throttle, and the next two years are going to look and feel like a roller coaster.

          • Oh, I know. I sometimes grow weary of what this nation did to itself in 2008 and 2012. And, I grow weary of idiots who insist Islam is a religion of peace and that people who chop off heads (as commanded by Mo himself) are simply misguided and following the wrong bits of the Koran.

          • That’s what Iran has said publicly. Jean Francois Kerree sounds almost desperate to do a deal with Iran — for what that’s worth. It’s all rather odd since Obama seems most interested in taking out Assad.

            Arming the “moderates’ who are signed up with ISIS is folly.

            Behind the scenes with Kerry at State is a nightmare — and Patterson is his go to bitch.

            Couldn’t agree with you more about Russia. I suspect that many Americans will be as surprised about that as they are about ISIS.

          • Assad is a bastard. He and Iran conspire against Israel on a daily basis. However, what would replace the regime? A balls-to-the-wall theocratic regime?

          • This was the most credible source I could find about US terrorist training base. Note the article is from 2/2014 and alleges the FBI has been aware of these activities for 12 years. If one is willing to look further it is there. But if one prefers such news and information to be more sanitized and acceptable look here for starters.

            There is fertile ground for Islamic jihadis in America. One can only hope that the FBI is better watching these guys than they are staffing the SS at the WH. But I am not at all optimistic about that.

            The FBI reports to Holder ultimately.


          • It would be nice to see US protect our open borders, but the govt cares more about using our troops in foreign countries where they can get sick or blown up.

          • The Koran tells Muslims to kill Jews and infidels. The Koran tells Muslims to take women as sex slaves. The goal of the Koran is to have us ALL convert to Islam.

            Islam, which means submission to Allah, is not a religion. It is a death cult created by a psychotic pedophile who waged war all over the Middle East.

          • It is a radical part of Islam…who denies that. They use verses from the Koran to justify barbarity–just as some use selections from the bible to justify a whole host of things not relevant to modern society. And If I have to hear that let Allah sort em out thing again, I will scream. So wholesale killing–that is what some of you want…kill kill. I have friends who are in this religion or have converted to it–and this is horrible to read this all the time. My former partner’s wife is in Teheran now–visiting her parents–should we glass her over?? Her parents?

          • I do see people take one verse from Leviticus to condemn homosexuals…apparently the same percentage of people born in those days were gay as now. There are other examples, too. Plenty of atrocities have taken place in the name of Christianity–esp in your beloved crusades. I am not saying they are equal or equivalent, but this is a huge religion of the world and these generalizations are obnoxious to me.

          • The Bible holds a strict law against homosexuality.
            It is WRONG !
            How many homosexuals exist in Iran ?
            This Country’s administration has condoned homosexuality as people that need to be recognized as legitimate citizens of the society.
            My own MIL has stated that it is OK for a gay couple to adopt and raise a child.
            That is so wrong in so many ways.

    • 60,000 people with 10,000 firearms don’t have to run away from 500 terrorists; all they have to do is aim and fire.
      60K people should be able to twart anything that 500 people want to do even without the firearms.

      We don’t need to arm and train the assorted ‘armies’ of the islamic countries, we need to arm the families. A parent will protect his/her family with more ferocity than any soldier.

    • I usually listen to it when I’m taking my son to school. I enjoy pointing out the Progressive and Communist talking-points. My son’s American history teacher loves his participation in class.

      • I also enjoy the absence of commercials.
        I agree with Star.
        I know the difference and where they are coming from.
        They also play the BBC broadcasts which present another perspective.

    • We knew what you meant–just funnin’ with ya. They prob don’t know it, but they have material on there I don’t hear everyplace. And when their bias shines through with some dopey academic or ‘crat, it is amusing. I esp like segments about what it’s “like” to be Hispanic or work at a hard job.

      • I wish -seriously — that I could develop the temperament that many of you have regarding the bias. I love good content — and I can be rolling with NPR and then BAM there is that dopey stuff.

        Perhaps it has always been so — that almost everything has a political message. Perhaps I was too young and too stupid to discern it in the past.

  3. Let’s see…. Obama is trying to turn the greatest fighting military machine into:
    1. The Nanny Brigade
    2. The Gay Brigade
    3. The “Piece” Corps of The UN
    4. Sitting Ducks R Us
    5. Barry’s Brownshirts

    ….and if you don’t belong to one of these five groups, they just send you over to the VA to die. Hey Obamadinajad? They’re on to ya like the rest of us are.

  4. I live in a small town in Maine which has a 10-15 percent Somali population, and they continue to come here. There is routine travel by Somalis between Minneapolis and my town, so the issue of radical Islam adherents, Al-Shabab,and al-Qaeda is very much a topic in my community.. Here is a very interesting article in today’s local newspaper about a former resident of the local Somali community who joined ISIS (and was killed). I’ve also attached another article about Somali high school students who are terrorizing other students here.

      • It’s pretty fair. When I applied for mine, years ago, you had to have a clean criminal record, no domestic violence on your record, and no record of having been institutionalized for psychiatric treatment. I believe Maine has the highest per capita rate of concealed carry, and guns per capita in the nation (though I’d have to look it up to be absolutely sure). Gun crime rate is very, very low. Just about everybody I know has weapons for protection, and the crooks and burglars know that. So the crime rate in the town is low, though there is some.

          • It’s not going to happen. And it shouldn’t happen. We need to wake up the city government, give the police more support and use legal means to control the problem. Whether that will happen, I don’t know. I know the cops are completely frustrated. I have three cops living in my neighborhood and I hear their frustration about the issue. If they arrest one of them, 50,000 civil rights lawyers show up to defend the Somali who was arrested

      • Lee, it seems that when the Feds and the Catholic Relief Agency (or whatever that call that NGO), they went around asking cities if they wanted to host the Somalis. This was–10 years+ ago. The Lewiston mayor at the time was a bleeding heart and said, sure, bring them all here. All of a sudden–in weeks–, we had 3,000+ people in town (out of 35,000 population), all on welfare in the beginning, and no budget to house and feed them. It was a mess. So I guess if the town government has to approve the influx and it looks like Minneapolis and my town said OK. The Catholic Relief people disappeared from the process, no help from them after the Somalis settled here.

  5. Not to be disappointed, the world’s most renowned family man and father of the year played golf again today. It was the #40 time this year and 197th time of his presidency.

  6. I popped into the new Madam Secretary show. What we have is a female SOS. and two American kids in jail in the ME — possibly joined jihadis, or possibly joining something they thought was something other than that. Global warming perhaps? I dunno’

    There are evil guys — they would be the warmongering conservatives I think. Not sure yet, but not sticking around to find out.

    I could be wrong but I think I know where this is going. I’m out.