As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video Mensaje de la Casa Blanca

For about a year now, far as I can tell, the White House has been producing a weekly Saturday morning propaganda message in both English and Spanish.

Obama, of course, handles the English part. And the Spanish part is spoken by . . . someone who speaks Spanish.

Now, I really want Spanish speaking people in this country to have access to the Weekly Address. I really do.

And that is why, of course, I want them to learn English.

Obama is fond of saying we are a nation of immigrants, and immigrants make us stronger, and everything else no one really disagrees with. Except, he assumes, repressed Republican racists. Because he really does think conservatives, in their hearts, are racist.

Conservatives are not racists. They just don’t believe in allowing the United States to become El Salvador.

We are a nation of immigrants, but we are not, and have never been, a nation of immigrants who don’t speak or learn English.

Radio show host Michael Savage uses, as the tagline for his show, the phrase “Borders, language and culture.” Savage has it exactly right. These concepts are the foundation of our nation and its greatness.

Language is intrinsically related to culture. When children learn a second language in school, for example, they also gain an appreciation for the culture of the country that employs the language.

People in this country who speak only a foreign language get all their information – whether from books, newspapers, TV or friends – in that language. They watch the TV channels beamed in from their original countries. They live among others who share their culture and language.

They shop in markets that provide food from the country they came from. They refer to their original countries as “my country,” as in, I’m going back for a month to visit my country.

They root for their home country, or even countries culturally and linguistically similar to their country, over the United States during soccer matches.

When people come to this country and don’t learn English well, they are encouraged not to assimilate, and not to adopt our culture.

And our culture is different than others. We are not all the same, even deep inside.

It’s hard to make this argument, because people like Obama start to call you racist, but the other cultures being brought into the United States should be limited in their effect, because they are, in important ways, failed cultures.

We need, and indeed prosper from, the limited influence of these cultures. But when too many people come here, particularly from a single culture, and preserve that culture intact within this country, the effect must by definition be deleterious.

Other cultures have wonderful aspects to them. But people are coming here usually because those cultures have failed miserably to produce decent economies or a functioning political system. Or worse, a political system that is trying to kill them.

Bad economies and corrupt politics don’t arise spontaneously out of nowhere. They are byproducts of a culture.

When the White House speaks to Americans in Spanish, it encourages them not to assimilate. And when they don’t, they make our culture more like theirs, instead of joining us while adding something small of benefit from their native lands.

Unlimited, unadulterated immigration is not something we’ve tried before in this country. We will pay a price for neglecting to protect our precious, wildly successful culture.

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  1. Diversity is simply white genocide. La Raza (the race) and the crazy black promotion we see on TV serves one purpose. That is to take over the main stream of this country and marginalize whites.

    Here in Southern California the take over is nearly complete. Jerry Brown says “we welcome all Mexicans to the other Mexico – California.” to the president of Mexico.

    The school I taught in, Pomona High school , is 90 % Mexican and only half (1200) speak English. The rest are “English learners” Code for illegals. Try teaching that class of 35. Drop out rate is over 50%.
    They like to call us F**ing gringos.

    • No offense… you folks in CALIFORNIA just need to become a Third World nation (crime, poverty, welfare, corruption, one-party rule) already

    • The legal immigrants seems to be smarter, cleaner, more intelligent, less ghetto, etc., etc. than the illegals. Our country is over now, thats what Obama wanted, what a terrible evil person he is. And that governor of California, he’s like a male Pelosi, what goes on in these people’s heads? Is it all just to get power? Must be. It cannot be for humanitarian reasons because this great invasion is hurting Americans in every way, jobs, safety, disease, and most of all future terror attacks. etc.

      • Obama and company haven’t got a humanitarian bone in their bodies. Otherwise, four men in Benghazi would not have been abandoned and left to die. Another shining example of Obama’s lack of humanity and compassion, Sgt. Tahmooressi, abandoned by his so-called CIC in Mexico.

  2. Excellent.

    Immigration without assimilation does not work.

    Big difference between legal and illegal immigrants.

    Reminds me of removing the expectation that one would look for work while temporarily receiving assistance.

    But,dude, this was like so “back in the day”.

    • Most of us only need to look back a couple of generations to our German, Italian, French and other immigrant ancestries. The new-to-America all had to learn English. They also had to learn to co-exist with different cultures, new bartering systems or new money. They survived and without any government assistance. I live in NM. When I go into the local Wal-Mart (as seldom as possible) these new immigrants do not assimilate. They are all there with friends and family and none of them speaking English. Of course, the people working in the local Welfare office are all bi-lingual.

      • Our grandparents did–some of the newbies don’t. We will have to get used to it–by accident of birth, we are American citizens, lucky us. I have never moved to another country and tried to learn the lang–but I think it would be difficult… I have a friend who teaches Eng as a second lang at a very expensive place in FL–the students are adults–it’s way more than “where is the bus stop?” She explains parts of speech etc in Eng only, takes them to restaurants to order in Eng, draws pictures, diagrams, acts out scenes, has them act out scenes, sends them to the internet, etc. Each level takes a long time.

        • PS I wish more foreign born physicians would take extensive courses in Eng–they do take several commplicated tests–but the other day I was looking for a specialist, called the office manager of the practice recommended and said I need to talk to this doctor. The office manager said, oh, I know, I can hardly understand some of them here.

        • I have lived in both Malaysia and Indonesia. Both countries are pretty fluent in English. Still, I endeavored to learn their languages. I can manage “market” communication. If you want to endear yourself to any other population, partiularly if you are living in their country, learn their language. As you do, they will do everything in their power to help you undertand it and pronouce it. Thankfully, Malay and Indonesian languages are very similar. I also had eight years to learn it.

          • We had a business in Wiesbaden, Germany and the first thing we did was to enroll in a language school to learn
            German. I was in my 40s then, and it was difficult for me.
            Our daughter did so much better due to her age. I have never regretted learning a difficult language. I didn’t speak it perfectly, but I could make myself understood. That is why I have no patience with illegals who come to SoCal
            to work. They do not try, nor do they care.

      • When my grandfather arrived, he didn’t stay with people from his home country, which would have been quite possible; instead, he lived for a while with a family from a different country so that all could practice English in order to communicate.

  3. If I decided to move to France, and they welcomed me, I would certainly make an effort to learn their language and respect their culture. It would be my decision, therefore, my responsibility. I don’t get why those who come here just b*tch and moan about everything, no wonder they’re not welcomed with open arms.

    • …at the rate the “USA” is going I need to find a new nation to move to… (Im liking Australia: lots of empty space, quirky culture, good weather, great beer :-)

    • One thing I don’t understand is that today most people from other countries know English even if they don’t come here. So why can’t these Spanish illegals speak some English and have some dignity. Its so low-class and rude to hear them chattering loudly in Spanish in front of us constantly,not even trying to speak English. I guess they still think they are in their home country when they are all together, so why come here if thats the case. And even when they do converse in English, its a horrible broken gang type English. And that goes for the other minority groups, their English is atrocious? Almost like a speech defect going on with them. Oh how this country has gone down since I was a kid. Only in America folks, can this happen, we are being stepped on in more ways than one. Respect is gone for the United States of America.

      • I think a lot of non-immigrants speak atrocious Eng. Me and her, he brung, ain’t nothin, she don’t, where’s it AT? sometimes here in AZ, I want to put my hands over my ears and SCREAM! I feel like saying, “You ain’t NEVER gettin no job, you slob.” But I don’t. And–interesting–I notice many people of Mexican origin speak pretty well when negotiating a price–it’s like a miracle.

  4. Canada has two official languages because the French-speaking citizens have a long history in this country. However, it is an expensive prospect. Every government publication, every item on grocery store shelves, in fact every item in every store, must have bilingual packaging and instructions. Candidates in federal elections and all federal government employees must speak both languages. It goes on and on. Believe me, the USA does not want to go that route!

    • We’ve already gone pretty far down that route. Sample ballots here are already printed in Spanish and English. Notices in the newspapers about polling places are printed the 2 already mentioned, plus Chinese, Korean, Arabic and who knows what else. Written driving tests are in several languages. I was on jury duty last year and the defendant who had been in the country 25 years still needed 2 Spanish speaking interpreters–TWO! I have a police scanner in my kitchen and every day, the dispatchers from our 3 little North Jersey towns have someone who called 911 and they can’t understand him because of a “language barrier.” And many of our cops are already bilingual! nailed it brilliantly. Want to run for POTUS in ’16?

  5. In what someone called “Minneapolistan”, the Somalis are demanding pork-free tax-funded food shelves.
    That state is so crazy they’ll probably get it.
    Nice work, Keith!

  6. You are right. It’s too bad our president is never for the US but seemingly against it in every way. It shouldn’t be cultures just sticking to their own cultures. It’s not the American way, or for that matter helpful to unite a people. You brought up many good points. I wish for immigrants to love this land enough to care for it, to become a part of it, and language is essential. At least it’s a beginning and not much to ask.
    thanks, Arlene

  7. I suppose it wouldn’t even matter if English was the ‘official’ language; too many parts of the country are already balkanized/bifurcated. Last week I had to call my cable co. four times before I got a tech who spoke fluent English. The first three had accents so heavy, couldn’t understand one word they were saying.

  8. Re assimilation generally: Here’s my top-ten list of what we should expect from those who want to become Americans (and those who are already Americans, for that matter). The list was first published in a National Review Online column a decade ago [link: ], and it is fleshed out in Congressional testimony [link: ]:

    1. Don’t disparage anyone else’s race or ethnicity.
    2. Respect women.
    3. Learn to speak English.
    4. Be polite.
    5. Don’t break the law.
    6. Don’t have children out of wedlock.
    7. Don’t demand anything because of your race or ethnicity.
    8. Don’t view working and studying hard as “acting white.”
    9. Don’t hold historical grudges.
    10. Be proud of being an American.

  9. My question to those who march while waving Mexican Flags has alway been, if Mexico is so great, what the hell are you doing here? Why aren’t you in Mexico helping to make it better?

  10. Obama hates America, hates the Jewish state and is a Marxist yes he has destroyed allot in this country the last election was very supicious to me with the UN here…really dont think he one it, but votor fraud will be aproblem this election the democrats want to crook there way into this election. Obama is not done though it will get much worse, We again ate arming the wrong side Seryian Rebels are not our friends.